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Exam #1 Study Guide

by: Savanah DeBrosse

Exam #1 Study Guide 6424

Marketplace > Communication > 6424 > Exam 1 Study Guide
Savanah DeBrosse
CMP 103
John Soliday

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About this Document

CMP 103
John Soliday
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Savanah DeBrosse on Saturday February 14, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 6424 at a university taught by John Soliday in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 64 views.


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Date Created: 02/14/15
Savanah DeBrosse CMP 103 Exam 1 Aristotle quotDark Chamberquot Cave Dwellers Opening in dark light from outside re ects onto wall inverted image Alhazen Muslim Middle Ages First pinhole camera quotObscura Cameraquot quotDark Chamberquot in latin Da Vinci may have also used it Lens Magni es and captures image Similar to a telescope David Hockney uses lenses for his art Caravagio Realism art One source of light l shadows l shape amp 3D Rembrandt used it quotGolden Hourquot sunrise Vermeer used one Dutch quotMagic Laternquot l early projectors o movable glass 0 kerosene ame projects image on wall 0 doubletriple strips l double exposure Began to use music during plays in theaters o Orchestra played in pit Bands started playing on lm set Created continuity mood action and character Flip Cards animation on ip cards popular before lm Thaumatrope Dr Peter Mark Roget created spinning toy quotpersistence of visionquot 12 picturessecond zootrope zoopraxiscope with mirrors re ects mirrory image Still Photography Will Henry Fox Talbot 0 Permanent negative reverse light 0 With 39nitrates used in gun powder 0 Sit still for 2 minutes creates image 0 Later on negative photography on paper John Herschel Came up with term Photography Matthew Brady Civil War photography Moving photos Wet plates used Luis Dagueree Daguereeotype l camera obscura captures silver image on cooper plate Jansen French astronomer invented quotPhotographic Gunquot or quotRevolver Photographiquequot shooting pictures Camera built like a gun Took single shots of animals Jules Marey French physiologist Developed Photographic gun 12 continuous photos 12 framessecond Made revolving disc w carved birds ying studying bird wing acUon Invention of Film Stock John Wesley Hyatt Celluliod I 1st commercial plastic The Bet 1972 Governor Leland Stanford of California President of railroad made a made galloping horses never have all 4 feet off the ground Eadweard Muybridge 3 cameras 3 point view of nude showed scienti c slide shows Bet photographer won the bet Known for California landscapes Set 121624 still cameras at 20 ft intervals Tied individuals trip wires to each other Zoopraxiscope in US amp Europe moved by hand to suggest movement magic lantern plus revolving pictures showed horses 0 market carnival versions educational versions for schools home versions for children Stereopticon First 3D before lm Bullet time single cameras shoot sequence of shots Interpolation digitally adding frames to bullet time rush to create moving pictures First True Movie in US Thomas Edison 1891 Kinetograph 0 After inventing electricity started discovering sound 0 Tried to invent camera to record sound but ended up nding motion pictures 0 Heavy electricity required sunlight noise terrible sound 0 Sound was better at 24 framessecond William Kennedy Laurie Dickinson Edison s Assistant Invented Edison s rst motion picture and made Edison company lms Filmed opera singers and musicians First Movie Studio quotBlack Mariaquot 0 retractable roof to let in sunlight revolved to follow sunlight covered in tar paper rst lm housed in library congress Edison s Kinetoscope record quotFred Ott s Sneezequot was edison s worker OOOOO Movie Parlors Andrew Holland Holland tunnel nyc 6 then 30 machines in Movie Parlor storefronts poor working immigrants in slums watched short lms after work stage actors called it trash 1 person can view at a time 3 minute lm Kinetaphone Edison added sound Sold for home entertainment George Eastman Kodak Celluliod rolls of lm mass produced quotMotion Picture Filmquot quotRaw Film Stockquot Rapid movement of still photos frames Shooting exposes lm to light Processor negative is developed Projector light behind lm projects image Film Projector Europe French Luminere Brothers First lm project Created documentary lm Hired college kids to shoot quotactualitiesquot all over the world Films shown to poor in NYC but rich in paris Actualities rst shown at Grand Caf rich night club Start of comedy lms Xray Photography First hand painted frames Used stencils colored frames PatheFrier Co Sell lms internationally Shown in US Broadway theaters Not cheap or in parlors Thomas Edison Vitascope projects onto screen run by electricity Filmed theater variety acts 10 acts per viewing worked on rooftops in NY amp Nj quotgreatest lmquot shot by Edwin S porter 0 shot in Nj 0 1st western one real short lm 0 quotgreat train robberyquot rst parallel actions cuts back and forth scenes rst close up Nickolodeon39s showed ickers rst in NYC 200 of them by end of year 5 cent ickres storefronts 75 seats small bands play during show 11 12 hr shows 8 to 10 shorts singer after show 1 year later l 2000 nickolodeons in Chicago amp Atlanta 2 million saw lms everyday within 2 years quotBike Prints 0 hauled lms from one theater to next child labor to paint each frame hand tinted frames create mood like photoshop quotGreat Train Robberyquot 0 1st close up shot ever at very end of picture George Melies Bishop with theater company Actors props costumes scenery Lumiere wouldn t sell him a camera but he got one Made lms that ran 1315 min long Modern story telling Motion Pictures Patents Company Edison leads other studios in effort to kill competition Nickolodeons made a fortune Patent copyright equipment no sales to competition Black market and ma a involved Started lming crime lms More to Hollywood lm companies and lm makers ee nyc crime Norman Studios Jacksonville FL White owner All black cast Tarzan movie made at Biltmore Hotel Moved to cuba then California for sunlight LA locations rural cowboys and farmers and small towns wild west Indians and made up white Indians citing becomes exotic real estate capital hills and desert sea and ocean plot Hollywoodland becomes lm capital Epic European lms for rich americans quotquo vadisquot 2 12 hours long epic 1912 First epic American lm quotthe squuaw man 0 1 12 hours long 0 rst American epic 6 reels 0 directed by Cecil B DeMille o from a broadway play 0 leading actor and actress have affair Star System Carl Laemmle crates rst movies star Florence Lawrence Had her hide for 9 months quotwheres the bio graph girlquot Mary Pickford signs 2 year and 2 million contract WD Grif rth birth of a nation ed to LA w his troop of actors new lm based on civil war best seller book The Clans man president Wilson Grif th raised rich father lost all money Shot lincolns assasintation in DC Birth of a nation race riots KKK marched down peach street with Dixie ag Charged 2 a seat same as theatre Joseph Briele rst US lm score 3 hr long lm cut to 2 hours deleted offensive scenes title song became a hit Lilian Gish greatest long career star in lms started with sister Dorothy Gish as child always considered artists gri ths star Grif th introduces way down east 1920 lm new camera editing techniques intercutting girl on frozen river edge of waterfall man searching for her audiences lls in missing pieces Anerucab historical epic Cecil B DeMille robin hood US becomes movie capital of the world 192030 more than 20000 theatres DW Grif th arrives in NYC in 1907 worked all lm jobs before directin everyone used wide shots only 1st lm using individual shots medium reaction shot two shots close shots outside studio made pictures move Billy Bitzer his cameraman loved to experiemtn had to move camera to get different shots end up moving to LA because of mob Intolerance fall of Babylon Judean story death of Christ confused audiences grif th lost money United artists co 0 Charlie chaplan 0 Mary pickford 0 Douglas Fairbanks o dw Grif th o


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