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Exam 1 Cheat Sheet

by: Alexandra Morales

Exam 1 Cheat Sheet CIS410

Marketplace > University of Miami > CIS410 > Exam 1 Cheat Sheet
Alexandra Morales
GPA 3.9
Information Systems and Technology
Thant Syn

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About this Document

This is a complete cheat sheet for the first exam. Well organized, easy to read and thorough.
Information Systems and Technology
Thant Syn
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alexandra Morales on Sunday February 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CIS410 at University of Miami taught by Thant Syn in Spring2014. Since its upload, it has received 69 views.

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Date Created: 02/15/15
Mass of ordinary people can make changes using simple and ubiquitous tech Analysis mgt of hardwaresoftwarenetworkspeopleprocesses for acquisitionretrievaldistribution of infoknowledge for effectiveness of org IS in small business Analysis mgt of softwarenetworkspeopleprocesses for retrievalprocessingdistribution of datainfo for effectiveness of org Small businesses to outsource services to other countries rather than perform them themselves Analysis mgt of networksoftwarepeopleprocesses for distributionprocessingacquisitionretrieval of datainfo for effectiveness of org Faster processing at lower cost Analysis mgt of softwareprocesses for acquisitionretrievalprocessingdistribution of datainfoknowledge for efficiency of org Why Study IS Most connected gen IS causes growth to companies ITIS Careers Systems Analyst Interfaces bw users and programmers determines info requirements and tech specs for new applications Systems Prgrmr Creates the comp code for developing newmaintaining existing systems software Applications Prgrmr Creates the comp code for developing newmaintaining existing applications Chief Info Officer C101 Highestranking IS manager responsible for all strategic planning in org Database Admin Managers the org s databases and oversees the use of database mgt software Traditional vs New Role of IS Traditional provide ITIS service maintain infrastructure New consultative Data vs Info vs Knowledge Data facts and figures which relay something specific but which are not organized Info contextualized categorized calculated and condensed data Knowledge Knowhow understanding experience insight intuition and contextualized info IT vs IS vs ComputerBased IS IT Hardware software network Put together through policies and processes Adding people makes it IS IT Within Orgs ffEx 39h quot quotr H HRH aJ39 ff Buslnessllnitelllgence Systems Dashboards i Accounting l5 Finance is P Gducrliranropera oms Management Is Marketing Is 7 Enterprise Flesqurce Printinan Sygtems 7 4 Transactlan Processing Systems IT Services I IT Person nel IT Infrastructure I IT Components Functional Area Information Systems FAIS one department column Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Systems all departments put together Transaction Processing Systems TPS Business Intelligence Systems support for org employees Physical products CUS TUMERS lt2 i 6 d Online orders as E 9rine t I DIgIIaI products 39 LL 39 39quotquot39quotquotquotquot F 13gt 4 quot9 Individuals 11 0 BUSInesstoconsumer I electronic commerce E E Physical products 32 I I l l i I l I I I I 1 I I I z I l l l Onllneorders I I I 4 t I I t fggleie u I Payments Dita roducts A lntemet h J his 7 SUPPLIERS Businesstobueiness Busmesetobueiness electronic commerce electronic commerce Business Impact on Orgs Reduce middle mngrs More responsibility for mngrs Replace mundane w skilled jobs Negatively affect health of employees Provide opportunities for people w disabilities Lapse in drilling monitoring IS bought Google ads routing ppl to inaccurate website Analysis mgt of softwarenetworkspplpolicyprocesses for processingdistribution of datainfo for effectivenessefficiency of org Bloated IT spending BPR effort Analysis mgt of pplpolicyprocesses for processing of datainfoknowledge for efficiency of org Offshoring to local outsourcing BPR Analysis mgt of hardwaresoftwarepplpoliciesprocesses for effectiveness of org Business Processes ongoing collection of related activities that create a productservice Typical Business Process HiringFiring Human Resources Shipping amp order fulfillment productionop mgt ARAP accounting Cash ow finance BPM vs BPR BPM continuous small improvements to business processes BPR major redesign of existing processes improves efficiency amp effectiveness IT in Org Response to Business Pressures Market economic pressures global economy amp strong competition need for realtime operations changing workforce powerful customers Technology pressures tech innovation and obsolescence info overload SocietalPoliticalLegal pressures social responsibility gov deregulation protection against terrorists ethical issues Responses business alliances better data mgt mass customization intelligent data mgt BPR amp BPM continuous improvement efforts customer focus and service Porter s Competitive Forces Model Threat of New Soft Drink Brand new entrants i quotBuyer power 7 39 bargaining power of buyers 7 Supplierpower bargainingpower quot E1 of suppliers Coke vs Pepsi i 39Eat of Co eeTea Etc substitute products Of Services Threat of new entrants highlow competitive advantage Buyers have more choices power low advantage Threat of substitutes high low advantage More supplier power less advantage Porter s Value Chain Model 4 PRIMARY ACTIVITIES 4 SUF PORT ACTIVITIES o Primary relates to production of product service Support not specific to one primary activity Strategies for Competitive Advantage Cost Leader I can sell at lower cost than you Di erentiation I am better because I am different Innovation I39m doing something new and you can t catch up Operational E ectiveness I can do the same thing more efficiently Customer Oriented I treat my customers better than you do Classified docs available to public on website Iceland and US gov Analysis mgt of softwarenetworkspeoplepoliciesprocesses for acquisitiondistribution of datainfo for effectiveness of org Ethical Standards Utilitarian ethical action is one that provides the most good or least harm Rights ethical action is one that best protects and respects the moral rights of affected parties Fairness ethical actions treat all humans equally or based on some defensible standard Common Good highlights interlocking relationships that underlie all societies General Framework for Ethics 1 Recognize ethical issue 2 Get facts 3 Evaluate alternative actions 4 Make decision and test it 5 Act and re ect on outcome Ethics in Corporate Environment Code of Ethics principles to guide decision making Fundamental Tenets of Ethics 1 Responsibility accepting consequences of decisions 2 Accountability determining who s responsible for actions taken 3 Liability right to recover damages done to them Ethical Issues in IT Privacy collecting storing distributing info about individuals Accuracy authenticity fidelity accuracy of info collected and processed Property ownership and value of indo Accessibility who should have access to info and whether should pay for it Aggregators Digital Dossiers amp Profiling Data Aggregators companies that collect public data and non public data and integrate to produce digital dossiers e g LexisNeXis ChoicePoint Digital Dossier electronic description of you and your habits created by pro ling Electronic Surveillance constantly under surveillance online IP address use social networks for targeting attacks Analysis mgt of hardwaresoftwarenetworkspeoplepoliciesprocesses for acquisitiondistribution of datainfo for effectiveness of org Security holes allowed virus to break into network Analysis mgt of softwarepolicyprocesses for processing datainfo for effectiveness of org Threats to IS WTSHDE THREATS urnum IHEWDERE mealtime THREATS HIDE Unintentional Human mistakes Careless with laptops carelessness with computer devices opening questionable emails careless intemet surfing poor password selection and use careless with one s office carelessness using unmanaged devices carelessness with discarded equipment careless monitoring of environmental hazards Deliberate Remote attacks acquiring user action 0 Virus comp code performs malicious actions by attaching to another program 0 Worm comp code performs malicious activities and will replicate spread by itself 0 Phishing attack use deception to acquire sensitive personal info by masquerading as official looking email 0 Spear Phishing Attack target large groups learn as much about one person to make sure phishing attack will work Remote attacks needing no user action 0 Denialofservice attack attacker sends info requests to target comp system that the target cannot handle and crashes 0 Distributed denialofservice attack attacker takes over many comps and turns them into zombies using them to send info request to target comp causing it to crash Attacks by programmer developing a system insider 0 Trojan horse program that hides in other comp programs and reveals designed behavior when activated 0 Back door password known only by hacker allowing him to access computer system wo having to go through security procedures 0 Logic bomb comp code embedded in org s existing comp programs and designed to activate and perform destructive action at certain time Difficulties in Protecting Information Resources tech grows fact info everywhere easy to become hacker Information Security Defense Mechanisms PHYSiclL CDNTFIDLS ACCESS COMMUNICATIONS CDNTHO LS CDNTROLS Firewall security gate for info going in and out of network Encryption coded messages or files Need two keys in pairs to encrypt and decrypt Digital Certi cates verify identity of owner of messagedoc Virtual Private Networks VPNs securely connect to comp network to use resources only available on network Want to transmit data through internet using secure comm create tunnel using encryption Who is Minding Security Store McAfee update disaster Analysis mgt of policies for distribution of datainfo for effectiveness of org You Be the Judge Terry Child FiberWAN denies access and acquires all data Analysis mgt of networks for acquisition of datainfo for effectiveness of org


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