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Exam 2 Cheat Sheet

by: Alexandra Morales

Exam 2 Cheat Sheet CIS410

Marketplace > University of Miami > CIS410 > Exam 2 Cheat Sheet
Alexandra Morales
GPA 3.9
Information Systems and Technology
Thant Syn

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About this Document

This is a complete cheat sheet for the first exam. Well organized, easy to read and thorough.
Information Systems and Technology
Thant Syn
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alexandra Morales on Sunday February 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CIS410 at University of Miami taught by Thant Syn in Spring2014. Since its upload, it has received 100 views.

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Date Created: 02/15/15
Alexandra Morales Section D Huge amount of data available today More than we can store transmit amp process Most data unstructured no meaning of data just by looking at it hard to analyze text based data must read to know meaning Structured data data stored in format computers can read Allows us to find patterns amp correlations mgt of processes for storageretrievalprocessingdistribution of data for effectiveness Also mgt of software amp networks Dif culties of Managing Data Data amount increases exponentially scattered throughout orgs amp collected by many users through different methods amp obtained from multiple sources Data degradation becomes inaccurate value goes down Data rot degradation due to physical storage media Information Silos used to have different departments windividual databases wo communication between them Data Governance approach to managing info across org Master Data Management single version of truth centralizes org s master data all silos put in one place everywhere all data is same Database Approach how implement MDM Problems addressed Data redundancy same data stored in many places Data isolation apps cannot access data associated with other apps Data inconsistency various copies of data do not agree with each other change in one does not change in other Benefits Data security keep data safe from theft modification destruction Data integrity data must meet constraints data is what it s supposed to be Data independence data amp apps are independent diff apps can access same data DBMS database management systems different applications can use same data Data Hierarchy large to smalll database file record field byte bit Data Warehousing storing old data not in use for current apps Characteristics organized by business dimension or subject primary dimension most important aspect use online analytical processing to access amp analyze data integrated data collected from multiple systems time variant historical data nonvolatile no changes to data SOURCE DATA STORING SYSTEMS INTEGRATION DATA USERS Data 855935 I D55 Cus lnmhuill a l applications Data Iquot jlquot 1 GIL langu ages am mart ll Markaiing ll If EHP 4 I i39 ll m EIS i Matadala l M l repa39 ng I C a rquot repository quot3 i v I Enlerprisg lg data C quotwarehouse Misc 39 39 OLTP C1 t V 7 N I Extemall J Wat quot gt9 39 r L doorman Ope ional aystems ata n l E r LE wen bruwsur I39 E E ljjj r I Data marE I Helatlcnal quot query lnnls M arrays mar I I Data mart Finance Data mining Source systems createcollect data used now Storing data smaller data warehouses designed for individual departments m applications to access data Knowledge management convert tacit to explicit amp record it Explicit knowledge objective rational technical knowledge e g textbook Tacit knowledge subjectiveexperiential learning Knowledge management systems KMS 2 IS used to manage knowledge withinacross orgs Cycle create capture refine store manage disseminate start over effort to collect tacit knowledge KMS not IS because people answer wexperience amp learning don39t have to process just apply right away mgt of processes for all functions of knowledge for effectiveness Also mgt of software networks amp people mgt of processes for all functions of datainformation for effectiveness Rapid trading in stock mkt triggered by computerized trading systems IT makes it easier amp cheaper to conduct business online regardless of size of business Decisions should be made by humans just bc something is efficient doesn39t mean it s effective mgt of softwareprocesses for processing of datainfo for effectiveness solutionefficiencyproblem ECommerce amp EBusiness E commerce process of buying selling transferring or exchanging products services or info via computer networks E business buy sell gs amp servicing customers collaborating with business partners performing electronic transactions within org Degree of Digitization extent to which commerce has been transformed from physical to digital Brick amp mortar purely physical street vendors mom amp pop Virtual orgs purely ecommerce eBay craiglist Click amp mortar partial ecommerce Amazon bc has warehouses Types of ECommerce BusinesstoConsumer B2C sellers are organizations buyers are individuals amazoncom walmartcom BusinesstoBusiness B2B both sellers amp buyers are business orgs godaddycom ConsumertoConsumer C2C both sellers amp buyers are individuals eBay BusinesstoEmployee B2E org uses ecommerce internally to provide info amp services to employees health insurance E Government use of internet tech in general amp ecommerce to deliver info amp public services to citizens amp business partners amp suppliers G2C treasury bonds G2B permits G2E same as B2E G2G Mobile Commerce ecommerce conducted entirely in wireless environment apps E commerce amp search ecommerce often begins with search Auctions competitive process in which either a seller solicits consecutives bids from buyers or a buyer solicits bids from sellers Forward auctions many buyers eBay Reverse auctions many sellers eprocurement gov contractors E marketplace central virtual mkt space on web amazon mktplace ECommerce Business Models Online direct marketing manufacturers or retailers sell directly to customers Efficient for digital products amp services can be customizable Viral mkt receivers send info about product to friends use social networks Group purchasing ecoops 2 small buyers aggregate demand to get a large volume Group tenders or negotiates low price Online auctions companies run auctions of various types on Internet Popular in C2C but gaining group in other EC types Electronic mktplace amp exchanges transactions are efficient more info to buyers amp lower transaction costs private or public mktplace Bartering online intermediary administers online exchange of surplus products ampor company receives points for contribution use to purchase other items Alexandra Morales Section D Deep discounters company offers deep price discounts appeals to people who consider only price in purchase decision Membership only members can use services Benefits of Ecommerce Benefits to orgs makes international amp mkts more accessible lower cost of processing distributing amp receiving info Benefits to customers access vast number of products amp services anytime Benefits to society easily amp conveniently deliver info services amp products to people in cities rural areas amp developing countries Limitations of ECommerce Technological limits lack of universally accepted security standards insufficient telecommunications bandwidth expensive accessibility what you see not always what you get Nontechnological limits perception that buying online is unsecure unresolved legal issues lacks critical mass of sellers amp buyers ebusiness for vending machines use of IT to run business more efficiently simple IT equipment can save money time amp resources mgt of hardware for acquisition of data for efficiency Etailing B2C direct sale of products amp services through electronic storefronts amp malls click amp mortars Disintermediation main issue wB2C ecommerce elimination of middlemen Classic downstream SC producer wholesalerl retailerljconsumer Complete disintermediation producerljconsumer Disintermediation of retailer producerl wholesalerl consumer Local home delivery producerlwholesaler retailerl consumer Channel con ict sales in one channel affect sales in other channels take away customers from each other Order fulfillment delivering order to individual customers more costly than one shipment to retailer providing service to individual customers Electronic Exchanges connect many sellers amp buyers Vertical exchanges buyers amp sellers in given industry products used in assembly Horizontal exchanges buyers amp sellers across many industries Functional exchanges needed services traded on asneeded basis Ethical amp Legal Issues in Ebusiness Ethical privacy job loss ani fraud on internet competition over domain names cybersquatting using domain to profit from trademark of other taxes amp fees copyright infringement mgt of software for distribution of info for effectiveness policiesprocessing infoeffectiveness processesprocessing datainfoeffectiveness pmnts using phone Important tech near field comm NFC Problem credit card companies carriers amp mobile wallet creators don39t get along mgt of hardwaresoftwarenetworks for processing of datainfo for effectiveness SMS vs Text SMS provided by carrier text provided by phone creator Wireless Transmission Media I hennei Advantages Disadeenteg es Must have unobstructed line oi sight Susceptible to environmental interference Microwave High bandwidth Relativer inexpensive Satellite High bandwidth Expensive Large coverage area Most have unobstructed line oi sight Signals experience propagation delay Must use encryption tor security Fladio High bandwidth Signals pass through wallls Inexpensive and easy to install Creates electrical interierence problems Susceptible to snooping unless shownted infrared Low to medium bandwidth Used only tor short distances Must have unobstructed line oi sight Microwave amp satellite companies amp carriers long distance Radio amp infrared consumers short distance Wireless Network amp Internet Access Short Range Wireless Networks lt100ft Bluetooth ultrawideband NFC Medium Range Wireless Networks gt100ft WiF i access points hotspot network interface card Wireless Mesh Networks many hotspots together longrange networks in rural areas wired connection only to transmission towers wireless connection to houses line of sight not required mgt of hardwarenetworks for acquisitionretrievaldistribution of data for effectivenessefficiency low cost version of wired connection Mobile Computing added attributes ubiquity everywhere convenience instant connectivity personalization localization of products amp services Mobile Commerce primary drivers availability of mobile devices no need for PC less costly cell phone culture declining prices of wireless devices bandwidth improvement faster Wireless Security rogue access point unauthorized wireless AP war driving connection to open APs while driving eavesdropping unauthorized access to data traveling over wireless network RF jamming blocking wireless connectivity BPR mgt of hardware for acquisitionretrievalprocessing of datainfo for effectiveness from social networks to social commerce connecting local business to local consumers Allows local business to thrive compared to national amp don39t need to pay for advertising Issues Have competition deals may cost business money people may not be interested in deals disrupts ow of customers either a lot or none not steady ow Web 20 interactive web Tech AJAX refresh part of webpage saves time amp data usage tagging make connections links Real Simple Syndication feed subscribe amp info comes to you Web 20 Applications Blog personal website open to public created by blogger lacks accuracy m anyone can post info amp make changes Netcasting distribution of digital media audio podcasting amp video videocasting anything you stream over the internet cant download Web 20 Media sharing or streaming digital media video music photos can download Printing on Demand customized printing done in small batches Crowdsourcing applying collective knowledge amp wisdom of a crowd to solve problems anonymous blog about Mexican drug wars what s really going on may not be accurate mgt of softwarenetworks for distribution of info for effectiveness Also people for acquisition Web 20 Sites Alexandra Morales Section D Social Networking Sites easy interactive way to communicate amp Mashups website takes different types of content from other websites collaborate wpeople FB linkedin amp mixes them together to create a new kind of content Craiglist Aggregators websites provide collections of content from various housing map sources Pinterst Redit Stumble Upon


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