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Adult Health 1 Exam

by: Hannah McGoldrick

Adult Health 1 Exam NUR 304

Marketplace > Nursing and Health Sciences > NUR 304 > Adult Health 1 Exam
Hannah McGoldrick

GPA 3.5
Fundamentals Adult Health 1
Carmen Presti

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About this Document

Fundamentals Adult Health 1
Carmen Presti
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Hannah McGoldrick on Sunday February 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to NUR 304 at a university taught by Carmen Presti in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 188 views.

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Date Created: 02/15/15
Hannah McGoldrick POL536 I X Dr Shalala 021915 I am a Girl Re ection After attending the I am a Girl documentary presented by the USNC for UN Women at the University of Miami I found the film to be very moving and it was not what I had expected The experiences these five women share with throughout the documentary are vastly different but their feelings are very similar The documentary I am a Girl produced by Rebecca Barry focuses on five women from across the globe who take you into their daily lives and show you the challenges they face everyday The girl from Sydney Australia reminded me a lot of my hometown in Boston Massachusetts I am from a middle class family and a lot of her struggles and issues occurred to numerous girls from my high school She suffered from depression and attempted suicide by choosing to step in front of a car Luckily her friends contacted her parents and she got help In comparison to some of the other experiences shown in the documentary hers may seem less important because she is from a more privileged lifestyle However mental health is a huge part of our wellbeing and it is important to address these issues because these issues are just as important Katie needed help and was in a dark place and she was able to seek help and was provided with health services that applied to her condition Although she still suffers from depression today it is much more manageable because her society accepts this condition and she is able to have the support she needs I found the story of the girl living in Cambodia to be the most depressing and I couldn t stop thinking about her life for several days She was forced to sell her virginity at age 12 by her mother in order to pay for the families needs She had to continue on in this profession for quite sometime and ended up becoming pregnant I found it disgusting how her mother treated her and even more so how the father of her child spoke to her He threatened her with knives over cell phone sim cards Her mother also cried about how her daughter enjoyed having sex with all these men and didn t care about the family I think the most shocking part was how her second child was sold without her consent and her mother said I don t want to have to care for another one of your children The child was born at night and sold in the morning and she never had the opportunity to be with the infant I found the girl in Afghanistan to be extremely inspiring for her efforts in gaining an education Her aspirations to become a lawyer someday are remarkable even with the threat of the Taliban on her life Several years earlier as explained in the documentary her father was killed by the Taliban which changed her life dramatically Instead of lying down and quitting she continues to further her education and attend a girls school in the local village She has changed her Uncles views on women s education shining a positive light on her dreams of becoming a lawyer I found her truly inspiring because of how we go to a private university and take a lot of that for granted She risks her life every day to attend class and for most of us we just choose to skip class because it s raining It didn t mention her test scores in the documentary but I really hope she marked high enough to attend university to become a lawyer Lastly the story of Aziza from Cameroon who was married to an older man and the documentary really focused on her experience in preparation for the wedding One thing that stuck with me and really caught my attention was how her father told her in short that she must do everything for her husband All services including any sexual favors must be provided without question I feel that she is being put down and has no say in her marriage Although she may be happy with the man she is married to when problems occur later down the road this type of authoritative marriage may lead to abuse All of these women face challenges everyday that I take for granted in my everyday life I think it s important to see films and documentaries like these because it s a great reminder to understand the opportunities we have and how we can make a difference in the world These women face struggles with basic rights that I have granted in this country and yet they still continue to survive I wish that there were a follow up to this documentary that we could see where they are now I strongly recommend this film to everyone because of the impact and the message it provides to its viewers There is a need for equality in the world not just with women but all peoples Adult Health 1 Exam Hannah Ciara McGoldrick 09162014 What is a Vital Sign 0 Assessment of vital or critical physiological functions 0 Always evaluate in context of clinical condition 0 Pain as 5th VS When do we look at VS Nursing Intervention meaning its an expectation do not need a doctors order On admission to facility Beginning of shift Visit to office clinic Beforeduring or after procedure blood transfusion Monitor the effect of medications WHENEVER THE PATIENT CHANGES CONDITION Vital Signs Temperature pulse respiratory rate blood pressure oxygen saturation Nursing Intervention Temperature Range 36 to 38 C 9880 to 1004 F Fever Oral gt378 C or gt100 F Rectal gt380 C or gt1004 F Hypothermia lt35 C or lt95 F Hyperthermia gt40 C or gt104 F Febrile is an elevated temperature Afebrile no or without a temperature Core Temp Surface Temp Regulation of Body Temperature decreasingincreasing body temp behavioral control Compensatory Mechanisms Compensation refers to the body39s natural mechanisms of counteracting a primary acidbase disorder in an attempt to maintain homeostasis 0 Ex Shivering warms up a patient Sweating cools them down Regulation of Body Temperature 0 Heat Production 0 Neural amp vascular control 0 BMR endocrine gland thyroid if its not working cold vs overworking warm 0 Skeletal Muscle Movement o Nonshivering Thermogenesis Heat Loss 0 Radiation o Conduction o Convection o Evaporation Factors Affecting Body Temperature 0 Developmental Level 0 Babies wear caps when they are born 0 Older people are not able to generate a temp even if they are sickn 0 Environment Hormone Level 0 Exercise Emotions and Stress Circadian Rhythm 0 Lower earlier in the morning 97 quothotquot terminology o Pyrexia Brain 0 Above normal O O O Hallucinations Seizures Even death 0 Hyperthermia body cant self regulate O O 0 Heat Stroke after the patient has lost a lot of uid and haven t replaced it yet Heat stroke cant cool themselves off leads to seizures or coma must supply them with uids Heat exhaustionnot as severe maybe happens after going to the gym for example cold terminology o Hypothermia 0 000000 Early Signs shivering blue tipped ngers lips or mucous membranes Severe Below 82 Deliberately Induced After a patient may have a heart attack to decrease their BMR Doctors cause decrease temp to help restore cells Frostbite patients can lose parts of their bodies tips of nose or ngers Body Temperaute Heat produced Heat lost Body Temperature 0 Core temperaturetympanic ear canal rectal 0 Critical Carepulmonary artery cathator best one urinary bladder good choice as well esophageal probe Most accurate ones o More accurate inside body cavity 0 The heart gives blood ow need to check circulation Surface temperatureoral axillary under the armpit skin temporal artery 0 Oral mucosa exposed to the atmosphere Types of Thermometers Mercuryinglass thermometers not used required time o Mouth 7 minutes 0 Rectum 3 minutes 0 Axilla 10 minutes Teach patients to dispose of mercury thermometers Disposable thermometers put them on the surface of your head not as accurate Temperature Oral 0 Measurement affected by hot or cold drinks cold ambient air rapid respiratory rate o If they drink something come back in 510 minutes and try again otherwise deemed inaccurate Measurement is delayed by cigarette smoking oxygen ow 0 Makes it harder to read 0 Must be able to follow directions 0 Shallow breaths cools off oral mucosa Temperature Rectal o Accurate Core measurement 0 Clients unable to follow directions 0 Risk for injury to mucosa Contraindicated for those with impaired rectal mucosa Temperature Tympanic Membrane Fast 25 seconds Uncooperative clients 0 Pediatric clients useful for Cerumen impaction laccuracy Contraindicated with ear infection ear surgery 0 Note However if there is a lot of wax in the ears may not be as accurate or If they have an ear infection Temperature Axillary Safe Easy Uncooperative clients Contraindicated in diaphoretic patients sweating Falser cool so must choose another site Pulse 0 Normal BPM 60100 Systole Left heart ventricle contractsgtbood is forced out into arteries wave pulses through arteries 0 Diastole Left ventricle relaxes arteries constrict Pulse is generated during systole you can hear it during this cycle Important Pulse Terms 0 Cardiac Output CO 58 Lmin o The volume of blood pumped by the heart in one minute 0 Heart Rate HR 60100 BPM o The number of times the heart pumps in one minute 0 Stroke Volume SV 50100 mLbeat o the volume of blood pumped from one ventricle of the heart with each beat CO HR X SV Note 0 The heart rate can adjust the cardiac output 0 The body can regulate for ow problem by adjusting the heart rate 0 Heart Rate can increase or decrease to regulate output 0 Newborns have a higher heart rate than adults Factors that in uence Pulse Rate


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