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by: Morgan Anderson


Marketplace > University of Arizona > PoliticsofHappinessExam1StudyGuide
Morgan Anderson
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Morgan Anderson on Sunday February 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to a course at University of Arizona taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views.


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Date Created: 02/15/15
Morgan Anderson September 8 2015 September 10 2015 American Business Culture and Ethical Disasters 1 Goals norms beliefs values a expectations of outcomes i What we want out of life ii What we expect others to do in life b of behavior i Expectations of behaviors ii How we would behave in certain circumstances and expect others to behave in certain circumstances iii ie showing up on time to get an A c of thoughts i Expectations of thoughts ii How we expect others to entertain a thought or how we would iii ie talking about a market economy in a business class would be more relatable and understood than if talked about in a medical class would d prioritization of goals norms and beliefs i Everyone has goals norms and beliefs but we all prioritize differently ii We all have different considerations in their lives which makes the prioritization of them different e If personal values are not strong it will be hard to push against an ethical issue i Need a more objective way of approaching ethical issues f All based on subjective notions a Individualism i Believe in the idea of merit and advancement based on individual talents ii Firm commitment throughout US b Capitalism i Extension of individualism ii For all of its criticisms we believe that regardless of the color of your skin race religion etc anyone can realize financial dreams iii Everyone wants the opportunity to realize their fortune c Individual rights i Cherish the idea of individual rights 1 Le free press Religious freedom Freedom of peaceful assembly etc ii Not a worldwide concept 1 Le China has no free press no religious freedom etc d Rule of law i Pass laws and abide by them ii From speed limit laws to investment banking laws iii Part of being civil have to have ground rules to keep people good e Majority rule and Minority rights i At the end of the day Americans feel things should be voted on 1 Majorities opinion usually wins but the minority still have rights to their opinion f Pro and Antigovernment sentiments i In our society simultaneously there are people who are very pro government cohabiting with people who are very antigovemment ii ie 1930s people where very pro government because they were going to fix the depression with The New Deal while at the same time people were very anti government iii ie 1980s people were very antigovemment as it was bloated amp hopeless but there were still people who were pro government iv In other cultures not always allowed to speak out against government g Very liberal in expectations and culture in the US hMaybe Essay question on listing all 6 and explaining a Robert J ackall sociologist who did a study on the bureaucratic ethic of corporations b Observations i Image shaping 1 Employees in modern day corporations spend a lot of time shaping their image Thinking of how they will present themselves and their company 2 CON Found it had become more important that you knew the right people than what you actually knew Only one opportunity to make a 1st impression 4 CON Image shaping became more important than core confidence and work put into the 9 job this can lead to troubles ii Team play 1 If you are a good manager in these corps you would be a good team play iii Group think 1 In order to be a good team player you had to support your team and supervisors 2 CON People began to make decisions in a groupteam that they otherwise would have never made if they were on their own 3 Highly image conscious people agree with a team because thought of being thought of bad team playerworker c Findings i High conformity in bureaucratic organizations 1 Always just listen to the boss 2 A little window into the culture of an organization shows how vulnerable corps could be ii Employees unlikely to speak up 1 ie if they sawheard something inappropriate or if they have questions they wouldn t say anything because they are worried they would get a bad image not a team player iii Bad news not brought forward 1 Financial risks must always be conveyed to people in charge a But it s not because people are mortified of breaking ranks or standing out 4 Joseph Badaracco amp Allen Web Managers in the Trenches a Continued J ackall s research findings b Looked at midlevel managers too observation consistent c Observations i Pressure from midlevel managers 1 Had tremendous pressure from upper managers to meet performance standards ii Futility of corporate codes of ethics 1 Of little use to the company 2 Even though code of ethics are there they don t translate to everyday operations iii Aloofness of executives with ethics 1 Need leaders to show what they stand for and what they are against in not only what they say but what they do 2 Need to set priorities 1 Findings i Organizational importance on making the numbers ii Expectation of team play iii No rewards for being ethical l ie If someone did have the fortitude to report bad news they got the signal that there was penalty and not a reward for doing so 5 Attributes of the most Promotable a Attributes of those most promotable in bureaucratic organizations according to Jackall Badaracco amp Web i Opportunistic of others misfortunes l ie using others failures as a catapult of success 2 begin to actively work ii Te on psyche 1 Nothing will stick to them and nothing is wrong 2 Never responsible everything is fine 3 ie Sam Graham iii Survival of the ttest mentality 1 Over time would parrot the saying it s survival of the fittest 2 Dog eat dog world 3 Anyone who uses this phrase in an organizational context is trying to ignite the ame of unethical fight to survive 6 Explanations for the Ethical Disasters people organizations and situations a How might be awed i Individual lack awareness 1 Do not understand or cannot see the bigger picture the actions or inactions have unintended consequences 2 Back shoring ie choosing one day to lay off 100 in US and hire 1000 in India due to lower costs then years later firing the 1000 in India and hire 100 in US because it is now cheaper in US ii Immaturity l Lacking maturity of understanding there may be an ethical dilemma 2 Younger people tend to use the amygdala which is really reactionary or impulse 3 Individuals make mistakes simply because their brains are still developing iii Personality disorders 1 ie narcissism b How might be awed i Organizational lack of awareness 1 Organizations are made up of people that can make mistakes 2 When working with a group sometimes good people rally among bad ideas in a group 3 ie NASA has had a ton of success but also some of the most visible failures a What happened before the Challenger ii Existence of the bureaucratic ethics 1 Sometimes in an organization that has high conformity ethics can be blurred 2 Organizations playing cat and mouse game iii Failure to implement safeguards 1 Either subscribe to a 3r01 party hotline or make an internal option 2 If CEO says I want hear from you personally if something is wrong as opposed to authorizing an anonymous system to report if something is wrong c How might lend themselves to ethical disasters i macro factors or dynamics that trump people or situations how we view things in our society ii Positive assumptions about privileged people 1 iii 1 Assumption is that if you are at the top of a business nonprofit or government that there is above average intelligence that they care and have a sense of higher responsibility Research found that is Latin American cultures privileged people had to work their way to the top in not necessarily a legal manner they are given a free pass a This is different culture b Culture is more powerful than any strategy Minimalist government In our society we have a wish for less government a Not due to personal preference but due to our culture iv Markets tend to reward shortterm profits 1 2 People wanting money now not the future For example when investing stocks people are interested in quarterly more than annual profits because they want money now 7 Research on Narcissistic CEOs a Research by Prof Don Hambrick on Narcissistic CEOs i Audited companies many in the IT industry ie yahoo ii Personality traits l 2 4 Heavy entitlement issues a Deserve things without any work Authority a Always in charge Arrogance a Better than everyone else Selfabsorption a Always the center of the universe b Other people s concerns feelings etc do not matter CEO photos a Looked for photos of CEO on company s website CEO prominence a How often the CEO was noted in quotes or mentioned CEO first person singular pronouns a ie My experience has been vs Morgan s experience has been CEO gap in pay a CEO is 18M CFO is about 500000 iv Findings 1 2 3 Spent more money a CEO s pay a lot more than they should with their acquisitions b Arrogance in willing to pay more Performance swings bipolarish a On one side they over perform everyone amp on the other side they are lagers High turnover a If dealing with a true narcissist it ends up being between you or them b Many people do not want to be around narcissists and leave


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