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Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Morgan Anderson

Exam 1 Study Guide POL 150C

Marketplace > University of Arizona > POL 150C > Exam 1 Study Guide
Morgan Anderson
GPA 3.0
Politics of Happiness

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About this Document

Study guide with complete list of terms and description for all material on Exam 1. Guranteed an A!
Politics of Happiness
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Morgan Anderson on Sunday February 15, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to POL 150C at University of Arizona taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 391 views.


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Date Created: 02/15/15
Premodern world view Share the wealth instead of fight Expect the worse so they can be pleasantly surprised Don39t want more than they already have Happiest people in the world Pop 56 Low level of inequality GDPcapita 36450 Constitutional monarchy High state supported services Is a comprehensive POV or lens through which an individual or society develops its understanding of the world Should study worldviews to explore the values that influence an individuals cultures or society s attempt to organize knowledge lt1500 Feudalism Knowledgeunderstanding is communal amp passed down through mythsstories amp chosen eldersleaders Knowledge passed from god to an anointed leader to clan To be selfreliant and not to expect much 1500lt lt1900 Or enlightenment KnowledgeUnderstanding becomes influenced by the scientific process RoleResponsibilities of the individual gains importance as an individual has access to the truth seen as empirical objective or evidence based right or wrong Religion belief is understanding faith based on reasoning Science absolute laws of nature answers War demonization of the enemy who has the power Politics voice to the people democracies Knowledge comes either from god or the truth gt1900 Or globalization KnowledgeUnderstanding is more communal sense as individual s experience is considered biased combines reliance on the individual s mind with the communalglobal experience when attempting to gain understanding Dependent on technology instead of selfreliant Religion experience is belief reader interprets on their own Science questionsanswers knowledgetruth can t always be trusted War everyone has some power harder to demonize terrorism internet threats Politics cooperation cause oriented not just party alienated Knowledge comes from god or experience then is shared with community Presents his ideas about comparative mythology and the ongoing role of myth in human society Presented minorities fully equal had our same enemies japan and russia Aliens not trying to attack us but work with us Worldview is presented inside series on equal terms Only race that mattered were speciesnot race or sex Women39s rights gay rights and civil rights Open series with new America humans just being accepted into federations Volcans don t like us bc we are irrationalself destructive Volcans mentor us until we have space travel Rodenburg39s vision was if we changed ways we could have community the size of the universe is a common mental pathway often leading to misguided beliefsactions Facts to Selected Info to Beliefs to Assumptions to Conclusions Goal is to stay at with the Facts Connects evolution of communication and energy development in civilizations with psychological and economic development in humans is being able to see things from another persons perspective and not judging the other person Empathy and Happiness by Lyubomirsky PRacticing altruism and kindness is empathy 50 of happiness is inherited personality 10 of happiness if affected by circumstances 40 of happiness is facilitated by intentional behaviors Pursuit of Happiness first revealed in the Declaration of Independence Happiness is not static it is dynamic and evolving Heart of American Dream is built on concepts of individualism individualism provides freedom and opportunity to Americans that foster unlimited wealth and upward mobility amp the protection of rightsproperty John Locke s ideas US s success in world politicallyglobally proves American Dream true amp American Exceptionalism Religion separation of church and state primarily puritans the great convention combo of puritanism and enlightenment Values pragmatism moderation individualism American mindlessness nature over ideas entrepreneurship Product of the Enlightenment is the system of moral rules that we use in everyday life to make judgements about the character and actions of other people Notion that what one society does in the best way to do things Alexis de Tocqueville is 1st to describe the US as exceptional 18311940 Unique American ideology based on liberty individualism egalitarianism populism and laissez faire US as a shining city on a hill since 1940s US has realized increasing global importance 17051790 Founding father Printer publisher author scientist intellectual The first american only president of the US that wasn t president of the US Championed substantive rights public libraries education amp literacy firefighting units Made 1st public library 1st volunteer firefighting 1st hospital in the US Ambassador for US to France Minister to France 1778 1785Apotheosis of Franklin after death in France 17431826 1st secretary of state 3rd President Virtue motivated human action Wrote declaration of independence Maintained himself though slaves but advocate for human rights Emphasis of states rights amp them having more power so not to infringe on individual rights 17551804 1st Secretary of treasury Liberal Republican Strong federal government to protect rights and freedoms Selfinterest motivated human action Opposed slavery Emphasized fed gov and gov intervention in economy National Bank 18091865 16th President 18611865 led us through Civil War abolished slavery 13th amendment of the US Constitution strengthened federal gov modernized the economy ranked top 2 US presidents 18821945 President 19331945 during WWII and Great Depression consistently ranked one of the 3 greatest presidents In response to GD he made the New Deal 19331936 Many were exec orders and some as laws revolved around relief for unemployed and poor recovery for economy to normal level and reform of financial sys to avoid another GD Opposed by Republicans only thing that stay was Social Security amp GI Bill Symbol of liberal policies and inspiration in Europe for social justice 19112004 President 19811989 Opposite to FDR s New Deal one time democrat who became a republican negative liberty thrust Renewed emphasis on American Exceptionalism prompted an ideological renaissance of American conservatism Wanted smaller gov lessened taxes and emphasis on individual responsibility Deregulation and lessened gov spending Supply Side Economics reduce taxes to spur economic growth Those that concern the mechanics of democracy lE elections freedom of speechassemblyreligion Important to Founding Fathers Safeguarding of citizen landowner rights and property Those that concern the quality citizens lives lE education healthcare eldercare Ben Franklin William Llovd Garrison 18051879 Address to the Colonization Society 1829 argued against slavery in Massachusetts Rev Thorton Strindfellow A Brief Explanation of Scripture Testimony on the Institution of Slavery 1850 George Fitzhuoh 18061881 published racial and slaverybased sociological theories the negro is but a grown up child who needs the economic and social protections of slavery said capitalism is a war of the rich with the poor and the poor with one another leaving blacks far outstripped or outwitted in the chase of free competition Frederick Douolass 18181895 leader of the abolitionist movement supported of women s suffrage 1st black nominated for VP of the US Characterized by a positive state with more mechanisms to affect citizens actions state tells you what to do Seen in much of Europe after the French Revolution characterized by a weaker state in which the government is more constrained in relation to citizenry state doesn t interfere with you directly Model that has largely dominated the US Made the US a nonslave nation by telling the south they couldn t have slaves anymore which started civil war bc south were upset and felt their rights were taken away and wanted to leave US Every other country had already abolished slavery making US look bad Defined the meaning of the Civil War and approached the task of reconstruction with humility and compassion identified slavery as the cause of war testament to the transformative power of the civil war Proposal in the State of the Union Address Jan 111944 that would politically guarantee rights of constitution and bill of rights as well as newly proposed rights of employment with a living wage freedom from unfair competition stopping monopolies housing medicare education and social security Proved adequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness 1963He calls for an end to racism in the US references Emancipation Proclamation Wanted an America free of influence supporting voting rights saying There is no moral issue It is wrong deadly wrong to deny any of your fellow Americans the right to vote in this country There is no issue of states rights or national rights There is only the struggle for human rights rights Wanted just Americans anticommunist 18291906 Believed everyone should have the rights of independence and if educated should be as happy and anyone else and make her own money Organize agitate educate must be our war cry 18691939 Most dangerous woman in America self confident anarchist The most violent element in society is arrogance Felt they only let voting happen because nothing changed from it


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