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Mideterm 1

by: Isabel Albir

Mideterm 1 KIN 150

Isabel Albir
GPA 3.32
Health fit

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About this Document

Health fit
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Isabel Albir on Monday February 16, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to KIN 150 at University of Miami taught by Adwan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 95 views. For similar materials see Health fit in Art at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 02/16/15
KIN150 MIDTERM 1 TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 1 Whole grain bread is a fortified food product 10 11 12 13 a True b False Which of the following has a higher nutrient density in 100 grams fried chicken or grilled chicken breast Grilled chicken breast A food high in nutrient density is low in Empty calories Explain in your own words what is the cost of convenience Mechanism 1 Time constraints 9 eat convenience foods 9 ingest a lot of fat amp sugar 9 deplete dopamine levels 9 decreased productivity 9 Time constraints Mechanism 2 Time constraints 9 eat convenience foods 9 ingest a lot of fat amp sugar 9 pay a lot of money and damage health What are the energy yielding macronutrients Carbohydrate protein lipids What are the micronutrients Vitamins minerals How many calories are there in 1 gram of CHO protein and fat respectively 1 g CH0 9 4 Kcal 1 g FAT9 9 Kcal 1 g PROTEIN 9 4 Kcal What are proteins broken down into in the body Amino acids What are lipids broken down into in the body Fatty acids To which of the six main classes of nutrients does fiber belong CHO If a person s body fat percentage falls within the acceptable range should they be worried about their heahh Yes Fat 9 increases inflammation 9 Increased risk of chronic diseases An accumulation of nonessential body fat leads to a person being overweight or overfat Overfat and overweight Which in your opinion is the ideal set of nutritional recommendation USDA s MyPlate or Harvard s Healthy Eating Plate Harvard 14 Which DRI standard can help you determine if a supplement contains a toxic level of a nutrient UL Tolerable Upper Level Intake 10 11 12 What is the daily value for cholesterol 300 mg What is the daily value for sodium 2400 mg In what order are ingredients listed on the ingredient list of food packages By descending order by weight Which nutrients are organic and which are inorganic Organic nutrients are the nutrients which contain the carbon atom They are CHO protein lipids and vitamins Inorganic nutrients are the nutrient which do not contain the carbon atom They are water and minerals List some food sources of carbohydrates Grains legumes dairy products fruits vegetables foods made with added sugar sucrose or high fructose corn syrup What are sugars Sugars are also known as a Simple carbohydrates b Monosaccharides and disaccharides glucose fructose galactose maltose sucrose lactose What is the difference between foods that have sugar naturally in them and foods that have had sugars added to them a Foods that have sugar naturally in them are rich in vitamins minerals and fiber They are of high nutrient density b Foods that have had sugar added to them are rich in empty calories They are of low nutrient density What is the form of carbohydrate that is stored in the body Glycogen Where do you find carbohydrates in the body Blood liver and muscles What is the type of sugar that is found in blood circulation Glucose What does the term refining carbohydrates refer to The process of separating carbohydrates from vitamins minerals and fiber Which of the following bread types you can be sure contains the fiber vitamins and minerals a Whole grain bread c 7 grain bread b Multigrain bread d Brown colored bread 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Which contains more calcium per cup almond milk or dairy milk Almond milk What is the AMDR for carbohydrate 45 to 65 of total calories What is the DRI for carbohydrate 130 gramsday What is the reason behind the recommended minimum amount of carbohydrate that should be ingested per day Brain can only use glucose as fuel What are the two types of fiber and what are their functions a Water soluble fiber i Lowers blood glucose ii Lowers blood cholesterol levels b Water insoluble fiber i Reduces constipation The recommended amount for daily fiber intake 25 grams of fiber per day are recommended What is a common thing between glycogen starch and fiber They are all made up of glucose molecules bound to each other What are the nutrients that lower the glycemic response of a food Protein and fiber What is the relationship between food sources of protein and the economy As the economy improves the proportion of protein in the diet coming from animal food sources increases How many amino acids does the body require 20 amino acids What is the difference between essential and non essential amino acids Essential amino acids must be ingested in the diet Non essential amino acids can be synthesized in the body if they are not included in the diet What are the branched chain amino acids Leucine isoleucine and valine What is unique about leucine that differentiates it from other amino acids It can initiate protein synthesis 6 Why do people supplement With palanine To improve exercise performance especially high intensity exercise and strength training 7 What nutrients help tyrosine be converted to important brain chemicals Copper folate B9 and B6 8 How is the nitrogen from the breakdown of amino acids discarded in the body Through urea 9 What type of protein deficiency is characterized by a swollen belly Kwashiorkor 10 Can individuals with phenylketonuria ingest aspartame No 11 What is the AMDR for protein 10 35 of total calories 12 What are some problems associated with a diet high in protein Hydration issues bone health kidney stones heart disease amp cancer risk 1 Why have efforts to reduce chronic disease risk by cutting fat from our diets failed Because we did not really cut out the fat from our diets fat does not deserve its bad reputation not all fat is bad we replaced the fat with refined carbohydrate and sugar 2 What happened to our fat intake between 1971 and today and why Our absolute amount of fat intake remained relatively the same whereas our proportion of calories from fat decreased because our caloric intake increased 3 What food groups according to myPlate or USDA s groupings do not contain fat in general Fruits and Vegetables 4 What are the different classes of lipids Triglycerides fatty acids sterols and phospholipids 5 The term fat typically refers to what type of lipid Triglycerides 6 What do the physical properties of a fatty acid depend on The length of the carbon chain and the presence or absence and number of the double bonds between the carbon atoms 7 What type of polyunsaturated fatty acid are we getting a lot of in the diet Omega 6 fatty acids 8 Why does whole milk remain liquid in the refrigerator It is high in short chain fatty acids 9 What type or rat may increase LDL cholesterol levels Saturated fat especially the longer chain ones 10 What kind of fat is olive oil high in Monounsaturated fat 11 What kind of fat is corn oil high in Polyunsaturated fat omega 6 12 What kind of fat is coconut oil high in Saturated fat and medium chain triglycerides 13 What is the optimal ratio for omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids 11 ratio 14 Are trans fatty acids equally unhealthy as saturated fatty acids No Trans fats are more detrimental to health than saturated fat They raise LDLc lower HDLc increase triglycerides have proinflammatory effects and worsen insulin resistance Phospholipid Phosphate group 15 Identify the following structure Glycerol Fatty acid Phospholipid H T 3 H c wvvvvmc o l gt Watersoluble Fatsoluble H head tails H Copyright 2013 John Wiley 8 Sons Inc All rights reserved 16 Which molecule is involved in reverse cholesterol transport HDL


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