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Z203 Unit 1 Notes

by: Sara Jay

Z203 Unit 1 Notes MUS-Z 203

Marketplace > Indiana University > Music > MUS-Z 203 > Z203 Unit 1 Notes
Sara Jay
GPA 3.8
History of Rock n Roll III
Andrew Hollinden

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About this Document

History of Rock n Roll III
Andrew Hollinden
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sara Jay on Monday February 16, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MUS-Z 203 at Indiana University taught by Andrew Hollinden in Fall2015. Since its upload, it has received 299 views. For similar materials see History of Rock n Roll III in Music at Indiana University.

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Date Created: 02/16/15
MUS2203 History of Rock n Roll III UNIT 1 August 25 2014 1 Art Rock Sgt Pepper s Lonely Hearts Club Band album 1967 is often credited for establishing the idea of art rock ConceptAbum unified whole LP more important than individual songs The Moody Blues Days of Future Passed 1967 was an orchestral song cycle about a typical working day recorded with the London Festival Orchestra Use of Classical Instrumentation The Who s Tommy 1969 was the first musical work to be billed overtly as a rock opera King Crimson Robert Fripp leader guitar has been in every version of King Crimson Greg Lake vocals bass 21st Cent Schizoid Man gt Stylistic Eclecticism many different styles within song Songs longer made up of smaller modules In The Wake Of Poseidon Mellotron used Playback heads underneath each key enable the playing of pre corded sounds Each of the tape strip has a playing time of approximately 8 seconds after which the tape comes to a dead stop and rewinds to the start position ex Strawberry Fields Forever Emerson Lake amp Palmer Members Keith Emerson keyboards Greg Lake vocals bass guitar amp Carl Palmer drums KeyboardBased Power Trio Greg Lake left King Crimson and startedjoined ELampP The Barbarian Allegro Barbaro 1911 by Bela Bartok ELP also recorded works by other classical composers such as Mussorgsky Tchaikovsky Copland and Ginastera Lucky Man features one of rock music s earliest Moog synthesizer solos Keith Emerson had to entertain showman Jethro Tull Ian Anderson vocals flute acoustic guitar songs CrossEyed Mary Thick As A Brick went 1 on the Billboard charts symphonic duration E Roundabout successful rockvibe good for radio first to really break through progressiverock style and to sell well in america Close To The Edge 3 track album random sounding then composes itself people would have to listen to it more than once for it to make sense not good for radio Genesis Members Peter Gabriel vocals flute Steve Hackett guitar Michael Rutherford bass Tony Bank keyboards Phil Collins drums Firth Of Fifth pretty piano melody then goes into steady rhythm Pink Floyd Original lineup Syd Barrett vocals guitar songs starts LSD acid spirals downwards Roger Waters bass Richard Wright keyboards Nick Mason Drums See Emily Play 1967 psychedelic pop single Syd Barrett is replaced by David Gilmour in 1968 Dark Side Of The Moon 1973 1 on the Billboard Charts and remained on the charts for 741 weeks from 19731988 Time Wish You Were Here about Syd Barrett The Wall 1979 Comfortably Numb Roger Waters quitting the band PF was never the same Frank Zappa 19401993 avantgarde bluesy jazz Leader of The Mothers Of Invention 19661969 Little House I Used To Live In starts with impressionistic piano piece and goes into zap pas music with odd time signatures etc both studio amp live stuff Frank Zappa amp the Mothers of Invention from Burnt Weeny Sandwich 1970 19701975 The Mothers of Invention Inca Roads from One Size Fits All The Black Page Drum SoloBlack Page 1 from Zappa in New York Terry Bozzio on drum set very difficult rhythmically Don Van Vliet Captain Beefheart formed The Magic Band 19142010 Steal Softly Through Snow from Trout Mask Replica 1969 produced by Frank Zappa Bat Chain Puller from Shiny Beast sounds like train going by while you39re in your car with windshield wipers going Brian Eno Another Green World 1975 started playing in Roxy Music leaves Roxy Music and goes solo In Dark Trees put 2 recording machines next to one another playback amp record oldschool way of achieving delay Music For Airports 1978 first of four albums released in Eno s Ambient Series 11 acoustic and electric piano relaxing Vocoder new type of pianokeyboard microphone goes into synthesizer combines sounds through microphone w chords marriage of voice amp synthesizer sounds Laurie Anderson 0 Superman from Big Science Minimalism uses Vocoder Kraut Rock E Paperhouse on Tago Mago 1971 steady beat at beginning NEU Hallogallo Motorik Beat machine like rhythm NEU formed by Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother after their split from Kraftwerk in early 1970s more about keeping continuous beatguitar jam rather than showing your skills Faust Faust IV 1973 Krautrock Kraftwerk Autobahn Autobahn futuristic TransEurope Express very influential in the Bronx drum machines Tangerine Dream Phaedra 1974 is the 1st tangerine dream album to feature their now classic sequencer driven sound Glam Rock rock n roll in a more courtly manner David Bowie Tony Defries manager visual presentation very important Bowie gets deal with RCA records in America Hunky Dory 1971 big in UK not America Changes Ziggy Stardust 1972 not big in US but 5 in UK Mick Ronson guitar Ziggy Stardust Bowie announces retirement aka no more Ziggy Stardust reinvention of self Berlin Trilogy 1 Low 2 Heroes 3 Lodger T Rex Marc Bolan vocals guitar songs Bang A Gong Get It On from Electric Warrior 1971 The Velvet Underground Lou Reed vocals guitar songs Lou Reed Can t Stand It from Lou Reed 1972 Transformer 1972 produced by David Bowie Mick Ronson Walk On The Wild Side 16 on US Charts Satellite Of Love David Bowie on backing vocals Mott The Hoople All The Young Dudes written by David Bowie All The Way From Memphis Roxy Music Bryan Ferry vocals song Brian Eno synthesizer amp treatments big in UK not in US New York Dolls Debut album release in 1972 produced by Todd Rundgren Personality Crisis Queen Freddy Mercury vocals keyboard Brian May guitar vocals John Deacon bass vocals Roger Taylor drums vocals Killer Queen from Sheer Heart Attack reached 2 in UK and 12 in US Bohemian Rhapsody Crosby Stills amp Nash David Crosby The Byrds Stephen Stills Buffalo Springfield Graham Nash The Hollies Suite Judy Blue Eyes Nick Drake River Man Syd Barrett 19462006 Dark Globe from The Madcap Laughs 1970 John Lennon Mother John Lennon amp the Plastic Ono Band James Taylor James first album was produced by Peter Asher who was AampR head for The Beatles newlyformed label Apple Records Fire and Rain from Sweet Baby James produced by Peter Asher with Warner Brothers Van Morrison Morrison had his first success with the Irish group THEM Into The Mystic Joni Mitchell adult music AIl Want played on a dulcimer sweet melody smooth vocal progressions Help Me from Court And Spark Neil Young Needle And The Damage Done from Harvest 1972 played with Stills in Buffalo Springfield went to 1 on Billboard charts and was the best selling album of 1972 Heart Of Gold listen to Old Man went to 1 because of radio friendliness Neil Young amp Crazy Horse My My Hey Hey Out Of The Blue from Rust Never Sleeps Crazy Horse garage band sound Carole King Hits written with husband Gerry Goffin like Will You Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirelles and You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman Aretha Franklin Tapesz So Far Away Tapestry 1971 was 1 on the billboard charts for 15 weeks and held the record for most weeks at 1 by a female solo artists for over 40 years until surpassed by Adele s 21 in 2012 good at writing songs for universal appeal Elton John amp lyricist Bernie Taupin Your Song from Elton John 1970 went to 4 on the Billboard Charts Billy Joel Piano Man Joel s first single It went to 25 on the Billboard single charts Randy Newman Sail Away LSimon Mother and Child Reunion recorded in Jamaica with singer Jimmy Cliff s backing group Gene Clark founding member of The Byrds Lady Of The North Janis lan Between the Lines 1975 went to 1 on the album charts The single At Seventeen went to 3 very similar chord progression to Jackson Browne his album The Pretender 1976 peaked at 5 on the Billboard s album charts The Pretender went to 58 Rickie Lee Jones Last Chance Texaco metaphor for cargas struggles of this time Tracy Chapman Fast Car album Tracy Chapman 1988 went to 2 and Fast Car went to 6 Tori Amos Me And A Gun no effects no accompaniments rape Little Earthquakes 1992 went to 54 on the billboard charts Chicago 25 Or 6 To 4 Chicago s first Top 5 Hit Blood Sweat amp Tears Spinning Wheel ding ding ding ding drumming gt from rock to jazz Miles Davis Bitches Brew was Miles Davis 1st gold record Went to 35 on the Billboard Pop chans not popular with Jazzlovers Young people loved it Spanish Key Wayne Shorter soprano sax Joe Zawinul electric piano left Chick Corea electric piano right John McLaughlin electric guitar british guitar player Lenny White drum set left texture amp instrumentation Mahavishnu Orchestra John McLaughlin leader songwriter guitar McLaughlin met Billy Cobhan during Bitches Brew sessions Birds of Fire from Birds of Fire 44 to 45 45 9 3x39 drummer playing waltz polyrhythm Celestial Terrestrial Communters Herbie Hancock Herbie Hancock electric piano clavinet synthesizers From 196368 Herbie was the pianist in Mile Davis quintet Head Hunters 1973 went to 13 on the Billboard Charts Chameleon very funky Jeff Beck Wired was produced by George Martin amp went to 16 on Billboard LP Charts In 1965 Jeff Beck replaced Eric Clapton in The Yardbirds Led Boots drummer plays rhythmically challenging solo at beginning discombobulated Brand X Phil Collins drums Nuclear Burn from Unorthodox Behavior Return To Forever Romantic Warrior Chick Corea keyboards Stanley Clarke bass Al Di Meola guitar Lenny White drums Medieval Overture Weather Report Joe Zawinul keyboards played on Bitches Brew Wayne Shorter sax Jaco Pastorius bass Birdland from Heavy Weather Jaco Pastorius playing artificial harmonics Jaco Pastorius 19511987 mental state deteriorated death by battery EXAMPLE QUESTION Who was the guitaristleader of King Crimson a ian anderson b peter gabriel c syd barrett d robert fripp


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