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Biology 1040 Exam 3 study guide

by: Shea Repins

Biology 1040 Exam 3 study guide BIOL 1040

Marketplace > Clemson University > Biology > BIOL 1040 > Biology 1040 Exam 3 study guide
Shea Repins

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About this Document

This study guide contains the questions asked on the third exam of Spring 2016 with Dr. Surver. It contains questions regarding the reproductive system and immune system. All answers listed are cor...
General Biology II
Dr. William Surver
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Shea Repins on Tuesday April 19, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to BIOL 1040 at Clemson University taught by Dr. William Surver in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see General Biology II in Biology at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 04/19/16
Biology 1040 Exam 3 Spring 2016 Chapters 42 and 43 1. What type of cell helps to stimulate B cells to produce antibodies? Helper T cells 2. Which of the following helps activate our non-specific defense system? Inflammation 3. Which of the following is not a potential advantage of sexual reproduction? It produces genetically diverse populations 4. Clonal selection Describes proliferation of B and T cells after they have been activated by an antigen 5. Which of the following results from cleavage? Formation of more cells 6. Hermaphrodites are animals that Possess both male and female reproductive systems 7. The main function of the inflammatory response is to Remove contaminating microorganisms and initiate repair of damaged tissues 8. The human egg is swept through the oviduct toward the uterus by The beating of cilia in the oviduct 9. Which statement about humoral immune response is true? It defends primarily against bacteria and viruses present in body fluids 10.Reproductive systems with external fertilization are most common in Aquatic animals 11.A molecule that can elicit an adaptive immune response is called An antigen 12.Menstruation Coincides with the beginning of the pre-ovulatory phase of the ovarian cycle 13.Which of the following statements about the reproductive system of human females is true? Corpus luteum secretes progesterone, which helps maintain the uterine lining during pregnancy 14.Which hormone stimulates the growth of an ovarian follicle? FSH 15.Which best characterizes asexual reproduction? It produces genetically uniform populations 16.When a B cell first interacts with its particular antigen, the B cell Differentiates and develops into a clone of antibody-ptoducing effector cells 17.Which hormone(s) is/are directly responsible for triggering the development of the secondary characteristics of males? Androgens 18.The basic function of activated T cells is to battle Pathogens that have already entered body cells 19.Which distinguishes between the secondary and primary immune system? The secondary is faster and stronger 20.Which cell type is responsible for the cell-mediated immune response? T cells 21.Which is an effect of interleukin-2? Stimulating helper T cells to divide 22.The secretion of androgens is regulated by a __ feedback involving the __ and __ Negative, hypothalamus, pituitary 23.Which hormone stimulates growth of an ovarian follicle? FSH 24.Which produces a thick fluid containing fructose, which the sperm uses for energy? Seminal Vesicle 25.The two main functions of the lymphatic system are Returing tissue fluid to the circulatory system and fighting infections 26.Secondary immune response occurs when memory cells are activated by a second exposure to Antigens 27.A primary immune response is Elicted by the first exposure of lymphocytes to a particular antigen 28.When you cut yourself, the damaged cells immediately release chemical alarm signals, such as Histamine 29.The embryo implants in the Endometrium 30.After binding to an infected cell, the cytotoxic T cell Releases a protein called perforin 31.Which is responsible for the humoral immune response? B cells 32.A decrease in __ is followed by the degradation of the corpus luteum LH 33.Which regarding sexual reproduction is true? Sexual reproduction creates greater genetic variation than asexual 34.Natural killer cells Attack virus-infected cells by releasing chemicals that lead to cell death 35.Fertilization ion the female reproductive tract usually occurs in the Upper part of the oviduct 36.Human lymphatic system consists of all the following except Pancreas 37.What molecule does the antigen-presenting cell secrete that assists in the activation of the helper T cell? Interleukin-1 38.Which pituitary secretion stimulates the testes to secrete androgens LH 39.A researcher who detects a higher than normal amount of interferon in a lab rat would correctly conclude that The rat has, or recently had, a viral infection 40.Which cells does HIV preferentially infect? Helper T cells 41.Adaptive immune system is capable of mounting specific responses to particular microorganisms because The body contains an enormous diversity of lymphocytes, each with the ability to respond to a different antigen 42.Fission is an asexual process In which a parent separates into two individuals of approximately the same size 43.Antibodies are Proteins 44.The body’s innate defenses against infection include Barriers such as dead skin cells and mucus 45.After being produced in the testes, sperm further mature in Epididymis 46.In human females, the ovarian cycle begins when The hypothalamus stimulates the anterior pituitary to increase its output of FSH and LH


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