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HTM 421 Lecture Answers / Study guide (Amaya)

by: Levis Notetaker

HTM 421 Lecture Answers / Study guide (Amaya) HTM 421

Marketplace > San Francisco State University > Business > HTM 421 > HTM 421 Lecture Answers Study guide Amaya
Levis Notetaker
GPA 3.62
Food, Wine, and Culture in California
Carol Amaya

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About this Document

This is my study guide from Carol Amaya class. Hope it would help you to study the midterm and final.
Food, Wine, and Culture in California
Carol Amaya
Study Guide
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This 17 page Study Guide was uploaded by Levis Notetaker on Monday February 16, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HTM 421 at San Francisco State University taught by Carol Amaya in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 1070 views. For similar materials see Food, Wine, and Culture in California in Business at San Francisco State University.

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Date Created: 02/16/15
m7 HM421 FOOD WINE amp CULTURE IN CALIFORNIA Food and Beverage Pairing Discussion Questions Drink is inseparable from Food and beverage pairing is all about 1 Tasting wine is h39 39 I The first rule to remember is to s 1 4 r quot 39 Any wine and food pairing will have one of outcomes They are Describe a peak experience for a food and wine pairing What are the three rules of tasting food and wine together The professional chef s motto is 39 39 r 7 Why shouldn t you try and reinvent the wheel when it comes to food and wine pairings 7 1 z r A Q1 r 39L f 4 FDPONQQP P NT I I ft 10 Give three examples of regionality in pairing 11Today a dish s primary flavor driver is more likely to be what T 12What are the factors that give you the overall impression of wine 1quotquot i m 13As in life there is a i 14The body of a wine is often correlated to r I I 15As a general rule if there is less than 12 alcohol it s likely to be a wine If it s more like 13 or 14 it is likely to be a wine 16 How can you tell the difference in weight of wines 39 17 In addition to considering a dish s weight it is important to have a sense of 18A dish s texture and temperature will also have a bearing on rlr 19 Six key food flavors are 20Wine has its own characteristics such as sweetness sourness and bitterness What else to you want to consider l i N l 21Primary wine flavor descriptors are i J 39 r 22The general American rule to food and beverage pairing is I 23There are several different levels of a match What are they 24The Wine Sensory Pyramid illustrates that wine has main categories They are 25Wine also has three primary sensory components that form the foundation for a match They are 26 Primary considerations when determining the flavors of wine include 27 Primary food components include the levels of 28Primary texture considerations include l 39 29 Primary food considerations include 3039 What are the different categories of testing wine in 31 What are the six S39s of wine tasting 39 a I 39 v r 32Visual inspection of the bottle and of an individual glass of wine provides 33The color of wine can tell us 34After inspecting the color of wine the next step in the visual examination is to assess 39 39 fl r4 35The process ofswirling wine provides aflook at 39 y 36 Consistency refers to how or quota wine is 37What does the term legs or tears refer to g 38 Much of what is perceived as taste or flavor stems from our ability to 397 v quot 11139 i I l t7 j 1 39 39 I I 3 quot t r L SFSUHTM 2013 9 TR How of Le M 5 may dom n0nf Hun H4 fawn u H e w39m 59 TF9 HO VW 0 14 WMQ domi39n fes 443 WVC FWA MRS WI Y Q 09 w a O 6 39 1 MR Diem339 J m x w of m e39wm om gash Uamp m WW OWW QUM HPM Grit Ii H4 W r eS finish WCNM quot Will pup EMFVI Wq w e 7OTWnle myomllg If H mom badly 5mm bv 9w 59mg then 0 phantom Ham up m l t nes quotOWEquot pf SOUL W395 6W Ch39quotIe 9 3040mm imam4 tmlclc dva Toma n moLe MW mm on 0 PPCL lt0UOQ 039 W220 w HGUGV yeti wMe Ch by v Town W dh a 703 Chang O W W Hquot lt91 D 39 t7 4 51 Sow ghmk SWDYLj ghee wow sweat ZL 17mm i 23 no moch 100059 mymt Y vtskmm who Suppou fwd Haw WWWM rhquothmquotamp 00M0 9U 30L quotMi 8t c nm x r s mm Hw ihdn wlm 7 A1 L39th 5 TM h w 149 mt 0 gweotmgs WM of vatfevvescenedwd at oviaywss g3 0 0mwin Nook 00 M In g HOMO dc SCM 90 PPvs g39femd I V fphs t3 939 QhDW tezv MLS 97k H wiha39 M16 0quot WWWion Me rhookdem of mlwhoi Wow 35 dues on uQviP rNS 9ng Wynn CUMMG quot 95gt A V r s 10 39 ll to 901 Elk to L to to to lt3 HTM 421 v OO A V Lecture Questions Food Culture 8 Religion Vhat is food Vhat is the difference between feeding and eating W hat does food habits mean i Vhat is meant by the term Etiquette Etiquette evolves within W T A g 4 M The basic rule to setting a table is I i i i i 39 Vhen eating most Americans use what is sometimes called the zigzag method What is that The European Method of eating involves invn ii OT 30 l WWW Explain Maslow s hierarchy of needs in terms of the development of food habits The human tongue has receptors for the perception of four basic taste sensations What are I 39H 39 Hi L 3 V y Many flavors are recognized mainly through i Family structure can necessitate Food as self expression is evident in the experience of The term restaurant comes from R l39 and was first used t39 v V r What are comfort foods Iquot r 11 39 It is use of food that is important to each cultural group What is religion 1 r i fvibls Individual adherence to a religious diet is often based on What are sacred foods TN 3139 i 1 i39 39 77quot The offering of food is the most direct method of 39 39Ji quot A 39v t y The many round foods that appear in the New Year customs of many cultures can be read as symbols of 39 39 and quot l e The Passover Seder is a aquot h 39 r Dr Kellogg invented corn flakes as a tastr substitute for f 3 v l 39 t Who was the arde ntgprohibitionis t that developed an alternative to communion wine v p I r th did the miller s choose the name Quaker Oats for their new product LL The typical holiday fare in most religions depends on glplfi What are core foods I lt 76 XiW What are secondary foods What are peripheral foods 1 The final element ofwhat constitutes a meal is Summer 2014 Page 1 1 Fungus utst 99 0de WWW CE 44 Q m TDDCL CMOILQ mea Tasha Homo pw nu plecz Ulov T0616 sw wsf C ed 80w SOHY btfev lUnUQVHBV DG Peel40 00100010an bow U 5199 I Eyes opem chew 7 th dle taste gmeu 2 Lime eyes XOJIMS off bife chew I AA10 904199 094 man 3 145M 0 we dome Hose ear UM WWW mgle Wm Mk m rmM WWW Mwu ma M1714 m COW How abous 1Couo Mia vlI umexp monL TOR Wi X3 49045 PULolma m Mmm wn LDMIJQ quot13QmQ I H A W m 5 1C L l n f 391 mt Pam P1491104 On CLMQ39UV Cw m m an v 5 Wg hivgm 39 PPT Q dueerfoms vii2 v 3 0 8 9 10 13 14 15 6 quot i 7 18 a1 9quot 20 Food Wine amp Culture in California Lecture Questions The first true migration to California is estimated to have been during the period of quot 7 J Portuguese born explorer I r l 1 r arrived in what is now known as San Diego 39 W arrlved by ShlP neafWB ygmd claimed the land for En land California was settled by wjth the founding of by a Franciscan monk Junipero if 4 Serraquot 391 i quot quot The largest human migration in history of the world happened Cw In September of 1850 California was admitted into the Union as the state h The rst winery in California was established by a viticulturist whose family produced wine in Ijun ary 39 The Central Paci c Railroad began in Sacramento and the Union Paci c Railroad began in Omaha39 Vhat haPPCned when they iOined together 439 1H7 i i i In demographic terms the salient feature of California is its 2 t L7 E 39V n L94 39 i y 1 I The earliest Californians were adventurous who made their way across the to Alaska 5 k4 The Franciscans built missions along the coast from to Vera It was theQL andv39aaexploration and colonization that brought ranching and agriculture to California The trappers who arrived in the state during the 1800 s were attracted by the wealth to be had from selling and pelts 7 quot The story of lames Marshall s gold discovery at Sutter s Mill is in many ways the story of The grizzly bear and the cluster of grapes on The Great Seal of the State of California represent what quot1 39 l Railroads encouraged economic growth in California how l l quot i Vho were known as the Vest s first Railroad Kings 4 i Northern California s first boom cro was i The citrus lgduStry in Southern CalifIdrnia took root in I 3 k Jn i a d antiOhm Non Higplaglc Caucasians whose ancestors came from countries such as i and quot are the largest group making up a bit more than half of the population in California today 7 lquot What are the four factors of dominance 39 39 39 V I quot quot It What is California cuisine i i The in Eureka was th County was probably planted by the In his 1914 book Clarence Edmondswanted the world to see San Francisco as P f f j I l39 H H A 39 1 m J i 39 39 lL lkrplfb I I I In x e first brewery in the US to be If U w 39r39 39near Fort Ross p I lJHCpi39 3F T L HTi I421Summer 2014 1 same Floww POPPY 7 sum 04 food Wm WM 395 mmquot 5quot 9mg Rivet MM 333 gait l mug mow COKU PJWW 3 Haj whfnmva Pepmbuo WEHANTu H0quot Uwcsf 70 va VOWHj IV Yu eawu39fe Milfoqu was Med tv CM quot mathg Putquot Huw Ma a Gwelca ToslteoC 9040i 39 Nioknamp TF6 C loldW 977quot 901 MUM i Beth IUM39SGOV I 1 ow inbound clnstn mt bn 4g how HTM 421 Lecture Questions Regional AmericanCalifornia 63 W Fast FoodBody Image Some of the strongest in uences on US cuisine came from Why do people often confuse Creole and Cajun cooking 1 Who were the first whites to settle in the state and when 1 l i 39 They built several forts small farms and a series of with the purpose of f39quot P N f luf 4 v 5 layWV What wasquot the Si1cred EEBesti onj what did it start Why didn t all of the California Mexicans participate in the Rush What were the central factors of economic life for the ranche ro and his family The Steele family dairy was one of the first The first form of branding a consumer product in California was done by What did they brand and how i 39 10 Who was Davidjacks 11 Why was the Dairymen s Union of California founded 12 Historically California cuisine was w Lil quot quot 39 7 quot 39 1 391 quot1 13 9091 of all raisins consumed in the world are produced in W 39 A lifornia 14 The driveins fit perfectly with the youth culture emerging in Los Angeles during the 1930 s and 1940 s Vhy 7i I phlm H 39 quot 15 What is one thing the Brothers McDonalds are famous for 16 Vho was Ray Kroc 15 I i i i i 17 W hat is obesity 399 I 39 r 39 e quot 900091 I 3918 just as with health attributes there are some broad areas of intercultural agreement on 19 Food habits are often identified as the most important way in which a person can 39 7 20 Nearly all cultures classify certain foods as necessary for i 21 Physical attributes most commonly associated with well being include A i 22 One area of signi cant cultural variation regarding health is 1 23 Vhat is vanity W hat is image Vhy is it important How has mass media caused normal concerns about how we look to become obsessions Vhat is selflesteem 11 quotV 39 quot 391 i a rquot 7 7 quot 391 quot NEDA strong sense of selfof39identiq implies 28 The way you feel about yourself is how you will 39139 HTM421 Summer 2014 X v3 quotHv 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Will Intro to Wine Discussion Questions What is wine Juice of fermented grapes Table wine is designed to accompany food and is the most common type of wine consumed in the US making up over 90 of the market A table wine is a still wine relatively dry with a moderate alcohol content 1115 brix means the percentage of sugar by weight 1 iic ixum p Define fermentation See slide 7 i 39 acid is a natural component of wine responsible for the zesty refreshing qualities of wine It also helps the wine to age tannin is a compound derived from the skins seeds and stems of the grapes and from 1 the barrels y 1 3quot i tug lot A i 39 it The first wine was probably made from dates or other 4 tree fruits native to the region Both the Egyptiags and Filberticiaus produced wines from grapevines that were specifically cultivated for that purpose Expansion of the Greek empire introduced wine and wine making to areas such as m Africa Trance and much of the 39 mainland The Greeks stores their wines in containers called amphorae 3 i The Greeks created a deity Dionysus in honor of wine The Romans began the process of trellising vines off the ground by training them to 270 grow up a tree a practice that is still followad in parts of Italy and Portugal Like the Greeks the Romans had a deity of wine named iii 1St miracle that Christ performed was the conversion of water Baccus to wine The physician Galen doctor to Emperor Marcus Aurelius freely prescribed wine in moderated daily doses Columella a secondcentury naturalist dedicated his life s work to the study and improvement of wine H39I M421 Summer 2013 1 18 19 Intro to Wine Discussion Questions Pliny provided instructions on planting and tending to more than 90 varieties of wine grapes Cork revolutionized the storing and aging of wines making it possible to age wines for long periods of time 2 1 During the Golden Age of Wine in Europe the new wine lords showed offtheir holdings by 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 creating and placing labels on their bottles with the family and estate names At the end of WWI the Volstead Act was passed and implemented Prohibition as the 18th Amendment which was repealed in 1933 What makes wine taste the way they do The grapes and See slide The complete winemaking process includes whiCh is the study of l i i I 1 24 is the science and study of winemaking differentiated from 71 i 39 fill 1quot See slide Crick 3quot gt a grape growmg quot How are wines categorized and sold In the US by grape in Europe by region What is meant by grape variety The type of grape What is meant by Vitis vinifera The genus of grapes that table wine is made from The two categories of attributes that distinguish each grape variety from the next are Personality Traits and Performance Factors Personality Traits are the characteristics of the fruit itself Performance Factors refer to how the grapevine grows how its fruit ripens w39 7quot 717 ng l39ijd39 39lquot V l 39i l i A J Personality traits include See slide 7 I 3991 Performance Factors include and See slide m a V V yquot J r rquot 39 I I i i IrV vb a 1 In I 1 7 cal all y I UOJ Qualityoriented wine estates feel that there is a difference between viticulture and agriculture In what way See slide Factors such as and are some of the ways in which a vineyard represents a powerful animate ecosphere see slide J i l i H Fl 2 See slide These elements have a profound influence on 39 a 39 and aroma is a term broadly used to describe a wine s smell HTM421Summer 2013 2 g l WU J VWQ to Qexlc 9 9 andmy zd o n M opm39 Wk mold wmsfsrmg ma Nae genie Ui C thv d s WW4 to Mini 20 Th viHPQOWOU to IV HLAQMCQ Nmmm FlO UOV W 1 Hey 37 38 39 4O 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 5 3 Intro to Wine Discussion Questions bouguet is a more complex smell that a wine acquires after aging body is the perceived weight of a wine in your mouth finish is the impression that a wine leaves in your mouth It s the sugar in the pulp of a grape that s crucial to vinification since it will be converted to alcohol quot Y i39 6 it P The is largely responsible for the wine39s aroma and flavor as well as its and See slide Before a bunch of grapes can be called wine several essential attributes to consider Cf include and or See slide 39 y Alcohol affects the as well as the See slide balance is an equilibrium among the components of a wine such that no one characteristic stands out is the most important element in the pulp other than water and sugar even though there s not much present Wines that lack acidity are susceptible to spoilage and do not gge well Tannins belong to a class of compounds called ghenols and come from the slltin and the seeds of a grape berry When in harmony tannin is sensed as the wine39s backbone and structure Grapevines thrive in termperate regions were longwarm frostfree periods allow then to develop Why is flowering critical If a flower sets it will become a berry see slide ix 5 ii 439 fates 5quot Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of any climate is the impact of on W p 11 grapes When viticulturists achieve balance in their vineyards they have a balance between fruitfullness What is meant by viqor how well the cluster grows mgor and and fruitfullness how much fruit it produces it i i5 Leaves are critical because photosynthesis HTM421Summer 2013 3 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 Identify the nine classic wine varieties See slide Intro to Vine Discussion Questions Dry soil encourages the roots to diq deeper for nutrients and moisture Most viticulturalists today believe that the most important soil factor is its ability to drain Define Terroir see slide quot39 if iquot and are just as important as the grape variety and l The way the vines are Si 4 2 l climate See slide 4 i4 r39 Why is lifting the vines up and spreading the canopy along wires important To allow light y l l and air get around the grapes Why is the spacing of vines important The roots compete for nutrients and moisture What was is phylloxera See slide Define racking quotSee slide HTM421 Summer 2013 4 Native American Lecture Questions 1 P PWN 0 9530quot 10 quotNative American is a term for 39 ofthe Americas The vast majority of Native Americans live V 39 i i A Traditional Native American foods have to today s American diet The introduction of T39and quot changed the lifestyles of many Native American nations European yand i 391 39reduced the numbers of both Native American individuals and ethnic groups By the late 19th century the majority of Native Americans lived on lands held in trust for them b the US government called 39 1 39 The quot took over the administration of the reservations near the turn of the 20th century It established a program of cultural assimilation designed to Many Native Americans left the reservations for y available during WWII l W has the highest number of residents followed by Oklahoma and 11ll quotbest describes the Native American approach to life 12 1393 121 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 Each individual strives tOi The belief is that and I I g isj39esteemed and is distouraged Personal autonomy is protected through the principal of The the primary social unit I Due to the respect for the individual within mostNative American groups men and women 39 39 Traditional food habits were influenced byz s39i i39 i39and I Native Americans not only introduced whites to indigenous foods but andas wellquot I I I The Europeans brought and which made hunting easier Native American cooking featured and often reflected the need to flw39 was the sweetener used most frequently and it was mixed with for a cooling drink was the staple food for most plains nations 39 Dried meat that was kept for several years was called or v 39 Sometimes it would be shredded and mixed with bison fat and berries then formed into cakes called In contrast to the plenty of the Northwest Coast the diet of many Alaska Natives was i Native Americans in California were first referred to as by the first whites to encounter them Traditional meal patterns of the Native Americans vari39 d39anrding to and 39 Food was 39 39 All nations liked but they were limited to fruits and dishes flavored with maple syrup and honey Many Native American religious ceremonies were accompanied by Food is valued as The job of food gathering preparation and storage usually belonged to the is significant in some healing ceremonies Native Americans found many plants had amongstm 2 and i r needs in a holistic approach A r 39 1 their methods of 39 f f HTM 421 Summer 2013 Page 1 N lmlel 1W 6 gt2 1 l 1 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 HTM421Spring 2013 1 a l What is a capsule so SW Wine 101 Discussion Questions What happens when grapes ripen V I l Aquot Who was the first American vineyardist in California What are seven significant periods john CW PWV To in California s wine history Identify California s wine regions basis on the temperature summation scale S tyPeS Identify common California white wine grapes Cl i CVC39lquot 111103 f f39 I C l a v 7 j N1 Identify common California red wine grapes quot it bum v A 1 The names on wine labels can include 1 Each country has laws that dictate the minimum percentage of the named grape that wine must contain if that wine wants to call itself by a grape name What is the US t w a 7 minimum percentage 1 A v Is a varietal wine better than a nonvarietal wine Why r i I I quota t 1 r 1 V What are three ways a wine can be named other than for its variety or 1ts place of origin Branded wines wines with PYDEBW 39WMS 1 MRS g The single most effective way to assure yourself mor od xperiences an bad ones in J I g ili 1 quot39quotFl fquot i A quoti V39 h l m l 139 r it m buying wine is to mill 1quot 4 Siam wan ShoP cold ox in the Supermarket I t 1y I H a l U 1 hp Why should wine be stored in a horizontal position if 1 39 I l V ic J 4 Iquot What are ve questions you What are shelftalkers l What is a disadvantage of buying wine in a I if 1 l l Iquot i I V l should ask in a wine shop Si19 I lc Which wines perform well and even improve with age Why 39 l 13 39 Sonata W1 Hines 113mm 3929 What are the optimum conditions for storing wine l a v 7 Ir H 7 quot i I 1 I l L39A Jl Il I39 39 I f y l i m quot ptquot fquot 1 quot I Name three types of corkscrews and identify their advantages and disadvantages 0 1 9M bPmuw i Co v39 x l lt quotLlc jquot quotv11 How do you open a bottle of sparklin wine a a 4 6 hair1 HQ mwp Yquot Li quot 39 ginJIM quot39 J it n Does wine need to breathe quot L059 WWCL home 66 39 0m 1 Wm a 7f3wLM t009 Ur Nichol MUM V OWE Lucpfnan 0 Nerf lOthS HWYFlQ PM 39 WWW games a CWOUQ th v f wavy l ha N WJWLS 39mpo w amwowmte m W W U OX M wmmmkeis v auee ibte 0 emergom 2 cpw who swymmvev W394 eleth uhc ViaWWI W hOMQQ she I v rr H S 5 3 I OON PKm 9113Mng Wire ghops anle 39 A frLIL m WW 39 NM gCN VM Ctmz Z M M c Mam gumma v Moquotij 39 100 WOPD LiWMMrQ g o Ult0L boat1y A g 6 SM 300 1 th FPmiagL thssaon pemogL clu IXM 30m 7 tome9w 3 39 Dgf 94790 Pen10d 1m ifth MM CW3391 76 gt Miume Mm 4 o 6 FMPO MI mesfmwf PAi001 13600374 es e HMO Lola Pepsquot 7 gonnPe fV Aobw mwf and POSI39KOUM Club39s C1374 77K I n 39 39 I I 0 WW wth Mmes an I 0 SfOW e has 148 WEN 9MP9L391 qqggd 239 Huh luv has H H W09 fan WOW 219pr 7 Wt 93 I El MAS Uide Chapman Jean Lom s WSW lt Immde V V5 jun3 fin 52 Wag 4 Mfr 018 some 600A H275 HV39S MDW Hquot 3 4 7357 H Hm Mm godw of win 0 DW pm 7 g Wm M WW 30 WW mm m 39 Wat I am lemv39 39bv Smue gamma 8 VZ Wine 101 Discussion Questions 1 M 20 What is the proper temperature to serve gd wine at White I I n i311ij a on H 314 443 H lhl at 14 DUOL M 21 How would you chill a bottle quickly 7 H 22 What is a drop stolp trQ rd F Cold r itl7 olt lell 1 t i141 f v39 1 23 Why is Hie space between the wine and the rim of a glass important ul ix POLL wt 24 What are three characteristics of glassware that may enhance wine tasting CDw mm bl 23 How do you clean your glassware l j M WU PL 3 1 ml0 x 1 30 u 7 6va WW Ci i M 1 19 quotv MWSlquot LM39 lln slim f 39 39f willquot 75W 26 What are the classic guidelines for the sequence in which wine shoulcl be served 11 4 27 What happens when food and wine meet C 28 What are the majwomprm What are the basic tastes of food 29 Vhat are two basic principles in food and wine pairing Rude 39 Co m t WITPPM h COWFllMQWT FriWM gt CONth nal with 9 Wong amp mm W ts vs ANAQ fho are dygquar glllWlOU39 quot1 WC Th some waij 2 iZLlB lh clcm V5 quot quot Liam Wif tli 4 Ptvb i39 m 1 I 3939 l i 19 39 mi I 39 v r v39 quot 2 59quotquot If 1 f 17 Plc it 3 mile CWM th 9 of 4d EALU HFl u 1 n w 139 n9 53 g Dome MMSS 39 9N W Wm UN NUHT 4 18 39 2013 2 Bib o Sbliig 7 Lecture Questions Wine Varieties 05739 a iltziil n 7 2 g 1p v 7 If 7 v13 rm 1 When a US winery wants to telWou the geographic pedigree of its wine it uses a tag on its label called 39l 13 2 Appellations are defined by piwii i39iml filiaw vor by ft l v j Lifts 3 quot inrigLCalifornia s most widely planted white wine grape 39 g In mm 1 1 1 Jr fA V I QChardonnaYisacross between 7quot r W and 1 a A i quot 5 Pinot Grigio is commonly known as Mr 1 ltand has its origins in n o 1 1 I A 39 I i 6 Pinot IS an old French word for lquot i r and GI39IS means Mt and refers to the fruut s i gr 7 is an aromatic white grape variety known for its high acidity and ouulib wlthat tend to thrive in cooler wine growing regions Crv hrr i mm 8 Riesling is the main wine grape of m I 9 In CaliforniaQSauvignon Blanc is also sold as 11 quot 39 if 10 Generally Sauvignon Blanc wines are 39 quot39939 Mfrquot a we and 1 39 11 An essential white grape Semillon is ail 5 berried grape that produces some ofthe l writ l 0331591 white wines ever made quoti 39 39 J 12 The Semillon grape takes well to the 39121H391 fungus and in turn produces rich golden 149 35er wines 3339 While no DNA testing has been reported on this grape variety it is widely accepted that quoti r 139 fl is an offspring of Gouais Blanc and it I P grapes 53154 14French Colombard is also used in making i 15 The use quot lz re nbch Colombard makes it a good choice for 39fSing in blends as it can add aquot l quot quot to white 3 3quot Kl blends wsan y quot 39 I 16 Cabernet Sauvignon s are L m and made to was quotMm 17 The aging potential can be upwards of 39 39 though 39 is more usual I I i QE Cabernet Sauvignonisacross between 2 and grapes Ci li lia t fix T 19 Cabernet Franc is a Md grape that grows particularly well in will and is originally from the idem and re ons of France 1 20 Cabernet Franc is an ideal candidate for blending with other varietals such as M Cilniand quota l Niquot 393 1 quot quotf 1 y7 39 21 The Merlot grape is one of the principal wine grape varieties of the region of France and was brought to California in the I Li T F VF 01 x w 22 Historically I has been used as a blending grape to quot 1 7quot r quot i 23 Merlot 1 quot 7W are less forceful so it tends to o in e 139 I 24 Pinot Noir is an ancient varietal described by the Eurions in lat Wand cultivated in the L fegion of France as early as the 517 if 25 The movieClyitigt9 5fielped propel Pinot Noir into the mainstream American awareness 26 The Pinot Noir grape has more C Jonathan any other variety fprtig i Sryah has been shown to be a cross between a foll 39kk variety Dureza and a white variety both of which have origins in France s Mregion My My I 7 g y A I I t W lwibmq 28 Syrah has existed in California since V Y 39 with plantings in l0 1 quotl 3 39 39 I rm 393 A g LR39ii 329 Petite Sirah is also known aslam or Pgmggz3 VF 30 It has moiberries and consequently h xiii s it 3quot Which allows the production of high tannin levels high acidity levels and thus the va is 39YWJUVO U Mylaigmn 31 In 1994 California Zinfandel was confirmed to be genetically identical to the l quot l 39 39 grapefthough they are not 1 39K 100 genetically identical L I g k 9 m 32 The earliest and only documented use of the name Zinfandel in America dates back to quot31 in where a nursery owner advertised Zinfandel for sale I ig ii m v 33 California Roses and other Blanc de Noir wines are known by names such as I PM or simply 34 They may also have a name using the single grape variety from which they may be made such as or 21 4391 39 i T 39 fr quot5 1 A V quot i 39 71 r quot y 3S Blanc de Noir wines are wines made from lth 51071 36 Both Roses and Blanc de Noir wines are made like I 39l39 quot393 HTM 42103 Summer 2013 Page 1


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