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Exam 1 Study Guide - Music 121

by: Kennedy Patterson

Exam 1 Study Guide - Music 121 MUS121

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > Music > MUS121 > Exam 1 Study Guide Music 121
Kennedy Patterson
GPA 3.9
MUS 121 – 005 Introduction to Listening
Allison Kelsey

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About this Document

Midterm 1 Study Guide - Music 121 2/19/15
MUS 121 – 005 Introduction to Listening
Allison Kelsey
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kennedy Patterson on Monday February 16, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MUS121 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Allison Kelsey in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 283 views. For similar materials see MUS 121 – 005 Introduction to Listening in Music at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 02/16/15
Music 121 Exam 1 Study Guide 21915 0 string woodwind brass percussion and piano timpani was also added 0 made up of woodwind brass and percussion instruments the only bowed string instrument used is the double bass 0 small group of instruments where each person plays their own part the group is small enough so they can hear one another and no conductor is required a common example is a string quartet HAVE REEDS except flute 0 Single Reed clarinet sounds warmer amp woody amp sax sounds metallic and brassy 0 Double Reed oboe higher pitch nasally amp bassoon lower pitch 0 trumpet highest and piercing trombone different than others has a slide horn euphonium tuba lowest pitch French Horn similar to trumpet not as piecing warmer sounding than trumpet all instruments in this family are plucked or bowed sound is created by vibrations of one or all strings includes such as the violin viola cello bass guitar and harp always plucked no bow unique sounding tonality the relationship of tones to a central tone the tonic relative degree of loudness or softness order flow of music through time melody line if you take away the pitch 0 a musical idea that serves as a starting point for development of a composition or section of a composition 0 one theme is stated at the beginning followed by multiple variations of that theme usually a one movement stand alone work 0 vocal number for solo singer with accompaniment singable shows emotion in response to earlier events 0 a form of singing speechquot in which the rhythm is dictated by the natural inflection of the words 0 a vocal style midway between recitative and aria its meter is less flexible than that of recitative but its form is much simpler and more flexible that that of an aria a choral work usually on a sacred subject and frequently built on a chorale tune combining aria recitative chorus and instrumental accompaniment sacred or secular relatively short 2030 minutes no staging props costumes scenery etc o an extended choral work made up of recitatives arias and choruses without costuming stage action or scenery sacred only Longer than cantata up to a few hours passion Music 121 Exam 1 Study Guide 21915 0 subset of oratorio deals with the life or crucifixion of Jesus named for whatever gospel is used St Matthew Passion St John Passion etc o began about 1600 in Italy combines singing acting elaborate set design singing scenery costumes dance special effects music began as noble entertainment in Europe secular elaborate staging props costumes scenery etc o music used in religious ceremonies or to accompany religious rites non religious music 0 large scale composition for orchestra and solo instrument accentuate contrast between group consensus and individual virtuosity a multimovement work for instruments in which a solo group called the concertino and a full ensemble called the ripieno are pitted against each other 0 a multimovement baroque work that differs form concerto grosso in that the concertino consists of only one instrument 0 the everyday spoken language o either 3 or 4 movements fastslowfast or fast slowmoderatefast this form would be for a complete multi movement work many concertos and symphonies are written in this form 0 the 2 contrasting themes are stated the first theme in the home key the second in another key Themes and motives from the exposition are developed upon this is different from theme and variation Theme and variation only has ONE theme that is then varied while a development in sonata form has more than one theme that is developed upon The exposition is restated however the second theme remains in the home key instead of modulating o solo instruments with orchestral accompaniment concerto grosso solo concerto very often written in multimovement sonata form solo instrument with keyboard accompaniment no orchestra pretty much the same as a concerto in every other Music 121 Exam 1 Study Guide 21915 aspect except no orchestra piano sonatas will be just for piano and no accompaniment work for orchestra with no soloist very often written in multimovement sonata form does not exist in Baroque era 0 a unifying technique of long musical works in which the same thematic material recurs in succeeding movements 0 Form in which the theme A recurs multiple times throughout the movement most common are ABABA or ABACABA original thematic material comes back over and over A original thematic material B C etc different thematic material most often one movement of a larger multi movement work 0 3 section form ABA minuet trio minuet most often used for one movement of a larger multimovement work o Italian comic opera o Italian opera with a serious subject 0 a king or duke hiring a musician to work for his court the patron provides food and necessities for the musician and the musician provides music for the entertainment the musician writes or plays music to please the patron 16001750 precise to flamboyant music styles vivid expression in art and music passionate and personal expression 0 17501800 guidelines and overthetopnessquot of the Baroque era influenced by classical Greek and Roman lines o Monteverdi 0 First composer to embrace the operatic form and is considered the father of modern opera 0 Baroque 0 Antonio Vivaldi 16781741 0 Baroque o Wrote over 500 concertos Mostly solo concertos some violin bassoon cello oboe flute viola d amore recorder and mandolin 3 movement fastslowfast 0 Johann Sebastian Bach 16851750 Germany 0 Virtuoso organist amp keyboard player also played violin 0 Didn t consider himself a composer just someone who tried to do his job the best he could o Inspired by Vivaldi and Telemann Franz Joseph Haydn 17321809 Music 121 Exam 1 Study Guide 21915 0 Clavier amp violin 0 Classical 0 Haydn Farewell Symphony Small orchestra but larger than that of a Baroque orchestra More strings amp winds especially French Horns 0 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 17651791 Germany 0 Keyboard also violin amp organ 0 Classical 0 Wrote for symphonies concertos string quartets sonatas chamber music vocal music most notably opera 0 Ludwig van Beethoven 17701827 Germany Piano amp violin Classical style Wrote 7 symphonies Fidelio Developed many of the musical ideas that would usher in the Romantic Era 0 Changed symphony genre lengthened the symphony enlarged the orchestra more string players more woodwinds 0000 o quot12 Variations in C Major on Ah vous diraije mamanquot K 265 Mozart o httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvfS7yiD6cz8A quotSymphony No 5 in C minorquot Movement 1 Beethoven o httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvW2qW6fOtAMY quotWachet aufquot Sleeper39s Awake Cantata no 140 Fourth Movement Johann Sebastian Bach o httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvJY603MSBY3Y 0 quotWhen I am Laid to Earthquot from Dido and Aeneas Henry Purcell o httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvtkz8ZROGx8E quotHallelujahquot Chorus from Messiah George Frideric Handel o httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvJ4JIvaoNOE o Oratorio sacred 0 quotString Quartet Op 33 No 3 quotThe Birdquot quot Movement 4 Hayden o httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvki66qc297qY quotMoonlightquot Piano Sonata No 14 in CSharp minor Op 2 No2quot Movement 1 Beethoven o httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvQUSaOynx98YamplistRDQUSaOynx98 X o Toccata and Fugue in d minor BWV 565quot Johann Sebastian Bach o httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvqu0KyPoJPo


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