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Z203 Unit 2 Study Guide/Notes

by: Sara Jay

Z203 Unit 2 Study Guide/Notes MUS-Z 203

Marketplace > Indiana University > Music > MUS-Z 203 > Z203 Unit 2 Study Guide Notes
Sara Jay
GPA 3.8
History of Rock n Roll III
Andrew Hollinden

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About this Document

History of Rock n Roll III
Andrew Hollinden
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sara Jay on Wednesday February 18, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MUS-Z 203 at Indiana University taught by Andrew Hollinden in Fall2015. Since its upload, it has received 340 views. For similar materials see History of Rock n Roll III in Music at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 02/18/15
The Yardbirds 1 Eric Clapton lead guitar A Eric left the group in 1965 and joined Bluesbreakers V S Led Zeppelin came out of the ashes of this group The Yardbirds 2 Jeff Beck lead guitar Jeff left in 1966 and forms Jeff Beck Group The Yardbirds 3 Jimmy Page lead guitar Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page BobertPant 3813 John Bonham plays behind the beat John Paul Jones Jimmy Page assembled this lineup to fulfill the band s legal commitments they initially toured as The New Yardbirds then became Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love from Led Zeppelin II 1969 reached 1 in both US and UK taken from Muddy Waters song You Need Love written by Willie Dixon Led Zeppelin IV album went to 2 on the Billboard Charts Black Dog 1 2 3 4 k s k s John Bonham drank 40 shots of vodka and died Led Zeppelin breaks up Mountain Leslie West Felix Pappalardi Pappalardi produced the classics Cream LPs Disreali Gears Wheels of Fire and Goodbye Mississippi Queen went to 2 on Billboard Charts 12Bar Blues Rush Rush s first album is the only to feature original drummer John Butsey bluesy Working Man OvertureTemples Of Syrinx from L2 album that saved their career stylistic eclecticism progressive rock Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne vocals Black Sabbath from Black Sabbath 1970 G gt octaveG gt C tritone very influential upon metal War Pigs from Paranoid Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 1973 James Gang Joe Walsh guitar vocals Funk 49 Wishbone Ash 3 twin lead guitars v Lady Whiskey Twin lead guitars The Who London Mod Group Pete Townshend Keith Moon Roger Daltrey John Entwistle Pete Townshend called Lifehouse as an attempt to follow Tommy Won t Get Fooled Again from Who s Next Deep Purple Machine Head 1972 Highway Star 999 er Alice Cooper Vincent Furnier vocals Shock Rock Discovered in LA signed and first produced by Frank Zappa l m Eighteen School s Out both songs relatable to youth parents didn t appreciate his vile tone Kiss Gene Simmons Paul Stanley Ace Frehley Peter Criss from New York music scene internationally famous for over the top dramatic performances Deuce from Kiss Alive went to 9 on the billboard charts went 5x platinum Detroit Rock City from Destroyer very heavy beat becomes very prominent ACDC Bon Scott vocals 19461980 death by alcohol overconsumption Australian Group Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap new vocalist Brian Johnson Back In Black from Back In Black The Runaways Joan Jett Lita Ford Cherie Currie unthbone all 111E RLMWAYE all 16 amp 17 years old Cherry Bomb from The Runaways Joan Jett Bad Reputation Aerosmith Dream On a power ballad M Walk This Way Van Halen Eddie Van Halen guitar eruption twohanded tapping hammering onott Metallica thrash metal Queen Ogre Battle Judas Priest Rob Halford vocals J wide operatic vocal style twin lead guitar lineups Deceiver betore Van Halen Exciter early example of speed metal double kick drum beat Motorhead Early example of speed metal r double kick drum beat No bead rock music IN punkera Overkill Iron Maiden New Wave Of British Heavy Metal NWOBHM m m Number Of The Beast more metal less punk Metallica thrash metal Clitt Burton bass Em39uc Disposable Heroes palm mute Megadeth Dave Mustaine vocals guitar songs original guitar player for Metallica got kicked out mmDE I The Skull Beneath The Skin Slayer Necrophobic produced by Rick Rubin cotounder of DefJam records Death Scream Bloody Gore as first death metal record A I n 39 Denial Of Life D V 39 Napalm Death grindcore what they called it blast beat drumming as fast as possible Impressions You Suffer 1316 seconds long shortest song Grindcore Allman Brothers Band Duane Allman Gregg Allman Egan Dickey Betts Th r Berry Oakley dd 25 Butch Trucks Jai Johanny Johanson d Credited with Southern Rock twin guitar lineup twin drum lineup Trouble No More originally recorded as Someday Baby Blues by Sleepy John Estes in 1935 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed song named after headstone Duane Allman 194671 motorcycle crash Berry Oakley 194872 motorcycle crash Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird won battle of the bands competition LYNYHD Sweet Home Alabama SW provincial lyrics very prosouthern Ed King dreamed song when switched from bass to guitar plane crash 19761980 Jimmy Carter 1st southerner president International Submarine Band Gram Parsons vocals guitar songs invited to join The Byrds Blue Eyes pedal steel guitar The Flying Burrito Brothers Gram Parsons guitar vocals songs Christine s Tune Grateful Dead Dire Wold Jerry Garcia pedal steel guitar Pure Prairie League Amie The Eagles Don Henley q Glenn Frey 7 7077 g Randy Meisner Bernie Leadon before The Eagles they backed up Linda Ronstadt Take It Easy Gram Parsons She Parsons died of morphine amp alcohol overdose The Raspberries Classified as POWER POP Todd Rundgren POWER POP Big Star Alex Chiltan guitar vocals songs lead singer for The Box Tops Peter Frampton was in Humble Pie Breakthrough album is Frampton Comes Alive Best selling album of 1976 Boston Tom Scholz guitar vocals production Heart Ann Wilson vocals Nancy Wilson guitar vocals Foreigner V 39 lan Macdonald from King Crimson FOREIGNER Mick Jones from Spooky Tooth one note bass line in feels like a first time Fleetwood Mac Mick Fleetwood John McVie Christine Mc Vie Lyndsey Beckingham Stevie Nicks Peter Green founded band Don t Stop used in Bill Clinton s 1992 Campaign Steely Dan Walter Becker guitar bass songs Donald Fagen vocals keyboards songs W Peg Journey San Francisco 1973 r Santana alumni Neal Schon on lead guitar 1977 they hired Steve Perry Bruce Springsteen Born To Run from Born To Run coproduced Jon Landau 39 Heartland Rock ll Born In The USA from Born In The USA Born In The USA produced SEVEN top 10 singles from veteran perspective reagan wanted to use for campaign Springsteen denied Tom Petty American Girl John Mellencamp Jack And Diane went by John Cougar because Tony Defries said so P Small Town Bon Jovi You Give Love A Bad Name Motley Crue GlamHair Metal Poison Every Rose Has Its Thorn Guns n Roses Welcome To The Jungle Living Colour Cult Of Personality


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