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Midterm Short Answer Outline

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by: Christian Wingert

Midterm Short Answer Outline HY 104-027

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > HY 104-027 > Midterm Short Answer Outline
Christian Wingert
American Civilization Since 1865
Sarah K. Steinbock-Pratt

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About this Document

American Civilization Since 1865
Sarah K. Steinbock-Pratt
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Christian Wingert on Wednesday February 18, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HY 104-027 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Sarah K. Steinbock-Pratt in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 1320 views.


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Date Created: 02/18/15
Midterm Short Answer Questions Four of the following questions will be on your midterm You must choose and answer two of them 1 To paraphrase WEB DuBois following emancipation the freed slaves stepped out of the darkness and stood for a moment erect in the sunlight before descending into the darkness again What does DuBois mean by this Do you agree Freed Slaves were stepping out of the darkness by leaving their owners in search of opportunities and better living elsewhere As a way to express their new freedoms newly freed slaves would change their name reunite with families buy land and refuse to show difference among white people They were also able to speak their minds by going to the government to discuss their concerns Before too long though they would descend back into the darkness due to the Reconstruction period and Black Codes being enacted in southern states Black codes created slavery once more without the name restricting the freedoms of African Americans Evidence Letter to My Old Master 1865 Jourdon Anderson Jourdon s master wants him back but he declines the offer 0 Lets out what he really feels o Tells him he d only come back if he got paid for all the years he was a slave Black Codes 1865 Mississippi Legislature Laws governing the newly freed slaves Restricted them many freedoms 0 Couldn t quite work own weapons own land marry a white person ect 2 Why were cities seen as both a place of promise and peril at the turn of the twentieth century Promise With the Second Industrial Revolution underway there were numerous job opportunities in the city This was also a time when the economy was growing The city was dazzling and upscale compared to the rural areas which led to rural folks believing that if they moved to the city their lives would be just like that They saw big buildings mansions ashing lights stores and big parties Peril With so many people living in the city most houses were very small For the working class who made very little money the living conditions were horrible They would live in tenants or urban ghettos The working conditions and living conditions were horrible in the city due to the lack of safety and sanitation Once someone found that promising job they quickly realized it wasn t good enough because of the low pay and excessive hours at work Evidence The Lure of the City 1900 Theodore Dreiser Carrie adventures into the big city of Chicago 0 Mesmerized by the big buildings lights and shopping 0 She will later turn her down a street that holds coal mines and railroad yards 0 She saw men and women busily working 0 She knew that she wouldn t be able to work in an office 3 In what ways was the country being pulled apart in the mid19th century In what ways was it being knit closer together Closer Together Urbanization caused people to move from rural areas to the city It meant living closer to people and not having as much land This was the start of urban ghettos and tenants for the working class and immigrants Pull Apart The gap between the rich and the poor grew extraordinary during the Second Industrial Revolution This was the start of the monopolization of companies causing those owners to become rich They would pay their employees very little and own the majority of the industry they were involved with causing small businesses to go under Evidence The Lure of the City 1900 Theodore Dreiser Carrie adventures into the big city of Chicago 0 Mesmerized by the big buildings lights and shopping 0 She will later turn her down a street that holds coal mines and railroad yards 0 She saw men and women busily working 0 She knew that she wouldn t be able to work in an office 4 Explain how Progressives attempted to shape governments the cities and people How can their efforts be understood as both uplifting and coercive Uplifting Progressives would try to protect people and solve problems They would achieve this by enforcing safety regulations in the work place and creating safe places to live like Settlement Houses Coercive Progressives tried to reform people They would force people to be better than what they were even if they couldn t During the Playground Movement they would tell children and force them how to play and interact with others The progressives also tried to end child labor when working class families relied on child labor in order to make enough money to live Evidence The Subjective Necessity for Settlement Houses 1892 Jane Addams Hull House in Chicago 0 Foothold of a house for immigrants 0 Instead of the nonexistence of leisure among the poor settlement houses give them something to do 0 Keeps them away from saloons 5 How was whiteness debated and de ned in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Why was this a political issue Whiteness Naturalization Law Free white people were citizens Anthropology Blumenbach created 5 races through anthropology Caucasian Mongolian Malayan Ethiopian and American Even ruled out anthropology at one point and based whiteness on culture Political Issues Supreme Court Cases The people weren t considered white so they were denied naturalization They were Americanized and some even fought in the Spanish American War On one occasion someone s ancestors were Arian Evidence In re Ah Yup 1875 District of California 6 Explain the debate between imperialists and antiimperialists at the turn of the twentieth century What arguments did each side use Imperialism In order to be a strong nation there must be a strong military America had to become an Empire and annex countries because it s a burden on nations to take a masculine role in the world and take on the project of Empire McKinley thought that if the US didn t control the Philippines another imperial country would take control of them Imperialists also argued that taking control of the Philippines would be a crucial foothold in Asia in order to have a naval base in Southeast Asia Evidence The Strenuous Life 1899 Theodore Roosevelt o Linked the individual to the nation 0 Men should be strong masculine and be a provider 0 A nation must do the strong like men but to attain strength there must be a strong military 0 Talks about hard work imperialism duty and annexed colonies AntiImperialism Anti Imperialists claim that annexing the Philippines and other countries is against America s founding principles They thought becoming an Empire would go against the constitution They also thought America wouldn t be able to handle a surplus of nonwhite immigrants and threaten the body politic Evidence Platform of the American Antilmperialist League 1899 0 Under Lincoln and Washington all men are entitled to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness 0 Imperialism of countries takes this away from people 0 America use to be against strong countries taking over the weak now they don t seem to mind 7 Examine the legacies of World War I How does the war represent a turning point in domestic and foreign policy Globally Part of Woodrow Wilson s 14 points that he brought up during the Treaty of Versailles was to create the League of Nations This was an international body that would deal with future con icts in order to prevent global wars from happening in the future After the war leaders of America France and Great Britain sat down and redrew the map after Empires collapsed During the war the Russian Revolution started taking Russia out of the war By the time the war was over the revolution was still going on When it nished Russia became communist leading to the Soviet Union in the 20 s Evidence The League of Nations 1919 President Woodrow Wilson 0 The Monroe Doctrine will still rule the League 0 Domestic problems will be accounted for by that nation Domestically Once Wilson announced his 14 points including the creation of the League of Nations he had to persuade congress into joining the league However many republicans didn t like the idea of joining the league so it was turned down By the end of the war the progressive era ended as well Evidence The League of Nations Must be Revised 1919 Senator Henry Cabot Lodge 0 Wanted people who served in the war to be Americans 0 In order to do that they had do be Americanized which meant not making them ght in the countries they come from o Other nations tend to put America into war 0 If America gets involved with European problems Americas power will be destroyed and endangered 8 In what ways did the 19205 represent both a loosening of social mores and a rise of social conservatism Social Mores In the 1920 s America was starting to become a little more modern This had to do with a couple of things consumerism economic boom new women and gender roles and Prohibition Instead of industrial work in which America has thrived on for decades companies switch to consumerism They create items that an individual will buy These consumer products vary from the automobile to processed food to appliances This was also the time when women were reborn They no longer wore layers upon layers of clothing They wore short dresses with a short hair cut These women would go to college work outside of the house drive automobiles live a healthy physical life and smoke and drink This was also a time of Prohibition That didn t stop anyone from drinking though There were underground speakeasies making alcohol easy to obtain At the same time there was an underground gay culture which would hold drag balls for anyone to attend Social Conservatism Not only did people disapprove of this modern lifestyle but there were other issues they were concerned about As the Russian Revolution was happening the US was afraid of communism coming to America The government did all it could to keep people under control and investigate anyone with radical ideas This was due to the fact that businesses and the government didn t want much to do with Labor Unions causing workers to not get much of a say Not only that but at the end of the war there was a rise in Americanism especially with the Klan They wanted people to be 100 American and not have any tithes to there ethnic backgrounds 0 Evidence Big Ideas from Big Business 1921 Edward Purinton


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