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ISYS 363 Don Danner Final Cheat Sheet

by: Levis Notetaker

ISYS 363 Don Danner Final Cheat Sheet isys 363

Marketplace > San Francisco State University > Business > isys 363 > ISYS 363 Don Danner Final Cheat Sheet
Levis Notetaker
GPA 3.62
Information Systems for Management
Don Danner

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About this Document

I had made it to a perfect size. It has five pages ( you can make it to 2.5 page for both sides) with very small font size. Includes all the key terms from the textbook. This is following alphabe...
Information Systems for Management
Don Danner
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Levis Notetaker on Thursday February 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to isys 363 at San Francisco State University taught by Don Danner in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 703 views. For similar materials see Information Systems for Management in Business at San Francisco State University.


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Date Created: 02/19/15
acceptance teStlngConauctmg any teSts requ1rea by tne user accounting ivuSAn 1nIormatlon syStem tnat prov1aes aggregate mIormatlon on accounts payable accounts receivable payroll and many other applications ad hoc DSSA DSS concerned with situations or decisions that come up only a few times during the life of the organization alpha testingTesting an incomplete or early version of the systemantivirus programSoftware that runs in the background to protect your computer from dangers lurking on the Internet and other possible sources of infected les application owchartsDiagrams that show relationships among applications or systems application program interface APITools software developers use to build application software without needing to understand the inner workings of the OS and hardwareapplicati0n service provider ASPA company that provides the software support and computer hardware on which to run the software from the user s facilities over a networkarithmeticlogic unit ALUThe part of the CPU that performs mathematical calculations and makes logical comparisons ARPAN ETA project started by the USDepartment of Defense DoD in 1969 as both an experiment in reliable networking and a means to link the DoD and military research contractors including many universities doing militaryfunded researchartificial intelligence AIA eld in which the computer system takes on the characteristics of human intelligenceartificial intelligence systems Peopleprocedures hardware software data and knowledge needed to develop computer systems and machines that demonstrate the characteristics of intelligence asking directlyAn approach to gather data that asks users stakeholders and other managers about what they want and expect from the new or modi ed system attributeA characteristic of an entity auditingAnalyzing the nancial condition of an organization and determining whether nancial statements and reports produced by the nancial MIS are accuratebackb0ne One of the Intemet s highspeedlongdistance communications links batch processing system A form of data processing whereby business transactions are accumulated over a period of time and prepared for processing as a single unit or batchbenchmark test An examination that compares computer systems operating under the same conditionsbest practices The most ef cient and effective ways to complete a business processbeta testing Testing a complete and stable system by end usersblade server A server that houses many individual computer motherboards that include one or more processors computer memory computer storage and computer network connectionsBluet00th A wireless communications speci cation that describes how cell phonescomputers faxes personal digital assistantsprinters and other electronic devices can be interconnected over distances of 10 30 feet at a rate of about 2 Mbpsbrainst0rming A decisionmaking approach that consists of members offering ideas off the top of their heads fostering creativity and free thinking bridge A telecommunications device that connects two LAN s together using the same telecommunications protocolbr0adband communications A relativeterm but it generally means a telecommunications system that can transmit data very quicklybusiness intelligence BI The process of gathering enough of the right information in a timely manner and usable form and analyzing it to have a positive impact on business strategy tactics or operationsbusinesstobusiness B2B ecommerce A subset of ecommerce in which all the participants are organizationsbusinesstoconsumer B2C ecommerce A form of ecommerce in which customers deal directly with an organization and avoid intermediaries byte B Eight bits that together represent a single character of data cache memory A type of highspeed memory that a processor can access more rapidly than main memory Cascading Style Sheets CSS A markup language for de ning the visual design of a Web page or group of pages CASE repository A database of system descriptions parameters and objectives central processing unit CPU The part of the computer that consists of three associated elements the arithmeticlogic unit the control unit and the register areas centralized processing An approach to processing wherein all processing occurs in a single location or facility certificate authority CA A trusted thirdparty organization or company that issues digital certi cates certification A process for testing skills and knowledge which results in a statement by the certifying authority that con rms an individual is capable of performing particular tasks change model A representation of change theories that identi es the phases of change and the best way to implement them channel bandwidth The rate at which data is exchanged usually measured in bps character A basic building block of most information consisting of uppercase letters lowercase letters numeric digits or special symbolschief knowledge of cer CKO A toplevel executive who helps the organization work with a KMS to create store and use knowledge to achieve organizational goalschipandPIN card A type of card that employs a computer chip that communicates with a card reader using radio frequencies it does not need to be swiped at a terminal choice stage The third stage of decision making which requires selecting a course of action circuitswitching network A network that sets up a circuit between the sender and receiver before any communications can occur this circuit is maintained for the duration of the communication and cannot be used to support any other communications until the circuit is released and a new connection is set up clientserver architecture An approach to computing wherein multiple computer platforms are dedicated to special functions such as database management printing communications and program executionclock speed A series of electronic pulses produced at a predetermined rate that affects machine cycle time cloud computing Acomputing environment where software and storage are provided as an Internet service and are accessed with a Web browser code of ethics A code that states the principles and core values that are essential to a set of people and that therefore govern these people s behavior cold site A computer environment that includes rooms electrical service telecommunications links data storage devices and the like it is also called a shell command based user interface A user interface that requires you to give text commands to the computer to perform basic activities compact disc readonly memory CDROM A common form of optical disc on which data cannot be modi ed once it has been recordedcompetitive advantage A signi cant and ideally longterm bene t to a company over its competition competitive intelligence One aspect of business intelligence limited to information about competitors and the ways that knowledge affects strategy tactics and operations compiler A special software program that converts the programmer s source code into the machinelanguage instructions which consist of binary digits computer literacy Knowledge of computer systems and equipment and the ways they function it includes the knowledge of equipment and devices hardware programs and instructions software databases and telecommunications computer network The communications media devices and software needed to connect two or more computer systems or devices computer programs Sequences of instructions for the computerc0mputeraided software engineering CASE Tools that automate many of the tasks required in a systems development effort and encourage adherence to the SDLC computerassisted manufacturing CAM A system thatdirectly controls manufacturing equipmentc0mputer based information system CBIS A single set of hardware software databases telecommunications people and procedures that are con gured to collect manipulate store and process data into information computerintegrated manufacturing CIM Using computers to link the components of the production process into an effective system concurrency control A method of dealing with a situation in which two or more users or applications need to access the same record at the same time consumertoconsumer C2C ecommerce A subset of ecommerce that involves electronic transactions between consumers using a third party to facilitate the process contactless card A card with an embedded chip that only needs to be held close to a terminal to transfer mIormauon sysrems snare a poor or related data aatanase management sySIem UJSMS A group or programs tnat man1pu1ate tne database and prov1ae an 1nterIace between me database and the user of the database and other application programs decentralized processing An approach to processing wherein processing devices are placed at various remote locations decisionmaking phase The rst part of problem solving including three stages intelligence design and choice decision room A room that supports decision making with the decision makers in the same building and that combines facetoface verbal interaction with technology to make the meeting more effective and ef cient decision support system DSS An organized collection of people proceduresso ware databases and devices used to support problemspeci c decision making delphi approach A decisionmaking approach in which group decision makers are geographically dispersed throughout the country or the world this approach encourages diversity among group members and fosters creativity and original thinking in decision making demand report A report developed to give certain information at someone s request rather than on a schedule design report The primary result of systems design re ecting the decisions made for systems design and preparing the way for systems implementation design stage The second stage of decision making in which you develop alternative solutions to the problem and evaluate their feasibility desktop computer A nonportable computer that ts on a desktop and that provides suf cient computing power memory and storage for most business computing tasks dialogue manager A user interface that allows decision makers to easily access and manipulate the DSS and to use common business terms and phrases digital audio player A device that can store organize and play digital music les digital camera An input device used with a PC to record and store images and video in digital form digital certificate An attachment to an email message or data embedded in a Web site that veri es the identity of a sender or Web site digital rights management DRM Refers to the use of any of several technologies to enforce policies for controlling access to digital media such as movies music and software digital subscriber line DSL A telecommunications service that delivers highspeed Internet access to homes and small businesses over the existing phone lines of the local telephone network digital video disc DVD A storage medium used to store software video games and movies direct access A retrieval method in which data can be retrieved without the need to read and discard other data direct access storage device DASD A device used for direct access of secondary storage data direct conversion Stopping the old system and starting the new system on a given date also called plunge or direct cutover direct observation Directly observing the existing system in action by one or more members of the analysis team disaster recovery The implementation of the disaster plan disk mirroring A process of storing data that provides an exact copy that protects users fully in the event of data loss distributed database A database in which the data can be spread across several smaller databases connected through telecommunications devices distributed processing An approach to processing wherein processing devices are placed at remote locations but are connected to each other via a network document production The process of generating output records documents and reports documentation Text that describes a program s functions to help the user operate the computer system domain The allowable values for data attributes domain expert The person or group with the expertise or knowledge the expert system is trying to capture domain downsizing Reducing the number of employees to cut costs drill down report A report providing increasingly detailed data about a situation dumpster diving Going through the trash of an organization to nd secret or con dential information including information needed to access an information system or its data economic feasibility The determination of whether the project makes nancial sense and whether predicted bene ts offset the cost and time needed to obtain them economic order quantity EOQ The quantity that should be reordered to minimize total inventory costs effectiveness A measure of the extent to which a system achieves its goals it can be computed by dividing the goals actually achieved by the total of the stated goals efficiency A measure of what is produce divided by what is consumed eGovernment The use of information and communications technology to simplify the sharing of information speed formerly paperbased processes and improve the relationship between citizens and government electronic business ebusiness Using information systems and the Internet to perform all businessrelated tasks and functions electronic cash An amount of money that is computerized stored and used as cash for ecommerce transactionselectr0nic commerce Conducting business activities e g distribution buying selling marketing and servicing of products or services electronically over computer networks electronicdocument distribution A process that enables the sending and receiving of documents in a digital form without being printed although printing is possible electronic exchange An electronic forum where manufacturers suppliers and competitors buy and sell goods trade market information and run backof ce operations electronic retailing etailing The direct sale of products or services by businesses to consumers through electronic storefronts typically designed around the familiar electronic catalog and shopping cart modelemp0werment Giving employees and their managers more responsibility and authority to make decisions take action and have more control over their jobs encryption The process of converting an original message into a form that can be understood only by the intended receiver encryption key A variable value that is applied using an algorithm to a set of unencrypted text to produce encrypted text or to decrypt encrypted text enduser systems development Any systems development project in which the primary effort is undertaken by a combination of business managers and users enterprise data modeling Data modeling done at the level of the entire enterpriseenterprise resource planning ERP system A set of integrated programs that manages the vital business operations for an entire multisite global organizationenterprise sphere of in uence The sphere of in uence that serves the needs of the rm in its interaction with its environmententerprise system A system central to the organization that ensures information can be shared across all business functions and all levels of management to support the running and managing of a businessentity A general class of people places or things for which data is collected stored and maintainedentityrelationship ER diagrams Data models that use basic graphical symbols to show the organization of and relationships between dataenvir0nmental design Also called green design it involves systems development efforts that slash power consumption require less physical space and result in systems that can be disposed of in a way that doesn t negatively affect the environmentergonomics The science of designing machines products and systems to maximize the safety comfort and ef ciency of the people who use them eventdriven review A review triggered by a problem or opportunity such as an error a corporate merger a new market for products or other causes exception report A report automatically produced when a situation is unusual or requires management action execution time Etime The time it takes to execute an instruction and store the resultsexecutive support system ESS Specialized DSS that includes all hardwaresoftwaredata procedures and people used to assist seniorlevel executives within the organizationexpert system A system that gives a computer the ability to make suggestions and function like an expert in a particular eldexplanati0n facility Component of an expert system that allows a user or decision maker to understand how the expert system arrived at certain conclusions or results Extensible Markup Language XlVIL The markup language designed to transport and store data on the Webexternal organlzat1on also cauea a personnel ivuSnyperllnk H1gn11gntea text or grapmcs m a wen document tnat wnen c11ckea opens a new wen page conta1nmg related contentHypertext Markup Language HTML The standard page description language for Web pages identify theft Someone using your personal identi cation information without your permission to commit fraud or other crimesIFTHEN statements Rules that suggest certain conclusionsimage log A separate le that contains only changes to applicationsimplementation stage A stage of problem solving in which a solution is put into effectincremental backup A backup copy of all les changed during the last few days or the last weekinference engine Part of the expert system that seeks information and relationships from the knowledge base and provides answers predictions and suggestions similar to the way a human expert would informatics A specialized system that combines traditional disciplines such as science and medicine with computer systems and technology information A collection of facts organized and processed so that they have additional value beyond the value of the individual facts information center A support function that provides users with assistance training application development documentation equipment selection and setup standards technical assistance and troubleshooting information service unit A miniature IS department attached and directly reporting to a functional area in a large organization information system IS A set of interrelated components that collect manipulate store and disseminate data and information and provide a feedback mechanism to meet an objectiveinf0rmati0n systems literacy Knowledge of how data and information are used by individuals groups and organizations information systems planning Translating strategic and organizational goals into systems development initiatives infrared transmission A form of communications that sends signals at a frequency of 300 GHz and above higher than those of microwaves but lower than those of visible light input The activity of gathering and capturing raw data insider An employee disgruntled or otherwise working solo or in concert with outsiders to compromise corporate systems installation The process of physically placing the computer equipment on the site and making it operational instant messaging A method that allows two or more people to communicate online in real time using the Internet institutional DSS A DSS that handles situations or decisions that occur more than once usually several times per year or more An institutional DSS is used repeatedly and re ned over the yearsinstructi0n time 1 time The time it takes to perform the fetch instruction and decode instruction steps of the instruction phase integrated development environments IDES A development approach that combines the tools needed for programming with a programming language in one integrated package integration testing Testing all related systems together intelligence stage The rst stage of decision making in which you identify and de ne potential problems or opportunities intelligent agent Programs and a knowledge base used to perform a speci c task for a person a process or another program also called an intelligent robot or bot intelligent behavior The ability to learn from experiences and apply knowledge acquired from those experiences to handle complex situations to solve problems when important information is missing to determine what is important and to react quickly and correctly to a new situation to understand visual images process and manipulate symbols be creative and imaginative and to use heuristics internal auditing Auditing performed by individuals within the organization Internet The world s largest computer network consisting of thousands of interconnected networks all freely exchanging informationInternet Protocol IF A communication standard that enables computers to route communications traf c from one network to another as neededInternet service provider ISP Any organization that provides Internet access to people intranet An internal network based on Web technologies that allows people within an organization to exchange information and work on projects intrusion detection system IDS Monitors system and network resources and traf c and noti es network security personnel when it senses a possible intrusion IP address A 64bit number that identi es a computer on the Internet Java An objectoriented programming language from Sun Microsystems based on the C programming language which allows applets to be embedded within an HTML document joining Manipulating data to combine twoor more tables justintime JIT inventory An inventory management approach in which inventory and materials are delivered just before they are used in manufacturing a product kernel The heart of the operating system and controls its most critical processes key A eld or set of elds in a record that is used to identify the record keyindicator report A summary of the previous day s critical activities typically available at the beginning of each workday knowledge The awareness and understanding of a set of information and the ways that information can be made useful to support a speci c task or reach a decision knowledge acquisition facility Part of the expert system that provides a convenient and ef cient means of capturing and storing all the components of the knowledge basekn0wledge base The collection of data rules procedures and relationships that must be followed to achieve value or the proper outcomekn0wledge engineer A person who has training or experience in the design development implementation and maintenance of an expert system knowledge user The person or group who uses and bene ts from the expert system laptop computer A personal computer designed for use by mobile users being small and light enough to sit comfortably on a user s lap LCD display Flat display that uses liquid crystals organic oillike material placed between two polarizers to form characters and graphic images on a backlit screen learning systems A combination of software and hardware that allows a computer to change how it functions or how it reacts to situations based on feedback it receives legal feasibility The determination of whether laws or regulations may prevent or limit a systems development project linking The ability to combine two or moretables through common data attributes to form a new table with only the unique data attributes local area network LAN A network that connects computer systems and devices within a small area such as an of ce home or several oors in a building logical design A description of the functional requirements of a systemlong term evolution LTE A standard for wireless communications for mobile phones based on packet switchingmachine cycle The instruction phase followed by the execution phase magnetic disk Adirect access storagedevice with bits represented by magnetized areasmagnetic stripe card A type of card that stores a limited amount of data by modifying the magnetism of tiny iron based particles contained in a band on the cardmagnetic tape A type of sequential secondary storage medium now used primarily for storing backups of critical organizational data in the event of a disaster mainframe computer A large powerful computer often shared by hundreds of concurrent users connected to the machine over a network maintenance team A special IS team responsible for modifying xing and updating existing software makeorbuy decision The decision regarding whether to obtain the necessary software from internal or external sources management information system MIS An organized collection of people procedures software databases and devices that provides routine information to managers and decision makersmarket segmentation The identi cation of speci c markets to target them with tailored advertising messagesmarketing MIS An information system that supports managerial activities in product development distribution pricing decisions promotional effectiveness and sales forecasting massively parallel processing systemsA form of multiprocessing that speeds processing by linking hundreds or thousands of processors to operate at the same time or in parallel with each processor having its own bus memory disks copy of the operating system and applicationsmaterial requirements plan orgamzauons or m01v1aua1s onaemana computing Contractmg Ior computer resources 0 rap1lt11y respond 0 an orgamzauon39 s ow or work as me need Ior computer resources arises Also called ondemand business and utility computing online analytical processing OLAP Software that allows users to explore data from a number of perspectives0nline transaction processing OLTPA form of data processing where each transaction is processed immediately without the delay of accumulating transactions into a batch opensource software Software that is distributed typically for free with the source code also available so that it can be studied changed and improved by its users operating system OS A set of computer programs that controls the computer hardware and acts as an interface with applications operational feasibility The measure of whether the project can be put into action or operation optical storage device A form of data storage that uses lasers to read and write data optimization model A process to nd the best solution usually the one that will best help the organization meet its goals organic lightemitting diode OLED display Flat display that uses a layer of organic material sandwiched between two conductors which in turn are sandwiched between a glass top plate and a glass bottom plate so that when electric current is applied to the two conductors a bright electrolu minescent light is produced directly from the organic material organization A formal collection of people and other resources established to accomplish a set of goals0rganizati0nal change How forpro t and nonpro t organizations plan for implementand handle change0rganizati0nal culture The major understandings and assumptions for a business corporation or other organizationorganizational learning The adaptations and adjustments based on experience and ideas over time0rganizati0nal structure Organizational subunits and the way they relate to the overall organization output Production of useful information usually intheformofdocuments andreports outsourcing Contracting with outside professional services to meet speci c business needs packetswitching network A network in which no xed path is created between the communicating devices and the data is broken into packets with each packet transmitted individually and capable of taking various paths from sender to recipient parallel computing The simultaneous execution of the same task on multiple processors to obtain results faster parallel startup Running both the old and new systems for a period of time and comparing the output of the new system closely with the output of the old system any differences are reconciled When users are comfortable that the new system is working correctly the old system is eliminated password sniffer A small program hidden in a network or a computer system that records identi cation numbers and passwords patch A minor change to correct a problem or make a small enhancement It is usually an addition to an existing program p card procurement card or purchasing card A credit card used to streamline the traditional purchase order and invoice payment processesperceptive system A system that approximates the way a person sees hears and feels objectspers0nal area network PAN A network that supports the interconnection of information technology close to one person personal productivity software The software that enables users to improve their personal effectiveness increasing the amount of work and quality of work they can do personal sphere of in uence The sphere of in uence that serves the needs of an individual user personalization The process of tailoring Web pages to speci cally target individual consumers phasein approach Slowly replacing components of the old system with those of the new one this process is repeated for each application until the new system is running every application and performing as expected it is also called a piecemeal approach physical design The speci cation of the characteristics of the system components necessary to put the logical design into action pilot startup Running the new system for one group of users rather than all users pipelining A form of CPU operation in which multiple execution phases are performed in a single machine cyclepixel A dot of color on a photo image or a point of light on a display screen plasma display A type of display using thousands of smart cells pixels consisting of electrodes and neon and xenon gases that are electrically turned into plasma electrically charged atoms and negatively charged particles to emit light point evaluation system An evaluation process in which each evaluation factor is assigned a weight in percentage points based on importance Then each proposed information system is evaluated in terms of this factor and given a score such as one ranging from 0 to 100 The scores are totaled and the system with the greatest total score is selected pointofsale POS device A terminal used to enter data into the computer system policybased storage management Automation of storage using previously de ned policies portable computer A computer small enough to carry easily predictive analysis A form of data mining that combines historical data with assumptions about future conditions to predict outcomes of events such as future product sales or the probability that a customer will default on a loan preliminary evaluation An initial assessment whose purpose is to dismiss the unwanted proposals it begins after all proposals have been submitted primary key A eld or set of elds that uniquely identi es the record primary storage main memory memory The part of the computer that holds program instructions and data private branch exchange PBX A telephone switching exchange that serves a single organization problem solving A process that goes beyond decision making to include the implementation stage procedures The strategies policies methods and rules for using a CBIS process A set of logically related tasks performed to achieve a de ned outcome processing Converting or transforming data into useful outputs productivity A measure of the output achieved divided by the input required pro t center A department within an organization that focuses on generating pro tsPr0gram Evaluation and Review Technique PERT A formalized approach for developing a project schedule that creates three time estimates for an activity programmed decision A decision made using a rule procedure or quantitative method programming languages Sets of keywords commands symbols and rules for constructing statements by which humans can communicate instructions to a computer project deadline The date the entire project is to be completed and operational project milestone A critical date for the completion of a major part of the project project organizational structure A structure centered on major products or services project schedule A detailed description of what is to be done projecting Manipulating data to eliminate columns in a table proprietary software Oneofakind software designed for a speci c application and owned by the company organization or person that uses it prototyping An iterative approach to the systems development process in which at each iteration requirements and alternative solutions to a problem are identi ed and analyzed new solutions are designed and a portion of the system is implementedquality The ability of a product or service to meet or exceed customer expectations quality control A process that ensures that the nished product meets the customers needs questionnaires A method of gathering data when the data sources are spread over a wide geographic area Radio Frequency Identification RFID A technology that employs a microchip with an antenna to broadcast its unique identi er and location to receivers random access memory RAM A form of memory in which instructions or data can be temporarily storedrapid application development RAD A systems development approach that employs tools techniques and methodologies designed to speed application development readonly memory ROM A nonvolatile form of memoryrec0rd A collection of data elds all related to one object activity or individual redundant array of independentinexpensive disks RAID A method of storing data that generates extra bits of data from existing data allowing th browser ema11 I001 lVlt j player and orner aev1ces mto a s1ng1e aev1ce social engineering us1ng soc1a1 s1lt1ns to get computer users to prov1ae 1nIormatlon tnat auows a hacker to access an information system or its data Software as a Service SaaS A service that allows businesses to subscribe to Web dlivered application software software The computer programs that govern the operation of the computer software piracy The act of unauthorized copying downloading sharing selling or installing of copyrighted softwares0ftware suite A collection of single programs packaged together in a bundle source data automation Capturing and editing data where it is initially created and in a form that can be directly entered into a computer thus ensuring accuracy and timeliness speechrecognition technology Input devices that recognize human speech spyware Software that is installed on a personal computer to intercept or take partial control over the user s interaction with the computer without knowledge or permission of the user stakeholders People who either themselves or through the organization they represent ultimately bene t from the systems development projectstartup The process of making the nal tested information system fully operational statistical sampling Selecting a random sample of data and applying the characteristics of the sample to the whole group steering committee An advisory group consisting of senior management and users from the IS department and other functional areas storage area network SAN A special purpose highspeed network that provides highspeed connections among data storage devices and computers over a network storage as a service Storage as a service is a data storage model where a data storage service provider rents space to individuals and organizations storefront broker A company that acts as an intermediary between your Web site and online merchants who have the products and retail expertise strategic alliance or strategic partnership An agreement between two or more companies that involves the joint production and distribution of goods and services strategic planning Determining longterm objectives by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the organization predicting futuretrends andprojectingthe development of new product lines structured interview An interview in which the questions are written in advance super computers The most powerful computer systems with the fastest processing speeds supply chain management SCM A system that includes planning executing and controlling all activities involved in raw material sourcing and procurement converting raw materials to nished products and warehousing and delivering nished products to customers switch A telecommunications device that uses the physical device address in each incoming message on the network to determine to which output port it should forward the message to reach another device on the same network syntax A set of rules associated with a programming language system A set of elements or components that interact to accomplish goals system performance measurement Monitoring the system the number of errors encountered the amount of memory required the amount of processing or CPU time needed and other problems system performance products Software that measures all components of the information system including hardware software database telecommunications and network systemssystem performance standard A speci c objective of the system system testing Testing the entire system of programs systems analysis The systems development phase involving the study of existing systems and work processes to identify strengths weaknesses and opportunities for improvement systems controls Rules and procedures to maintain data security systems design The systems development phase that de nes how the information system will do what it must do to obtain the solution systems development The activity of creating or modifying information systems systems implementation The systems development phase involving the creation or acquisition of various system components detailed in the systems design assembling them and placing the new or modi ed system into operation systems investigation The systems development phase during which problems and opportunities are identi ed and considered in light of the goals of the business systems investigation report A summary of the results of the systems investigation and the process of feasibility analysis and recommendation of a course of action systems maintenance A stage of systems development that involves checking changing and enhancing the system to make it more useful in achieving user and organizational goals systems maintenance and review The systems development phase that ensures thesystem operates and modi es the system so that it continues to meet changing business needs systems operation Use of a new or modi ed system in all kinds of operating conditionssystems request form A document lled out by someone who wants the IS department to initiate systems investigation systems review The nal step of systems development involving analyzing systems to make sure that they are operating as intended tablet computer A portable lightweight computer with no keyboard that allows you to roam the of ce home or factory oor carrying the device like a clipboard team organizational structure A structure centered on work teams or groups technical documentation Written details used by computer operators to execute the program and by analysts and programmers to solve problems or modify the program technical feasibility Assessment of whether the hardware software and other system components can be acquired or developed to solve the problem technology acceptance model TAM A model that speci es the factors that can lead to better attitudes about an information system along with higher acceptance and usage of it technology diffusion A measure of how widely technology is spread throughout the organization technology infrastructure Allthehardware software databases telecommunications people and procedures that are con gured to collect manipulate store and process data into information technology infusion The extent to which technology permeates an area or department telecommunications The electronic transmission of signals for communications that enables organizations to carry out their processes and tasks through effective computer networks telecommunications medium Any material substance that carries an electronic signal to support communications between a sending and receiving devicetelec0mmuting The use of computing devices and networks so that employees can work effectively away from the of ce thin client A lowcost centrally managed computer with essential but limited capabilities and no extra drives such as CD or DVD drives or expansion slots timedriven review Review performed after a speci ed amount of timet0tal cost of ownership TCO The sum of all costs over the life of an information system including the costs to acquire components such as the technology technical support administrative costs and enduser operations traditional approach to data management An approach to data management whereby each distinct operational system uses data les dedicated to that system traditional organizational structure An organizational structure in which the hierarchy of decision making and authority ows from the strategic management at the top down to operational management and nonmanagement employees transaction Any businessrelated exchange such as payments to employees sales to customers and payments to supplierstransacti0n processing cycle The process of data collection data editing data correction data manipulation data storage and document production transaction processing system TPS An organized collection of people procedures software databases and devices used to perform and record business transactions Transmission Control Protocol TCP The widely used Transportlayer protocol that most Internet applications use with IP tunneling The process by which VPNs transfer information by encapsulating traf c in IP packets over the Intemetultra wideband UWB A form of shortrange communications that employs extremely short electromagnetic pulses lasting just 50 to 1000 picoseconds that are transmitted across a broad range of radio frequencies of several gigahertzUnif0rm Resource Locator URL A Web address that speci es the exact


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