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GEOL110_Natural Hazards Exam1

by: Doris M

GEOL110_Natural Hazards Exam1 GEOL 110

Marketplace > California State University Long Beach > Geology > GEOL 110 > GEOL110_Natural Hazards Exam1
Doris M
Long Beach State
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

exam 1 i clicker questions
Natural Disasters
Ewa Burchard
Study Guide
ew, buchard, Geology, Science, iclicker, questions, exam1, exam, natural, Hazards, Natural Hazards
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Doris M on Wednesday April 20, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to GEOL 110 at California State University Long Beach taught by Ewa Burchard in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Natural Disasters in Geology at California State University Long Beach.


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Date Created: 04/20/16
Iclicker questions Scientific Investigations of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake led to the identification of which fault? -The San Andreas Fault Which is not impacted by the Earth's internal processes? -they are all impacted What is the outer rock layer of Earth? -crust The lava lamp illustrates the important Earth process of -convection _____ is responsible for several of the most devastating natural hazards, including earthquakes and volcanoes -plate tectonics The plate tectonic theory was not taken seriously until -seafloor spreading was discovered iclicker test Scientific investigations of the 1906 San Fran earthquake led to the Identification of Which fault? -San Andreas Which isnot impacted by the Earth's internal processes? -moiuntains, configurations of contients, configurations of ocean basin and chains pf volcanoes are all impacted What is the outre rock layer of Earth? -crust The lava lamp illustrates the important internal earth process of -convection Plate tectonics is responsible for several of the earths… The plate tectonic theory wasn’t taken seriously until -seafloor spreading was discovered The 3 basic types of plate boundaries are Divergent convergent and transform Iclicker test -as seen in the figure, todescribe the rocks that are displaced across faults. Geologists use____terminology -mining -in which of the following faults does the handing wall move down relatve to the footwall? -normal dip slip fault -the fault in the figure is caused by ___ stress -shearing -which stage of the earthquake cycle may occur only hours or days prior to the next large earthquake but may not always occur? -foreshock When reporting to the public where the earthquake originated, new reports ive the location of the____ -epicenter Which is not a type of seismic wave? (p wave. S wave, love wave, surface wave) -ground wave Which of the following statements is false about p waves? -caused the most damage at the epicenter Slow damage to roads, sidewalks , buildings foundations and other structures such as that shown are a esult of a process called -tectonic creeping In which situation would you expect to experience the most shaking from the earthquake? -located 4 miles away from the epicenter, mud, farther from the epicenter The most appropriate scale to use to compare earthquakes around the world is the -moment magnitude scale How is the intensity for an area determined on the modified Mercalli intensity scale? -ppls perception of shaking and extent of damage To determine the epicenter of an earthquakes, scientists -find the intersection of P and arrival time data from 3 seismographs at different locations The greatest earthquakes with magnitudes over 9 are usually associated with -subduction zones What is a major problem with intraplate earthquakes? -there is generally a lack of preparedness because they occur less often Which is not a secondary effect of earthquakes? -ground shaking What is not a natural service function of earthquakes? -destroy natural underground dams that slow or redirect flows Human activity can cause earthquakes thru all these ways except -building over fault lines


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