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Flashcards / mary's counter reformation

mary's counter reformation

mary's counter reformation


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Name: mary's counter reformation
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What was revived in November 1554?

Gave Mary the power to persecute heretics.

How many protestants left England?


Who was the first protestant to be burned and when?

John Rogers in February 1555.

Why was Cranmer found of treason?

Refused to say mass at Canterbury cathedral

Why can Cranmer be described as a victim?

He did recent his beliefs in the weeks before his execution, but Mary wanted to make an example of him.

Why was Nicholas Ridley condemned to death?

He proclaimed Mary a bastard during the succession of crisis. He was one of the Oxford martyrs.

Why was Hugh Latimer condemned to death?

Latimer did not believe in real presence during the mass and refused to celebrate it.

Who replaced Ridley as Bishop of London?

Edmund Bonner

Why did the Bishop of London acquire the name 'bloody Bonner'?

Reforming circle in London was ruthlessly sought out by Bonner and he was involved in many of the trials.

Name a work by Bishop Bonner written in 1554.

Articles to be enquired of in the General visitation of Edmund Bishop of London

What was the main aim of Stephen Gardener?

To convert people to catholicism, rather to punish.

Name four university eduacated bishops.

John Hopten, Ralph Baynes, William Glyn and Thomas Watson.

Where were four diocesan schools set up?

York, Lincoln, Wells and Durham.

What did Pole create at the Westminster Synods?


Why was Pole and his circle important?

Influential at the Council of Trent. Pole's legal adviser, Niccolo Ormanetto, went on to publish and execute the decrees of Tent in Milan.

Name three Catholic preachers.

Cuthbert Tunstal, Henry Cole and Richard Smith

Who was James Brooks?

Bishop of Gloucester who produced popular Catholic sermons.

Name three musicians Mary was patron of.

Thomas Tallis, Christopher Tye and William Bryd

Name two protestant families who did well under Mary.

The Percy family and Lady Anne Bacon

Who was John Foxe?

Wrote Actes and Monuments in 1562 whilst at Frankfurt.

Why was the Book of Martyrs so important?

It would define and undermine the legacy of Mary's reign. Very successful piece of propaganda.

What was one of the problems Mary faced?

Subjects that were under 20 had never experienced Catholicism.

Name two colleges Mary established at Oxford.

Trinity college and St Johns

Name an important work of Catholic religious instruction.

The Wayland Primer

How did the clergy and bishops change under Mary?

Became theologically trained with pastoral experience.