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Flashcards / events of the universe

events of the universe

events of the universe


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Name: events of the universe
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The Great Flaring Forth

13.7 bya

Atoms Formed, opaque Universe became Transparent and light filled

13.2 bya

Galaxies are formed

12 bya

Earth Formed

4.5 bya

The first simple cells - life - formed

4 bya

Photosynthesis developed

3.9 bya

Multicellular life developed

2 bya

Birds evolved

1.5 mya

Homo Sapiens evolved

200,000 ya

Isaac Newton

17th century

4 Characteristics of the Changing Universe

Polarity, Wholes transformed by parts, self nestled organization, Increasing complexity of relationships

3 Qualities of Life

Adapts, remembers, learns

Definition of Science

All exploratory activities which purpose is to come to a better understanding of the observable natural world

Deterministic Materialism

The human dominating and controlling world view of the environment

3 Things JOTU Says we can be confident about

stars- wonder Ocean - emotional Deep Time - human urge to make things


the present, in many ways, human-dominated, geological epoch, began with the latter part of the 18th century when analyses of air trapped in polar ice showed growing global concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane (greenhouse gases).


The human "world of thought" that is shaping the Earth


Capacity of ecosystems to produce biological materials and absorb waste generated by humans using present methods

La Querencia

Human feeling of where you should be or know who you are

Land Health

Taking care of the planet, health in the land health

Unintended consequences of deterministic materialism

-decline in biodiversity -erosion -more flooding -ocean acidity

Science according to Bacon

Expand human empire, use science to control and command

Science according to leopold

Land Health

Population NOW and during DARWIN's time

-7 Billion -1 Billion

Global Average soil production rates

0.058-0.083 mm/year

Global Average erosion rate

0.016 mm/year

Modern Conventional Farm average erosion rate

0.6 mm/year

Whats the deal with Nitrogen anyways?

2x as much Nitrogen in the cycle now, half is absorbed half washes out

If we stop burning fossil fuels, how long is it going to take to get back to pre-industrial revolution levels?

1,000 years

Climate Forcing

The Imbalance in Earth's energy due to changes in sun's energy, changes in reflectivity of Earth's surface

Climate Sensitivity

Climeate change measured in global average temperature for a given amount of forcing

Internal Climate Variability

Climate change due to changes in atmosphere, oceans, biosphere, cryosphere

Key Greenhouse gases

C02, CH4, N20, H20

Greenhouse effect

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trap heat radiated off of the surface of the planet, by adding more gas, this effect warms the earth, it is a positive feedback loop because warming causes water to evaporate more and water is a greenhouse gas

Major Anthropogenic Causes of Climate Change

1/3 land use changes 2/3 Burning Fossil Fuels

Complex Stories between Climate Forcing and climate variability

Climate change affects biosphere, eg change in reflectivity of the Earth

Positive Feedback loop

ghg^= temperatures^ = melting ice = decrease in reflectivity of Earth's surface = temperatures ^

1st Number

2 degrees celcius: the agreed upon limit for climate change in global average temperature in the copenhagen accord, some call it a suicide pact because 2 degrees is too much. So far, we've only raised it .8 degrees

2nd Number

565 Gigatons: The estimation of how much fossil fuel we can burn while still remaining below the 2 degree umbrella

3rd Number

2,795 Gigatons: The amount of "proven" fossil fuels by corporations, these fuels have already been claimed and backed on, they're too much of an asset to fossil fuel companies to give up

Key Claims Scientists widely agree upon

Climate Change is historic, increase in temp and GHG, attributed to humans, climate forcing due to Anthropogenic gases