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Fluid Mech. CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE

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4 reviews
by: Aaron Bowshier

Fluid Mech. CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE CIVILEN 3130

Marketplace > Ohio State University > CIVILEN 3130 > Fluid Mech CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE
Aaron Bowshier
GPA 3.52
Colton Conroy

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About this Document

STUDY GUIDE WITH CONCEPTUAL NOTES AND ASSOCIATED PROBLEM SOLUTIONS. If you study this successfully, the test should be a breeze.
Colton Conroy
Study Guide
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2 reviews
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Melanie Mcdonough
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Kyle Miller


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This 37 page Study Guide was uploaded by Aaron Bowshier on Saturday February 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CIVILEN 3130 at Ohio State University taught by Colton Conroy in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 390 views.


Reviews for Fluid Mech. CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE

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-Melanie Mcdonough

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-Kyle Miller

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not very neat


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Date Created: 02/21/15
FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER ONE FLUID SUBSTANCE CLASSIFICATION FLUKE H M l l II 39II iI II 39 I ml 1 NEWTE IH I IH intHr m n a h p l t l i iw l Hh 39 Ell JPIiEEi Elma SLI E J and mic l39 iIeI39IIIII I Ltim I f i and mix l39 I1I I 39WI II 1Li I I PROBLEMS 1 2 1 3 LE EJFIIIHHH ZIE HIII HIIHJHIIIIII39II HIIII IIIIII 131w I Iinli39IIIIsJEIIIE39 HIH H Hrili l iluTi h IIIIIl 39JTH HQHJMHTIE 5311 HIV HWIZ HHIZ H IEIIquotI y mug U l 35 I 73151111 i 51 EH 3U J EDLUTII U N I FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE umqu 39 3 a dM 2 PLOT 0 Jr ivoh Js 39 7 quot L NOA Lavarm M0 L 2544 397 LIZleak 7no V1 0 5 ms 1 0 AEurvn ZnN quot J 7 I b Lu4 mm o as w quotE a 0 7 a 4 Mmj 2x x CHA IGE 19 ii 2 dud39y N0 J7 I 1 Conij o f I o If My u 39 1 3quot 5 quot C duoty 913 0 03 06 03 E WMquot 4 T 0 9 u e l bW6quot JV LCprarAxf39 7 0 c 303 L r 2 o A q 6 l A MASS AND WEIGHT 16 11 1 th hing 00 DbWr t b Ia IEEUJ39 met a at in 3 1 i5 7 rowas sum A M umw S UJ939371 S 5135 mx53873L7 39U J Owe 03910 N 7 01 A04 w2ol 113910 43 DU Jaw 23957 n 39f Jscquot quot5quot glue wokL 39 M FHL J 20M m5J31L3 3f475b 39m a0 M th 015 KL 5 con54mi7gimi an539 4 z WH A M u4945 quot 53 qu v M EMA39TLoV 47F M14553 I o aquot asxdmt o 9YOQ I139 FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE NEWTON S LAW OF VISCOSITY duF TudyA The ehem l l39ll w whieh Heb Perellll er Langenl tn the Ieeel eurfaee 3 The Creel letter is generally LIE 11 e Iaienete the elfbear etrees mmpenent 3 The ehenr eLreee 7E3 pl l by the eqlm lieh Ire a K 3 142 The henna whieh nets PTFJIHHJIHT er Burma in the heel eurl39aee 3 The letter is generally need in IeIIele the nermnl she3e E ITIIIIJIIIEIIL 3 The II 39lTIli l 3th is given by F r 1 A In fluid i l l i he named eLreee 11 1 paint in 1 ui relal tn the Preeeurel 3 IEII JLrla T39E39 ilhn I39 5J Lm aTFum I 339 lull EIHJAT I39IEIE39lI39Jn39 I 71 u 34muk g iIJFE Tame n 39 2 e U LI u 31 u T T EILMI 13 3 JiI39 Hume II mil Liag FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE L I E F a W wETr ha f ii I9 39 Fni39bIEE39 diquotFaf39 iLlu1ilfi Fm FEEL d FlatL LI El Fifi I llj i jy jMihH Pimps 391 IJquotI IL U5 w dint til 1 3 Lumen ax rim q mta Er MW 3 a 33 E E FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE PROBLEMSZ14112115116120 1 gg 39 I Q m V5111 h g V 0 I W N0 JiIgfLf quotPym inf 0W Salm 39e Wism 3 0L 1 O FYLW FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE l 1 Nowonf m FltI d Lug g f CAN bow a W W v6 a M FOw on ka39 and Va lo 37 0 5 hosV re Lch L Aanf I o 509 VIM5 5 C 7 oapl A r il 7N gt Naval54 391 yomm l a U 095 quot5 old 023 V5 309 t Mk AU Q N 01700005 m I 0 S 9 9A 4amp3 mwfngm n 1 0 2 g Aft3 r iquot 63 Q d e a 1 x Z39MCE MS TEL Vi i a Clquot C 39139xcgt DOCKVA 6 t quot w 2 L21 N39smag O39Qg viS W C M HHMEWDRK PRUELEM 1116 DEEETHIEHE the vh t aity cf the fluid between the shaft and the eew in Fig 19 SULHTIUN ism main 5 5 quot r a a fquot l i rd 7 KillMi PIPEu 339 vamp4e Mum W 7quot 51 iv 71 JL 3 FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 1 310 M313 lt3 9quot 300 39 00001 m 009 64 Dugzsxem 4 A FLAoz 5 936N 0Gpwimj 15 Nquot 1 L m EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE 117771 N r h m l I g I Olsqus Cogs wt 1 2 FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE IDEAL PERFECT GAS LAW PROBLEM 39l 44 HDMIEWURH PRUELEM 144 A gas at EIF E and LE MFR fellas has 21 ve ume of 4 L and a gem tenement R 2 EM Determine the density and mess ef the geek SULUTIUW E3 7 13 T lleeeil Gee Law j w Se ve fer Deme w 1 7 A x f R T5 Elt1 UI DE39 PETmas kite Km em all ELEHEEEE gleam Selma fer Meee Ll x FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE BULK MODULUSI Bulk mmdulug If l tiEi ty The bulk IIIlDdTlllTll is d as d x r LE M w 1 wtmnz39pdp the j msmtial change in PFESSUITE i needed LD magma di f ti l change in V lum inf Emmi valum PROBLEMS 1 56 1 58 LS6 f d Fr39r i K 90 dinU0 Wadi yc O 01 7 P 1000 ls PfL WW1 IliACI who 1567 LT K p 39 13qu hmsnquot A 6me 62w V aware f 9 m f GINA n W I V 0 n 9 quotV 177 m I f mch 7w WWWMint A on buoy 1170335 aloeMW olwxaa f r a 91de V 2110 57 W M 0017 o 0009 000 591 1 30 00 n7 CR DIP 000 091 a k 00002 Gk N a QQooo N b Dir DO 90 NhL aquot K 039 0002 jooMPn DE FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE SQ olv 17 JP 000pst 54 41mJ 939 197 355 I W J3 0393 s gj 0 W W W k m m Hal VIAk U KLV AM 0 ac keyAA 9 fagML PFC573W D 0 o O 9quot UAQHM CIAEN 2 270 00 OL OIEIO 700 PS K 3004700 05 Crasz of VOWquot 15 M W51 gtk 51V 1 A fl VOLW tva 0 A cf 1 3M30m 3491110 03 Mr R W 3 r1 0 a VP Z Q VT Tn 00V1 7 p ol l 39 nC N I 1quot 5 OJM Qw a W7 5 v QVPM53 k do Ollov4L 39 39 QWPWQ UL dwiorvss 5 K 39 VL 10 V by My mummy3 a Wimpm m K E FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE lt0 lt7 lt3 39 Tm r m MM 5 1 E O 37 Dim44 fr dlol0miFll fatVii 49 er 9 1 01 00131 51 1045 MIC O OI Og 03 gitD 700 0a0f3 0 023 aw 001 SOS 212 945 V 71 BV 32724 ow 001 v 2 00 1L K55 7 7 491 cal 1 FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE VAPOR PRESSURE Cmmdlema i m 7 FLEEEQ 7 EDHTJD39I39E I Erquot DEM 3 WE tumquot a C EFmEL 1 Q gt 39EJE Ll i 1 WHEII jhii a EQIIWiEI 39 UIIl i5 mathml the HINT is mid in E1quot E mr n ulazi I m imam Ll ni vapmr m erl m1 LI II rm 5111mm 39 the Liquid H much me Vanr FEEELME 1f the given Iliqu d a Him lling 39 11 liquid Hfll i when the VWDF urn quot j ml liquid lll l a My mm mlmmiiug mmpha Pr33mm Ending cm the uid PROBLEM 39l 63 CAVITATION 1 a 3 f I I 3 F eSxLKC 0M 39 Cmv 614 a so jfu quotm 0 Q f U T W ZJac LuH104 35wa M M P 2 1 DEW cJ 7 xgjl 03945 wequot q VV ILNLMR 04 bquo 43 A wgtlta W FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE SURFACE TENSION Z2 Surface bensinn Tr imn Liquid mlamllas T r L39h hllihi39lb f Iggrruuj F rLLi ang Slm lly ELII39fELDEI Tr i i5 11 LI r 39 per unit langth that 1233513 ung 1 Jim in the ml 39amm ThaL is 39 13 r L 392 SurfanTanEim LE H U u fumeH am mm rl tn the llE and H T n m tn Ellt Hurl39arm r 1 The mini aer ml 39aum EEITIEiai ITI an m in El am DJ 12quot in LIEii FREDEEIEM Eakmla lc he prf iu p mlaLi mm in the I l atrm pherit pmum iII 11 spherical liquid Imp l39 T r li39ll H in terms If the surfaci muinn EM 1 HT lE39 liquid AN39ALEYEIE PIHEEUDEI Fr M FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE PROBLEM 170 30M 0 y thw TMLIZ 11 szztoj m zFoFt O E r M 027 quot 0 57 F a O giggly7 I E O39 G ULm lzg gkm g EZ39LWZJ Sr EFLZ39FaLI zszo 9 If F cw lo0a73go nAB 1 Wle 0 3 4 I Am FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER I WO PRESSURE IN STATIC FLUIDS MANOMETER EASE 1 I mwf ihl Fluid Hat 3 fu ti F r pFESEUFE p at E ME depth h hEl w the free if f2 fm I ljlx Encnmpres ihLE FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE 2 Emmpres ih le Ii 3 FFH EJ ETquot EY EE F tE uariahlea imtaqrataj EEEUME g w T are EM Et nt STEAL d 1 E1 slacl SHINE far 12 1 Empr gg quot r flui a P V I 393 LE l TJ dleal gag r w h PROBLEMS 28 215 217 227 L 4 1 150mm W 2 Parr M M as was mp 1 00 a g73 K t 39 PI 31 anol 0 g 400an In fquotIooom M P0I Mp5 2340 392 p P X 324L 2397 Ea39n ll C T Q p 3 I at 08 N7 2 an Al qooohz w z 8 V exp I N 3k m 52 91P2 C go kpkl 3371 1 P 1 rem9 x403 Nhz 39 7 39C I a f A K39 M lt39gquot39fxz3k 5 0 g quot 927 Q m ham FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 r EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE f a I z E b x J E 1 EICYHWXPPL I v pp 7 Pa 69 quot c3q o o 6405 PA XHLO k 193 lt5 Pa 39 2mm w Po PD 6 3993 quot 6L 9SPS V50 37H 4 9 1 8U flq mHu p39 o LouIt P 0 Y P7 CIA Lamfps 1510 Flt g gt 9A g44 p5 A 05 674quot 14315 1 Pq mm 403 Meg 7 4 1 ps q mms HO 391 PG 14 0 P PL DAYVH 3 h E0 4 qu PR 4733 pg m 6 FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 21 y j X L I l 7 p J l 1 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE NA 3 H 1r if j l l l I WMGL PA Y1h1 Yzhz 0 FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE Waugh 927 FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE FORCES ON PLANE AREASZ HDI iEDIltal E 1 fElCEE E F m 4 13 if w 39L Speei c waLght my I y F 3 1 A E P P P H lt 12 Inclined SLII fEIEEE Mfr II Fl V 14 The pressure prism u E d I y f 2 m I 1 p h I I I 3 IIHII F IIIj 1H 1 FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE PROBLEMS 238 266 272 13 l a Z A 75 6mm Laud FIfAPOZA 10 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 Diet a I Iquot UNLT quot 31 1 ST I V C EASWME 0 2 0 my I f I 2 Q I 39 55 LC 5quot E L y E v m Iquot 1 I quotamquot rig i r 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Bunyan x v quot Fume FE FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE EXAMPLE PROBLEM A spherical buoy has a diameter of 15 m weighs 850 kN and is anchored to the sea floor with a cable as shown in the figure below Although the buoy normally floats on the surface at certain times the water depth increases so that the buoy is completely immersed as illustrated For this condition what is the tension in the cable III 39Ma we N 139 tram h 3 if 39 quot ft t r13 XEquot77VFZ f gt FgIHVSHGL A m l kiog y Life s X Wquot W39 a kiwi3t I up M I t mfg m KNQLE so 3 K H FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE RELATIVE EQUILIBRIUM I T111413 Bur pressure EQLIELtiD is P W 3 II III Lin5395 f E l i hl E w Lii y h FEEmm 39 quot I f r m r gt n r 39 n n I r i h i r m m m I 39 j I L H h 39 I r m 39 l r I 395 gt I V g 393 I11 3 FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE W FOKM AcLeLEMTl N m 5M 11858 W R o my cwc Tau4ch Fpr H N 4 u awnr e91 A Mquot X 6 y quot quot quota KTKEST w LINGS 0F oN MT Pal SSvaE C mama 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MECHANICSCE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE 2128 5quot ELLEhiml film I I 1m Hal High U HEEI Hi Mu Findng muzi EILHJEF ii Elwzi W39iMI WHFME39 l liiilii 1m Hal imEliami lJElmui Hiaqujsgjalggl 3H Hugh W39i l Mu EII1139i2iimlis1 Tilly him Mum wuigEIu mm muzi Ell li ri s1 Iililifjjiiil li 11ff39i i1 l MFLEII FLEIH Mam 11f LEI Huiu39 li lil FLEIH liiiiil il39 liiil l 11f FLEIH Em and FLEIH Hugh FLEIH f39ililk liil39 mr um Ht l iili ri wiiill Mu Ellll39ii l li jja SOLUTION 1 03 Iv5071 asoou 3o F K T O O ff 3 03 NEXT PAGE FLUID MECHANICS CE 3130 EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE 21l iv I NThu237 s I V3435 3quot g V N 2 J TomL 1 139 Bax 9 3quot HM A 139 530 31 3Nquot Xo m3 h rxgtlt t VgtJ S39ODA 9996 Mm2gt 1131 M393 2 5 a3 n A 1 10 61 2 EU Weave 30 ZOEfun F10 MFA a i 39 9 PM 690501 60 quot309 mw E I Cf Pg 03 9671 H Mmm v mu FN3399691 N ZZgwvt mqj Usi g w 1 ak Q W 7 if M WM 5 aquot 9 2 Amquot SL103 mISL WWW 2 52333 152 C 125quotLg EVE 3 P17 3 h 42 A3quot FNT 9 2lt Qx 39 a AM 30quot Z M Q quot m f L 355 amp mgjg I Lau sh 39 M V q a 39 O y QS I i 172Ag ELLFOIL THE SLOPE 0F T M f Fi Ea KVFLFkmz 3 g wW mu nun n 39 Mnswm anmwm krv amp5 v G 6Mi0923


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