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Study guide

by: Alyssa Reyes

Study guide PSYC 2301

Alyssa Reyes
Intro to Methods in Psychology

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About this Document

This was the sample quiz/study guide provided by the instructor with the answers gone over in class. In case anyone missed the session!
Intro to Methods in Psychology
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alyssa Reyes on Saturday February 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSYC 2301 at University of Houston taught by Breitmeyer in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 782 views.


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Date Created: 02/21/15
1 The knowledge you gained by taking notes in a series of lectures on social psychology is knowledge based on a direct observation b deductive reasoning c authoritative sources d intuitions 2 I am a tourist in a remote exotic country and l repeatedly observe that people nod as they pass by each other Inferring that the nodding is a type of greeting is based on an inference adeduche b inductive based on making repeated observations You see it happen o en c experimental d hypothetical 3 A researcher designs an experiment to study the following proposition quotSuccessful performance on cognitive tasks depends on the sex of human subjectsquot This proposition is best described as an a research hypothesis you are not making a prediction b experimental prediction c experimental outcome d sexist bias 4 In an experiment the proposition that quotsubjects given drawings of architectural plans for study M understand the plans better than subjects given written descriptions of the plansquot is an example of an a empirical observation b research hypothesis c experimental prediction quotwillquot gives it away It is predicting an outcome In the sentence try to label what are the dependent and independent variables d correlational method 5 Which of the following are the required sectionscomponents of a research article a abstract introduction methods results eenelusiens b abstract introduction discussion results eenelusiens c introduction methods results eenelusiens discussion d abstract introduction methods results discussion conclusions sometimes included but not required 6 Which is NOT an example of a situational variable a the speed of responding in an emergency b the number of people engaged in conversation at a gathering c the degree of crowding in a room d the noise level in an assembly hall 7 A marketing researcher nds that sales of multicolor apparel increase as the average temperature increases during the wintertospring transition She has found a relationship between sales and temperature a positive bnegaUve c curvilinear d zero 8 A measure has criterion validity to the extent that it a enables one to make correct predictions about behavior D like the SAT example criterion for GPA for rst semester of college Validity and b seems to correctly and reliably measure the reliability are behavior different c meets the criteria of reliability and validity d b and c 9 If I use the resting heart rate of a person as a measure a hisher degree of extraversion you would most likely question the of the measure a reliability D the measure would be reliable so you expect it to be the same the next time you run the test b reactivity c validity d all of the above 50 multiple choice 1 hour to take Bring your own scantron


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