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main themes of microbiology - chapter 1

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Flashcards > main themes of microbiology - chapter 1

main themes of microbiology - chapter 1



noncellular, parasitic, protein coated genetic elements


accumulation of changes that occur in organisms as they adapt to their environments

Genetic engineering

area of biotechnology that manipulates the genetics of microbes, plants, and animals to create new products


introducing microbes to environment to to restore stability or to clean up toxic pollutants


microbes that require interactions with other organisms

Inductive Reasoning

broad generalizations from specific observations

Deductive Reasoning

coming up with a logical conclusion given broad generalizations


a hypothesis supported by a growing body of data and survives rigorous scrutiny


completely free of all life forms

Aseptic techniques

reduces microbes in a medical setting and prevents wound infections

Binomial Nomenclature



science of classifying living things...primary concerns are naming, classifying, and identifying

Levels of classification

Domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species

Horizontal gene - transfer

sometimes through viruses

Name: main themes of microbiology - chapter 1
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