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English Literature I with Raymond Wachter

by: Alex Huechteman

English Literature I with Raymond Wachter EN205

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Alex Huechteman
GPA 4.0

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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alex Huechteman on Sunday February 22, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to EN205 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views.


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Date Created: 02/22/15
Alex Huechteman EN 205 Midterm Study Guide Chaucer lived 13431400 Beowulf 1 2 3 a i Historical information Pope Gregory sent Augustine of Canterbury in 597 contributed to the German conversionmission was to convert the Anglos Beowulf was written somewhere between 7001000 8th11th century the only literate people who wrote at this time would have been Christians Only dateable fact around this time period of the story 520 Francs were iv b vi vii C raided and Hyelac Zealand is the country of the story the largest island between Sweden and Denmark Characters and lineage Shield Scyld Scefing Danes Lineage goes to Hrothgar to be king 1 Came fromfound in the sea beginning of story is about his funeral pyre Beowulf Geatish protagonist Hyelac B s uncle Geat king model king wise and old Ecgtheow B s father who s nobility lives on through Beowulf Grendel 1 Angered by the story of creation the harp and the noise of the banquet 2 Descended of Cain Qayin is Hebrew for monster 3 Comes from the heath uncultivated land a Even years later the general notion of the era was that naturemenacing 4 Represents chaos and the unknown not necessarily evil 5 His mother attacks as an act of vengeance for her son when Beowulf kills her all the other monsters from her undersea lair ea Heorot 1 Civilized area under King Hrothgar moving slowly toward a nation 2 Intelligent enough to make chain male 3 Described as strong dazzling place of drinking and feasting and distribution of gifts from King Hrothgar Lord of the Rings and Star Wars exhibit examples of archetypes Hero s Journey First Lecture Poet seems almost nostalgic over the time period the story takes place 1 quotfrom now on sailing is safequot 2 writing about a period that isn t Christian elicits cognitive dissonance 3 most likely all divine references are to PreMosaic God not Christ but poet probably believed this 4 Beowulf fought Grendels mother with Unferth s sword rst Hrunting but it doesn t work uses one from the Giant s that he nds in the cave 5 Near the end he begins to wonder if he broke his own commandment ii 6 Plot similarity to LOTR dragon sleeps in a cave attracted to by treasure theif steals a goblet dragon attacks and people nd the treasure because of the theif to attack kills via the dragon s underbelly 7 It was not until 1936 The Monsters and the Critics JRR Tolkien that people took Beowulf seriously because the monsters displayed some sort of development 8 Unferth is a lawyer spokesmanorator and Beowulf accuses him of being a Drunk b Killing his own brothers c Unableafraid to kill Grendel himself 9 The dragon symbolizes Greed and the transient nature of life ie Beginnings and Endings a Pg 89 last remaining of the race highborn and put his treasure in the earth Treasure starts the cycle of death and the thief starts it again b A motif that treasure is currency good kings give it away to praise retainers and followers but the greed is always cursed 10 Unferth was a outspoken drunk who killed his own brothers in both the poem and the movie 11 Casting a Wicglaf Brendan Gleason strong secondhand man in Braveheart b Robin Wright amp Alison Lohman also happened in another movie 12 Royal Dragonhorn Fafnir got her when he defeated the great Dragon of the North follows the kingship GM s next victim Archetypal Literary Critisism Use of theories by Carl Jung James Hillman Joseph Campbell or any of their followers to apply the theory of archetypes to mythology and literature Archetypes characters moldedmodel concrete symbol representing an abstract concept 1 Snake example 2 Grapping with repressed ideas represents the internal spiritual journey ie rebel stage ie Star Wars goes on spiritual journey a Hero with 1000 Faces by Campbell Described heroic journey and character types Feminist Literary Criticism Application of gender studies and the representation of women in literature as well as the material circumstances of a patriarchal culture in relation to authorship 1 Seen in quotThe Madwoman in the Atticquot by Sandra Gilbert Susan Gibbon play on Charlotte Bronte s jane Eyre a Signi cance Started scholarship in this area feminist critique of Victorian literature b Explains Bertha probably doesn t speak English was married by her father most likely without consent and claims that culture does not understand a strong independent woman ideologyfeminist lens II iii iv vi vii C Explanation of de nition talks about the life and times of the writer they write what they know Shakespeare s Sister by Virginia Wolfe hypothesizes if he had a sister what her life would have been like no grammar school fame success career taken her seriously King Lear First performance in 1605 action takes place in 8th Century BCE In the Renaissance Period Rebirth of green and roman architecture art literature and humanistic learning that originated in Italy in the 14th Century and spread later through Europe to the early 17th century 1 Da Vinci Michelangelo humanistic learning Elizabethan During Queen Elizabeth 15581603 life of drama then King James in 1603 Shakespeare Married Anne Hathaway 1582 Connected to Lord Chamberlain s men Civic and religious of cials viewed plays as nuisances 16011607 tragedies personal anguish Took this stories from stories in history novellas poems other plays Created general morality principles in an interior character ways PWP I SUNEN Act 1 Dissolution of kingdom betrayal by cordelia rst fake letter by Edmund Regan and Cordelia s true motives Act 2 Identity Fracture 1 Lear has no sense of power his daughter s don t want him there is going to be a war Edmund tells edgar the duke of cornwall and albanay are after him Edmund hurts himself and turns his father of cially against his own son Oswald and disguised Kent s namecalling put in the stocks Edgar s soliloquy of Poor Tom Unfair bargaining so Lear goes out into the storm Act 3 Madness Dissolution of central authority elicits societal chaos Edgar and Lear going mad The storm has the triangle Tempest storm political kingdom chaos Lear s mental state First instance of humanism Lear asks the Fool how he is doing rst altruism When the mind is free the body is delicate Lear learns from suffereing and prays for other people Tom claims he has a demon Edmund betrays his father with the letter Gloucester honest and eyes gouged out SUN l I QWEWN


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