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merchant of venice act 4

Created by: Bryana Ruecker Elite Notetaker

> merchant of venice act 4

merchant of venice act 4


what appeal does the duck of venice make to shylock as the trial opens?

he asks to give shylock mercy, repeats this often

how does shylock respond to this appeal?

He wants to go forth with it.

how does antonio behave in the face of fate which seems about to befall him?

he was calm and brave

is money the most important thing to shylock?

Revenge is more inportant

when shylock tries to take the money and not the flesh why is he denied?

because it is illegal to kill a person from venice and shylock was going to try so shylock was striped of everything

What mercy does the duke give shylock?

doesnt kill him

what does shylock get at the end of the trial?

Nothing. He was stripped from being a jew, he couldn't live in the ghetto and he had to wear a cross. (worse than death)

Why does portia ask for the ring back?

to see if he still has it

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Name: merchant of venice act 4
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