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Mgt 302 Test one

by: Andrea Faria

Mgt 302 Test one 302

Marketplace > General > 302 > Mgt 302 Test one
Andrea Faria

GPA 3.02
Professor Hagan

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About this Document

Professor Hagan
Study Guide
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This 13 page Study Guide was uploaded by Andrea Faria on Monday February 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 302 at a university taught by Professor Hagan in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 357 views.


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Date Created: 02/23/15
University of Miami School of Business Administration Human Resource Management MGT302KY Study Guide for Quiz 1 Spring 2015 Review all inclass exercises done in chapters 1 3 4 and 5 Chapter 1 Strategic HR Management in a Changing Environment Know the definition of Human Resource Management HRM and the characteristics of successful HRM programs chapter 1 in general slide 2 Human Resource Management 0 All activities relating to the attracting deploying motivating retaining developing and rewarding of qualified highperformance workforce To be a successful 0 Responds to competitive marketplace Is closely linked to strategic plans Is shared professional HR line management responsibility Focuses on quality consumer service productivity teamwork and exibility Is monitored and evaluated regularly to ensure effectiveness 0000 Know the characteristics of a quothigh performance work systemquot and what the research indicates concerning them pp 67 slides 34 5th ed pp 67 Large number of qualified applicants for each strategic position The use of validated selection and promotions modelprocedures Extensive training and development of new employees The use of formal performance appraisal and management The use of multisource 360 degrees performance appraisal and feedback Linkage of merit increases to formal appraisal processes Above market compensation for key positions High percentage of entire workforce included in incentive systems High differential in pay between high and low performers High percentage of workforce working in selfmanaged project based work teams Low percentage of employees covered by union contract High percentage of jobs filled from within Research indicates Financial performance Productivity Product and service quality Cost control 0000 Know the HR activity areas also called quotdomainsquot pp 1012 slide 6 Please note that your book mentions 5 domains while I recognize 7 domains This is because I break out EmployeeEmployer Relations and Employee Health amp Safety and treat as separate domains mine is better 5th ed pp 911 I HR activity areas 0 Organization design Staffing Performance management and appraisal Employee and organizational development Reward systems and benefits Employee employer relations Employee health and safety 000000 Know the major trends affecting the importance of HRM and its practice in organizations pp 1220 slide 7 eth ed pp 1118 I Major trends affecting the importance of HRM 0 Increased globalization of the economy 0 Technological changes challenges opportunities 0 Increase in litigation related to HRM 0 Changing characteristics of workforce I Increasingly diversity I Baby boomers 19461964 I Generation Xers 1965 1976 I Generation Yers 1977 1994 Know the ways the US workforce is changing pp 1819 discussed as part of slide 7 5th ed pp 1516 0 Changing characteristics of workforce I Increasingly diversity I Baby boomers 19461964 I Generation Xers 1965 1976 I Generation Yers 1977 1994 Understand what competitive advantage is and each of its 2 main principles pp 2530 slides 810 5th ed pp 2227 Know the four sources of uniqueness pp 2830 slide 10 5th ed pp 2527 I Competitive advantage 0 Ability of a firm to formulate and implement strategies that place it in a favorable position relative to other companies in the industry 0 Effective leveraging of resources and capabilities I Two principles 0 Customer Value I Real or Perceived I Relative to competitors and substitutes I Traditional thinking I Quality related to price I Price quality convenience service dependability etc I Emergence of Corporate socialenvironment performance 0 Imagine and Reputation 0 Going Green labor conditions employee relations social investing I Strategic Management 0 Configuring aligning organizational resources and capabilities to create customer value 0 Uniqueness I Difficult to imitate I Four sources of uniqueness 0 Financial or economic 0 Strategic or product 0 Technological or operational 0 Organizational capability 0 Ability to manage organizational systems and people in order to match customer and strategic needs 0 Synergies What is SWOT analysis slide 11 E39n mnmemlml Conditions Capabi ties Opportur ties p Weaknesses E ec we HR Flamng How do people create value in organizations Model B pp 22 slide 13 5th ed p20 Hus15mm and Enamgin Emmwm Initiatives Elam55 Quality Employ22E apalai litirzs Fmductivifiy Imprmrci ZF Eszu ts h i a I r V l ri f i t Emplmnzic quot ErwinHE quot F39r mtl quot 1W3 quot w u Hmv im FairJ imtrmafmm rmHIT 39 i crctimm39 Design 6539 Ehganiga ti ma l Human caig n BLEEGUITEI 7 Hangth JED DEFIE System woter 3 The Leg nvironment of HRM Know the employmentatwill doctrine versus the implied contract doctrine p 61 notes on slide 1 5th ed p 55 What is employment discrimination p 62 slide 2 5th ed p 55 0 Employment discrimination 0 Employment decision making or working conditions that are unfairly advantageous or disadvantageous to members of one group compared to members of another protected group Know the specific discriminations outlawed by Title VII and who is subject to the law p 68 slide 4 5th ed p 59 0 Tittle VII 0 Race color religion sex national origin Illegal to discriminate o All organizations more or equal to 15 employees 0 Prima Facie case I Disparate treatment I Disparate impact 0 Job relatedness and consistent with business necessity o Discrimination on basis of religion I Reasonable accommodation 0 Illegal Harassment I Unwelcome conduct based on race color creed sex national origin disability I Illegal 0 Enduring conduct becomes employment condition 0 Creates intimidating hostile or abusive work environment I Sexual harassment 0 Unwanted sexual nature requirement that other people didn t have 0 Employer s liability Yes Know what a prima facie case is and how it is created disparate or adverse treatment and disparate or adverse impact pp 69 amp 7274 notes on slide 4 5th ed pp 6265 0 Prima Facie case I Disparate treatment intentional I Disparate impact unintentional 0 Job relatedness and consistent with business necessity Know how an employer demonstrates quotjob relatednessquot and have a general familiarity with 4 key court cases Griggs V Duke Power Albemarle Paper V Moody Connecticut V Teal Watson V Fort Worth Bank text pp 7476 slide 5 5th ed pp 6667 I Griggs V Duke Power 0 Job Relatedness Duke won the case 0 G Had a diploma equivalent to high school but did not pass the test by 34 points 0 D graduated high school plus passed the cognitive test 0 Albemarle Paper V Teal 0 Job Relatedness careful job analysis 0 Job Analysis Understand the work that goes on to be able to do it 0 Connecticut V Teal o All hurdles in selection process must comply with adverse treatmentadverse impact guidelines 0 Understanding how the job is done and how does it plays out 0 Every single step is eligible 0 Watson V Fort Worth Bank amp Trust 0 Disparate impact theory extended to subjective employment practices 0 Interviews Subjective you can still test not numerical Know sexual harassment what it is and how a firm can protect itself against charges pp 7678 amp 80 slide 4 5th ed pp 6770 Know what is permitted under Title V1 1 What is a BFOQ Bona Fide Occupational Qualification p 69 slide 6 5th ed p 62 0 What is permitted under the Tittle VII 0 Seniority systems meeting certain criteria 0 Veterans preference rights 0 National security reasons 0 Job qualification based on job related valid test scores background or experience 0 BFOQ S o Bona Fide Occupational Qualification I Essence of the business I Key store Is costumer preference ok I Another key question English only rules ok I Courts BFOQ exception is a narrow exception Know age discrimination what it is who s protected and how to show a prima facie case pp 8384 slide 8 5th ed pp 7374 0 All organizations more 20 employees 0 Prohibits discrimination in employment decisions against person over the age of 39 0 Removed mandatory retirement ages 0 Older Worker s benefit protection 0 Older Workers benefit protection act 0 Prima Facie Case 0 Disparate treatment I Defendants rebuttal reasonable factors other than age 0 Disparate Impact I Age as the determinative factor Know the Pregnancy Discrimination Act p 89 Figure 310 on page 90 may be useful slide 9 5th ed p 79 0 Prohibits discrimination on basis of pregnancy childbirth or related medical conditions 0 Medical pregnancy leave 0 Like any other medical condition I Time off I Medical benefit provisions 0 Law doesn t guarantee some job or any job I Most companies voluntarily adopt some job comparable job or some job policy Know the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA the definition of disability essential job functions reasonable accommodation undue hardship and the basic essence of GINA pp 84 amp 8688 slide 10 5th ed pp 7478 0 Disability 0 Any substantial limitation of a major life activity such as seeing speaking walking caring one oneself and working 0 Essential job functions 0 Disable but has the essential capability of completingperforming in the job Reasonable Accommodation without posing undue hardship how much It costs 0 Public transportation facilities must provide access 0 The company should comply if the changed in the ambient aren t very expensive 0 Basic Essence of GINA 0 Genetic information nondiscrimination act GINA 2008 o Employers may not hire fire promote based on genetic test results Know the general guidelines concerning US employment law and expatriate workers pp 90 amp 93 Figures 311 amp 312 on pp 9193 may be useful slide 11 5th ed p 80 0 Tittle VII ADEA ADA apply to 0 Business operations on US soil 0 American Citizens employed by US companies anyplace in world In general what future trends are expected in the EEO area pp 9394 slide 12 5th ed pp 8384 0 Equal Employment Opportunity 0 They don t need a client they might just see the situation and want to take legal actions 0 Can change arbitration decisions Chapter 4 Work Analysis Know what work analysis is and why it is an important activity pp 101103 and chapter 4 in general slide 2 5th ed p 91 0 Work Analysis 0 Process of systematically gathering information about work and the relationships among jobs 0 Major Steps I Start with customer requirements I Determine essential tasks behaviors duties I Determine KASOCs Chapter 4 Work Analysis Know what work analysis is and why it is an important activity pp 101103 and chapter 4 in general slide 2 5th ed p 91 0 Process of systematically gathering information about work and the relationships among jobs Know that KASOCs are the same as job specifications pp 102103 slide 2 Know the definitions of knowledge skill ability Please use your notes on slide 2 rather than the text definitions on p 102 5th ed p 92 Major steps 0 Start with customer requirements 0 Determine essential tasks behaviors duties 0 Determine KASOCs Traditional outcomes 0 Job descriptions content and scope 0 Job specifications KASOCs 0 Critical starting point Know the various sources and methods for collecting work information pp 108110 slides 35 5th ed pp 9799 Sources of information 0 Job incumbents Supervisors Trained job analysts Customers Peers 0 Subject matter experts SMEs Methods of collecting information text p 109 0 Observation 0000 Performing the job Interviews Critical Incidents Diaries Background record Questionnaires 000000 Observation Direct observation of job duties work sampling or observation of segments of job performance and indirect recording of activities Performing the job Actual performance of job duties by analyst Interviews Individual and group interviews with job incumbents supervisors subordinates clients or other knowledgeable sources Critical Incidents Descriptions of behavioral examples of exceptionally poor or good performance their consequences and the context in which they occur Diaries Descriptions of daily work activities recorded by incumbents Background Records Data mining review and analysis of relevant materials and date including organizational charts 0NET company training manuals organizational policies and procedure manuals existing job descriptions correlational studies relating work variables eg job speci cations to important outcomes Questionnaires Structured forms and activity checklists eg PAQ J DS MPDQ J CQ as well as openended or unstructured questions Know the formal work analysis approaches available to organizations pp 112133 slides 610 5th ed pp 101117 This means know generally how each one works and which ones work well for which purposes Don t worry so much about Competency Modeling the Job Diagnostic Survey specifics relating to Work Process Mapping or any techniques that we did not cover in class Position Analysis Questionnaire PAQ text pp 112116 Information Input Where and how does worker get the information used in performing the job Mental processes What reasoning decisionmaking planning and informationprocessing activities are involved in performing the job Work Output What physical activities does the worker perform and what tools or devices are used Relationships with other people What relationships with others are required in performing the job Job Context In what physical or social contexts is the work performed Other Job Characteristics What other activities conditions or characteristics are relevant to the job Management Position Description Questionnaire MPDQ text pp 116118 Creation of 0NET text pp 121123 0 worker requirements worker characteristics occupation requirements occupations specific occupational characteristics experience requirements Critical Incident Technique CIT text p 123 amp 127 o Qualitative approach to identify specific behavioral descriptors of work J ob Compatibility Questionnaire J CQ text pp 128129 0 Primarily job selection employee retention tool 0 Focuses on match between candidate and work 0 Particularly for lowwage hightumover jobs J ob Diagnostic Survey JDS text p 130 0 Job Characteristics model 0 5 core dimensions 0 Focus on structuring satisfying work Strategic Work Analysis text pp 132133 0 Predictive vs descriptive 0 Work Process Mapping 0 Systems perspective 0 Customized approach Indicate the degree to which you prefer Working alone all day Having different projects that challenge the intellect Staying physically active all day Being able to choose the order of my work tasks Working under the threat of danger Having to make public speeches Working under extreme pressures Know the ways that work analysis approaches differ from one another pp 110111 slide 11 5th ed pp 99101 Types of information collected 0 Taskoriented o Workeroriented o Traitoriented 0 Information on machines tools and work aids 0 Job context 0Form of WA information o Qualitative descriptive 0 Quantitative numerical Standardized vs nonstandardized Sources of information Know what researchers say concerning bias in work analysis p 134 slide 12 5th ed p 121 Do results differ based on 0 Which technique used 0 Who do we ask 0 Who does analysis 0 Etc Research results 0 Racial and gender effects Careful of evaluation committees o Trained analysts o Supervisors versus job incumbents J ob importance Tasks vs KASOCs More vs less experienced incumbents High vs low performers How should you choose the best approach for work analysis pp 135136 slide 13 5th ed p 122 What is desired end result 0 How will WA information specifically be used What resources do I have 0 Would multiple methods be useful What is the nature of the organization Chapter 5 HR Planning amp Recruitment Know what HR Planning is and why it is important p 140 slide 2 5th ed p 126 HR Planning the forecasting of HR needs in the context of strategic planning 0 Problemsolving process which closes gap between a current and a desired state Know the steps in HR Planning HRP and understand what they mean in case I paraphrase something pp 141159 Figure 52 on p 142 has good summary slides 35 5th ed pp 127144 Steps in HR planning 0External amp internal environmental scanning 0 Key strategic and customer issues Labor demand forecast Labor supply forecast Gap analysis Action programming 0Control and evaluation Forecasting HR Needs Demand for Labor Quantitative techniques 0 Trend analysis 0 Regression analysis Qualitative techniques 0 Centralized topdown vs decentralized bottoms up 0 Delphi technique 0 Nominal group technique Forecasting HR Availability Supply of Labor Internal supply 0 Skills inventories HRIS o Succession planning 0 Markov analysis 0External supply 0 Government reports 0 Immigration issues 0 The global labor force 9 Closing the Gap 1 Labor Surpluses 0 Internal Attrition Layoffs 0 External Reorganizing 0 Advance recruiting 2Labor Shortages 0 Alternative supplies of labor Parttimers Temporary workers Jobsharing Telecommuting Outsourcing Etc Know a working definition of recruitment p 140 slide 6 Recruitment searching for and attracting qualified job candidates in such numbers that the firm can select the most appropriate persons to fill its job needs Know the 4 essential tools for recruitment work analysis time lapse data yield ratios and realistic job previews RJPs pp 162164 slide 7 5th ed pp 147149 Work analysis 0 Identify critical behaviors outcomes 0 Identify specifications Time Lapse data 0 Lead time needed to implement plan Yield ratios 0 Number of applicants needed to actually fill job 0 Comparative efficiencyeffectiveness of sources Realistic Job Previews RJPs o Honest presentation 0 Telling not selling Know internal vs external recruitment sources types advantages and disadvantages pp 164177 Figure 511 may help on p 164 as might Figure 513 on p 169 notes on slides 89 5th ed pp 149160 Internal sources J ob posting HRIS inventories Promotions 0 Succession planning Transfers amp developmental moves Advantages Disadvantages External sources Walkin applicants Employee referrals Advertising Employment agencies Search firms School placement services campus recruiting Professional associations Electronic recruiting on the www see slide 9 Job boards aka job sites Corporate websites Other Sources 0Contingent workforce 0 Temporary parttime independent contractors etc What is an applicant 0 EEOC says Employer has taken action to fill a particular position Individual has followed employer s standard procedure for submitting an application Individual has indicated interest in a particular position ERecruiting holds great potential 0 Software tracking systems emerging virtual recruiters To date track record not all that impressive 0 Unless you re looking for programmers in some cutting edge technology you re kind of out of luck 0 Resume overload 0 Artificial intelligence systems help considerably 0 But does it facilitate the faster hiring of better people at relatively low costs Still to be determined


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