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Test 2

by: Courtney Notetaker
Courtney Notetaker
GPA 3.29
Greek and Roman Mythology
Kirk Summers

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About this Document

Study this and You will get an A
Greek and Roman Mythology
Kirk Summers
Study Guide
University of alabama Kirk summer greek and roman mythology
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Courtney Notetaker on Monday February 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CL 222 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Kirk Summers in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 534 views.


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Date Created: 02/23/15
STUDY GUIDE FOR TEST TWO 1 What does the rooster represent in the cult of Demeter and Persephone The herald of the new dayafter the dark night The rooster heralds the coming light after the period of d mess After death the light comes back The day starts again 2 In the temple of Demeter initiates saw a dramatic reenactment What was being reenacted most likely There was some dramatic presentation of Demeter looking for her daughter gm of worship like we reenact the Christmas story 3 What was at the heart of the teachings of the mysteries of Demeter KEY Death is not final It continues There is something afterwards After this the fear of death is diminished and you come out happy and feeling glad because there is life after de 4 What happened when Demeter withdrew into her temple at Eleusis As the goddess of growth everything stopped growing 5 What could the people on the outside of the temple of Demeter see of the mysteries from their vantage point They couldn t see anything 6 What do the torches in the Demeter cult represent The torch represents the Mystery religion that revolved around her and her nghter Persephone We are in the d mess even though we are in the dark there is the icker of light going on git s not all dark it s not all final there is a we life down here 7 What principle of the universal order does the motherdaughter relationship exemplify Perfect expression of the life cycle Motherdaughter relationship Mother has the daughter and clings to her doesn t want to let her go At some point she must open up and let the girl go The girl is snatched away by the husband and dild to the mother If she does not die to the mother the life cycle ends 8 Why did Iambe exhibit lewd behavior in front of Demeter To cheer her up because she was very distraught about losing her daughter 9 What happened symbolically when Persephone ate the pomegranate of Hades She consummated her marriage to Hades and was thus bound to the Underworld gat least 4 months out of the yearL 10 What were the requirements to become an initiate into the Eleusinian Mysteries 1 Had to be able to speg Greek Some of the ceremony would be spoken in Greek and so if these people wanted to know the mysteries they had to be able 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 to speak Greek 12 Could not have ever shed humgn blood no bloodshed To be initglted into mystery of life could not have taken a life What task did Demeter give to Triptolemus To spread the knowledge of agriculture throughout the world Why was Demeter roasting the baby of the queen of Eleusis in the hearth fire She then puts him in the replace to cook him gBurn off his mortal parts to leave him with immortality Who told Demeter where her daughter had been taken Helios Why were the initiates of the Eleusinian mysteries called mystes Words beginning with mu or my deal with keeping their mouths shut and so they were called mystes because what they saw was a mystery and they had Meep their mouths shut Why do underworld divinities appreciate receiving pigs as sacrifices Pe0pleGods who live in the Underworld desire blood because it spegs to the world abovebecause it s full of life What is special about kykeon and its ingredient ergot Kykeon A very special drink grain drink of barley basically beer Consistently the grain that came out of Greece in this period had a particular Quality to it Had a bacteria ergot associated with it Ergot isthe main ingredient in LSD Kore is another name of Persephone It means what Daughter Who awarded Persephone to Hades to be his bride M In what activity was Persephone engaged when she was snatched away and what does that activity represent 20 Persephone is picking owers owerg hering festiials This represents the girlgsz getting married In her case at the lifegiving potentilll of the young girl she is plucked up and married to de Lh Who is Sappho and what did she say about Aphrodite Sappho of Lesbos isa lesbian poet who writes to Aphrodite for aid in her time of desDerate emotion love hoping Mt she will get the lover to seek her 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 ppho in return Of Aphrodite she calls her daughter of Zeus and weaver of ruses She calls her Queen and spe gs of her sparrow drawn chariot She speaks of her Aphrodite as if she has helped her Sappho before Etc What kind of creatures pulls the chariot of Aphrodite Sparrows What is Pygmalion famous for He isilmous for sculpting an ivorv woman because he didn t want any of the prostitutes around him and mprrving her after Aphrodite turnsither into a human Why was Aphrodite fond of Cyprus Cyprus is where she was reared by the Horae HoursSeasons and taught the art of love and voluptuousness seduction essentially How did Aphrodite punish Myrrha The leher Theias has a mistress and Aphrodite switches the mistress with the girl lughter Myrrha 12 times and impregnates her In what form was Myrrha when she produced Adonis She was a mvrrh tree that splits open Why did women of ancient Greece plant seeds in shallow trays in honor of Adonis To celebrate the beautiful Adonis as a dving god of vegetation the women of ancient Greece particularly the region of Adonip would plant seeds in a shallow tray adding warm water to make the seeds develop auiclgL What body part most reminds you of Priapus His giant phpllus penis Why did ancients wear Priapus images around their necks Evil spirits are frightened by loud noises but also afraid of things with sexual energy like the erect phpllus full of procreative materialSo people would we l images of Prippus around their necls to ward off evil spiritsevil eve In the Priapus painting from Pompeii that we saw in class what was Priapus doing Priapus is weighing his penis on a scale to see how much larger it is than the donkey s Why does Priapus want donkeys sacrificed to himself One day an ass was going about saving that he had a bigger phallus Priapus beats the ass and kills it and dempnded thereafter that asses be sacrificed to him Other story is because a Donlev woke up a girl npmed Lotis that Priapus was trying to rape 31 What came of the relationship between Aphrodite and the Trojan Anchises The result wz he birth of Aeneas Troign hero and eventually the father of the Roman race 32 Why is Dionysus called twiceborn Epithet for Dionvsus that he was born twice once from his mother and then gggin from Zeus s thigh following Zeus s putting him there after saving him from his burning mother 33 What did Dionysus do to the pirates who kidnaped him He mgde wild bewppear on board including pz hers lions bears The captain was eaten by a lion while the rest of the sailors iumped into the sea but then Dionvsus turned them into dolphins which remgin somewhg humanlike 34 Who taught Dionysus the rites by which he was worshiped Cybele 35 What did the Sileni look like They were drunks bald and fat with thick lips and squat noses and the ears gnd tail of a horse Thev are also verv hairy 36 In what activity are the Maenads most often engaged in art What was the thyrsus that they hold The Maenads nvmnhs who once nursed Dionvsus on Mt sta are often dancing and twirling the thyrsus as they howl and follow Dionvsus The thyrsus is a kind of baton with a snake wrapped around it and a pinecone at the ton that represents and is essentiallv the mgle Dhgllus 37 Why is Dionysus called Bromius Bromius means thundering He is called this because worship of him is riotous and an orgiastic uproar His worship is raucous LOUD 38 What does sparagmos mean in the cult of Dionysus Sparagmos refers to the tearing apartrending of the animal Don t lose sight that the animal is Dionysus being ripped apart just like when he was a kid 39 In the City Dionysia the Dionysiac festival at Athens what public event took place in honor of the god Dramas nerformgnces of tra2edies and comedies in honor of Dionvsus also drunlen crossdressed men D dinE about the streets and decorated ph lluses being escorted through the streets on wagons 40 In what forms does Dionysus appear as the irrepressible life force He s a phallus he s the vital sap gThese things are the things that produce viiditv He isthe irrepressible life force Semen in the phallus sap in the pgmt and Liquid fire in the grarg 41 How did worshipers achieve communion with Dionysus Thev would essentially get high and somewhere during the middle of their high an animal would be released and thev would tear the animal apart gmuch mm Hera did to baby Dionvsus and then e he rippedapart animal gomophagia By doing so thev are t dng in the vital force of the God so that they can commune with the God 42 What modern festival directly descends from the Dionysiac cult the Carnival 43 What was the psychological effect of the rites of Dionysus Things are bizarre and grotesque there are role reversals people laugh and congregate together and lots of people get high in a stupor 44 How did the people of Dionysus hometown Thebes receive him when he returned Thev ignore his rites and call his mother a whore 45 What psychological problem does Pentheus have that Dionysus plays on Hint On the course web page you should read the summary of Euripides Bacchae under lecture 10 and view the slide show that accompanies it He s hvnersexual he wants to see the nged women on the hill 46 What do the women do to Pentheus at the end of Euripides play R39p him apart tear him to shreds 47 Why is Apollo called Smintheus He is called Smintheus Apollo because he isthe one who can bring plagues and take them away 48 How is Apollo connected to dolphins and wolves Wolves tglvel in p s dolphins travel together Dolphin nd wolves E social animals and Apollo isa social god Therefore he is connected to them because they are all social beings 49 What sorts of things does Apollo have control over Sun god Archer god farshootjng Apollo God of Reason Smintheus Apollo Mouse god God of Medicine Epilourious helper in times of trouble ally Ester God of Music and Poetrv God of Perpetual Youth and God of Prophecy He is also the leader of the Muses 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 What does the Sibyl resemble when she gives responses from Apollo s oracle She resembles someone who is possessed by a demon or according to Vergil like a wild horse trving to throw a rider What does loxian mean Loxian means ambiguous Loxign Apollo refers to the ambiguous answers that the Sibvl gave eg to the King wishing to expand his territory If you cross such and such river a might armv will fall When Apollo is represented as a kouros how does he appear Has everything that a man has and is ready to become anadult Knows how to ght knows about music hpndsome smprt reason civilized behavior etc Kouros is what Greeks wanted their sons to be Kouros statues are statues of young men smile on their face head held high standing erect rst held out Why did Zeus strike down Asclepius When Artemis appealed to Asclepius to revive Hippolvtus from the dead he did Zeus was enraged that Ascelpius was defying the laws of nature and bringing people back from the dead so he struck him down What did Apollo kill to capture Delphi the Python geither a dragon or a snake Why did Marpessa choose Idas over Apollo Because Apollo would be perpetually young and she wanted someone like Idas to be able to grow old with her What was the curse of Cassandra She would always be able to predict the future but no one would ever believe m What do the cults of Cybele and Dionysus have in common Both promote ecstatic behpvior iust behpving crazy What does the turreted crown of Cybele represent according to Lucretius On t0p of her hem turreted crown Ms her crown looks like a castle She lives on a mountain which provides n l protection She isa protectress According to Lucretius thev surrounded her head with a turreted crown because the e h fortj ed in chosen places upholds cities What does Attis do in the poem of Catullus that makes him an outcast from civilized society He cuts his genitals off with a sharp int 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 What restriction did the Roman put on their citizens concerning the cult of Cybele No Roman citizen could participate in an official role within the cult of Cybele during the Republican period In What form did Cybele come to Rome She came to Rome as a black stone a rough iaEged meteorite received probably in the face of a big statue What is the main point or lesson conveyed in the Cybele cult Death precedes life There is salvation and it can be achieved by communing and knowing Cybele What are the major symbols of fertility used in the Cybele cult Pomegranates and pine trees What survived as a token of life after Attis died Attis s body would not decay his hair would continue to grow and he could move his little finger What is a tympanum w What does Magna Mater mean Grth Mother great nature goddess of ancient Phrygia in Asia Minor counterpart of Greek Rhea and Roman Ops What socially marginalized group was drawn to the priesthood of Cybele Transsexuals What was the taurobolium and Why was it performed The most famous rite of Magna Mater introduced by the Romans wg the taurobolium the initiation ceremony in which acandidate toolgheir Dl in a pit beneath a wooden oor A bull wwcrificed on the wooden floor so Mhe blood would run through gaps in the slwnd drench the initlllte in a symbolic shower of blood This act was thought to cleanse an initlllte of sin a well as signify a 39rebirth39 and reenergisation What were the priests of Cybele called M In Rome images of Attis were tied to a particular kind of tree and buried What kind of tree was preferred Either pine or almond tree I m going to go with pine tree SLIDES 71 Find the relief image of Demeter and Persephone standing next to Triptolemus What were they holding over his head that is now missing Probably wheat 72 Find the vase image of Apollo holding a pig What is he doing with it Holding it over Orestes head in preparation to purify him by slitting the pig s throat and allowing the blood to ow over him 73 Find the image of the followers of Dionysus and note what they look like Silenoi Half men half 20ats with the huge phpllus The Maenads and Dionvsus both wear ivv wre s in their hair richlv decorated clothes and one holds the skin of a panther thrown around 74 If you see an image of the Maenad she is likely doing what She s lilelv dancing and holdingltwirling a thvrsus phallus 75 Find the image of Pan trying to embrace a naked lady Who is the naked lady Aphrodite 76 Find the image of Cybele with a male consort next to her Who is he Attis 77 If Apollo is holding a plant in his hand what kind of plant would it be Laurel leafbranchpalm 78 Find an image of Dionysus dressed up in girls clothing Stare at it Remember it THERE ARE MANY 79 What does Hecate most often hold in her hands in images of her Torchgesz 80 Find the picture of Dionysus riding on the boat Identify the objects in the image He sails followed by dolphins A breeze lls the sail which is laden by a vine full of grapes DELPHI 81 What goddess has a rounded tholos temple on the approach to Delphi m 82 Who received a notice that the oracle of Delphi was out of business Ilulian the Apostate 83 What object besides a laurel branch did the Sibyl hold in her hand while prophesying Patera 84 There is a famous bronze statue from Delphi that shows a man engaged in some sort of outdoor activity What was he doing He is driving a chariot in a race he won 85 Which of these types of buildings or structures would you NOT find at Delphi a treasuries b oracle c theater e stoa


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