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Psych of Sex Exam 1 Guide

by: Lucas Reller

Psych of Sex Exam 1 Guide PSYCH 210

Marketplace > University of Washington > Psychlogy > PSYCH 210 > Psych of Sex Exam 1 Guide
Lucas Reller
GPA 3.3
Human Sexuality

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About this Document

Comprehensive study guide for the first exam in McDermott's Human Sexuality class.
Human Sexuality
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lucas Reller on Monday February 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSYCH 210 at University of Washington taught by McDermott in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 283 views. For similar materials see Human Sexuality in Psychlogy at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 02/23/15
Psychology of Sexuality Exam 1 Review 1 Global Perspective of human sexuality a RepressiveAbstinent i Denial of sexuality ii Prohibit all forms of sex aside from that which is necessary for procreation iii Sex is associated with guilt fear and anger iv Common throughout Europe but are extremely rare on other continents b RestrictiveChaste i Limitations of sexuality ii Premarital chastity is required of at least one of the sexes iii Ambivalent about sex the pursue it but not without reservation iv Sex is feared through the problems it can create v This is dominant among civilizations but a minority in primitive cultures c PermissiveActive i Tolerance of sexuality ii Premarital sex is normal iii Concern about what types of sexual behaviors are appropriate iv Rare in Europe but common in Africa Asia and the Americas d SupportiveExpressive i Cultivation of sexuality ii Early sexual experience is a necessary part of proper social and biological maturation iii Sex is encouraged by parent generation iv Sexual pleasure is both highly valued and psotively demanded by both sexes v Lack of sexual gratification is considered intolerable and it is sufficenet grounds for terminating any sexual relationship including marriage vi Common in Africa Southern Asia and Oceania 2 Typesreasons to have sex a Procreational Continuation of family line b Relational Social and personal bonding c Recreational Physical emotional pleasure d Spiritual Transcendence enlightenment 3 Bonobo a Society is femalecentered and egalitarian and as one that substitutes sex for aggression b Males are dominated over females as the females reign supremely and often brutally even though the females are smaller c Bonobos engage in sex in virtually every partner combination d Despite frequency of sex the bonobo s rate of reproduction in the wild is about the same as that of the chimpanzee e Bonobo shares 98 of our genetic makeup f Diets largely consist of fruit and little animal protein g Sex is key to the social life of the bonobo h Anything that arouses the interest of more than one bonobo at a time tends to result in sexual contact i Bonobo sex often occurs in aggressive contexts totally unrelated to food 4 Purification Pharaonic circumcision Sudanese society prides itself in the severity and quotpropernessquot of its extreme practices Without a circumcision a girl cannot marry Performed at the ages of 4 to 8 regardless of family s social standing circumcision serves as purification by removing clitoris and inner labia the source of irresistible temptation e the process is considered necessary and it is believed to reduce sex drive as well as sexual sensitivity f day of circumcision is considered the most important day in a girl s life g 6 divorce rate of the circumcised and less than 1 in the noncircumcised h Old women who have gone through the process are its greatest defenders Inis Baeg a Strict gender segregation throughout the lifespan b Marriages arranged Biak a Roles i Preadolescent and adolescent boys in sex segregated dormitories i girls sleep in homes of widows iii institutionalized male homosexuality iv premarital heterosexual sex sanctioned v males must marry someone of same age Marind Anim a early childhood sex play freely accepted for both boys amp girls b boys move into gotad at age 10 amp engage in same sex sexual activity with peers and godfather until marriage institutionalized homosexuality c girls assigned godmother d Upon marriage first sexual intercourse is fertility ritual involving all male members of husband s family and bride Yolng borigines a marriage is arranged by mothers b eldest son betrothed to all daughters or promise girls c levirate system wives marry husband s brother Pilaga Indians a no taboos against sexual behavior between agemates during childhood amp adolescence b children of different genders commonly sleep with one another c d goo9 juvenile sexual behavior includes both sameand othergender females play dominant role in choosing sexual partners matrilocal culture e serial monogamy 10 a no sex taboos b by the time children are 34 yo s they re already familiar with basic facts of sexual behavior and by the time they re twice that age they begin to spend more time in the ghotul both girls and boys c Enjoyment of sex in private without interference from children is one of the supreme pleasures of married life d Sex is openly accepted as normal and natural Children of 3 or 4 are familiar with the basic facts of sexual behavior f Ghotul is compound where children have arbitrary sex partners which rotates every night Most Inis Bae Batak 7 Pilaga Most erotophobic g quot Indians erotophilic Most Abstinent chaste erotophobic repressive restrictive 11 12 13 14 15 This custom makes it impossible for children to form permanent emotional attachments to their sexual partners which would interfere with carefully laid marriage plans of the older generation When a ghotul girl becomes pregnant marriage was hastily arranged either to her ghotul lover or to her legally betrothed No permanent stigma is applied to the offspring or to the marriage itself Most revered deity created the ghotul Lingo Pen Have a divorce rate of 3 expressive Most supportive erotophilic Matrilocal Women with marriage partners and unmarried sons reside together Gotad House Marind Anim boys move into at age 10 Ghotul Sacred compound where Muria children explorematurelearn about themselves sexually Male s Structures Female s Structures Testes Ovaries Scrotal Sac Labia Majora Penile Shaft Labia Minora Glans Clitoris Cowper s Gland Bartholin s Gland Prostate Skene s Gland Male Anatomy a seminiferous tubules sperm production b interstitial cells hormone production c epididymis sperm maturestorage d vas deferens moves sperm to ejaculatory duct e seminal vesicles energy for motility of sperm and secrete a fluid that activates the motility of sperm f prostate coagulation of ejaculate viability of sperm g ejaculatory duct collects fluids to form ejaculate h bulbourethral gland secretes preejaculate i scrotal sac temperature regulation j luteinizing hormone LH production of sex steroids in the gonads k follicle stimulating hormone FSH stimulate sperm production in seminiferous tubules l seminal fluid makes up 70 of volume and provides energy of sperm m prostatic fluid makes up 30 of volume and produces alkaline fluid n corpus spongigosum responsible for enlargement men female 0 corpora canernosa organ that hardens and changes the angle of elevation menfemale 16 Penile disorders a Phimosis constriction of foreskin b Peyronies unusual curvature of erection c Priaprism extended erection 4 hrs 17 Female Anatomy a Oviducts fallopian tubes location of fertilization b Uterus i endometrium implantation menstruation ii myometrium prostaglandins cause contractions Gspot G rafenberg spot anterior wall of vagina Paraurethral Skene s gland prostate Clitoris only function is pleasure Mons pad of fat over pubic bone with pubic hair Hymen flexible membrane with perforation Cervix entrance to the uterus location of the glands that produce muscin fertile mucus Puboccygus muscle strengthened through Kegel exercises in both males and females 18 Female fertility a Fertility is at its highest when her cervical os is soft and open quot39lt 39 fgt9o Destructive Follicular Phase Phase oSurge of LH 0P amp E are low Rise in E Premenstrual Ovulation Phase Late LUteal o E reaches set Phase point p amp E dedines oFollicle ruptures PMS Ocervix softens Luteal Phase 0P amp E release 19 Phases of the sexual response cycle a Excitement phase Genital PSNS tone amp vasocongestion i Ballooning response expansion and lengthening of the upper vagina in the excitement phase b Plateau phase Maintenance of PSNS genital tone amp widespread myotonia amp release of pre ejaculate c Orgasm phase SNS tone amp rhythmic contractions in pelvic floor muscles d Resolution phase Return to PSNS amp reversal of vasocongestion e Visceral vs genital i Visceral has a refractory period no orgasm can occur and with genital multiple orgasms can occur Desue Phase Resolution Phase Exchen1ent Phase Plateau Phase 20 Disorders of desire a b Hypoactive desire absence of desire Hyperactive desire sexual addiction or compulsive sexual behavior 21 Female sexual dysfunction a b c d Dyspareunia pelvicvaginal pain during sex Vaginismus painful spasms of PC muscle Anorgasmia never consciously experienced orgasm Situational anorgasmia experience orgasm in some situations 22 Male sexual dysfunction a b c d Global erectile disorder no erection during sleep or waking Situational erectile disorder erection in some situations Ejaculatory control disorder failure to control timing of ejaculation Delayedinhibited ejaculation failure to terminate arousal with ejaculation 23 24 25 26 27 28 Central NS IVIemoriesplansemotionsfantasies Peripheral NS Somatic NS PSNS Genital Visceral turning on Sensory Contracti ons Lesion borne STIs a HPV genital warts or cervical cancer cauliflowerlike b HSV blister cold sore eye infection meningitisneurogical c Syphilis chancre rash heartlungbrain damage death Fluid borne STIs a Gonorrhea infertility meningitis endocarditis dementia death b Chlamydia silent disease infertility blindness i Can be transmitted sexually without body fluids ii Trachomatis common type of chlamydia c HIV chronic flulike symptoms weight loss fever night sweats fatigue pneumonia tuberculosis meningitis wasting dementia cancers d Hepatitis B C HBV HCV liver cancer death late sxs jaundice Bacterial STIs a Gonorrhea b Chlamydia c Syphilis Viral STIs cannot be cured with medication a HPV b HSV c HIV d HepB C Preventionvaccines a HepA B available b HPV available c Chlamydia clinical trials d HSV clinical trials e HIV in development Testing for STIs Autonomic NS SNS Emerg Blood urine tests Examine cells in smears Early testing may yield false negatives Tests need to be requested e Pap test is only for HPV 29 VENIS Very Erotic NonInsertive Sex 30 Prevention a Condoms i Fluid borne STs 9095 protection ii Lesion borne STs 0100 protection iii Erotophobia failure to use condoms b Microbicides kill specific ST microbes c Spermicides no longer recommended for ST protection 31 Variationparaphilic a Defining criteria i Obsession compulsion ii Degree of reliance as sexual outlet iii Lack of consenting human partner iv Physical psychological harm to self or other v Social legal consequences vi Unhappy disordered life vii Number of participants doesn t matter 32 Transcendental sex a Tantra i Seven chakras 1 Material desire to acquire and possess located at the base of the spine 2 Located in the genital area 3 Power issues and influences the digestive system Located behind the navel 4 Governs respiration and is considered the energy source of intimate connection located near the heart 5 Contains the drive to communicate as well as the spiritual drivelocated at the throat 6 Generate intellect located between the eyebrows and back part of the brain 7 Energy beyond ourselves located at the crown of the head ii Kundalini erotic energy life force b Erotic power exchange i Mutual erotic pleasure from their respective roles ii Humilityconsensual iii Painful sensations not harm iv Ecstatic state c Erotic powerenergy exchange i Sadomasochism SM physical pain ii Dominancesubmission DS emotional control d Erotic power play i Safe playhonestethical goo9 33 Sex market a Female b Male 34 Laws On street hookers Off street masseuse dancer stripper escort brothel girl phoneonline Elite off street call girls mistress On street hustlers Off street escorts dancers masseurs Elite off street boy toy golden boy a Lawrence v Texas Repealed laws of sodomy Based on the principle that these laws violated a person s human dignity


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