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Exam #2 Study Guide

by: Jonathan Spores

Exam #2 Study Guide Music 262

Jonathan Spores
GPA 3.1
Music 262 Rock Music: History and Social Analysis
Brian Carter

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About this Document

Hopefully this helps you on the test this weekend!
Music 262 Rock Music: History and Social Analysis
Brian Carter
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jonathan Spores on Monday February 23, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Music 262 at Washington State University taught by Brian Carter in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 162 views. For similar materials see Music 262 Rock Music: History and Social Analysis in Music at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 02/23/15
Music 262 History of Rock and Roll Study Guide for Exam 2 Answers are at the bottom 1 What great songwriting duo from the 1950 s is credited for being the first two white RampB composers 2 What city was known as the most successful teen idol machinequot Hint the music TV Show called American Bandstand aired out of this city 3 What 1950 s band was rivaled by Fat s Domino and known as the ink spots of the rock eraquot 4 Which type of musical groups emerged in the 1960 s and consisted of multiple young black women whose success was typically attributed to the producer 5 Which 1960 s Memphis soul artist became Atlantic Records best selling southern soul artist with bar hits like In the Midnight Hourquot Hint His nickname was the word quotwickedquot followed by his last name 6 Which girl group band performed the hit The Leader of the Packquot which basically tells the story of Romeo and Juliet Hint They were the last popular girl group band 7 Which 1950 s style of music saw many one hit wonders come and go Hint The Platters The Coasters and The Drifters played this style of music 8 Which 1960 s couple wrote the song Will You Love Me Tomorrowquot which was performed by The Shirelles Hint Wrote songs about teen romance against urban settings 9 Who is known for committing the quotPayolaquot scandal and also taking the fall for disk jockeys everywhere Hint Payola is bribery of an in uential person in exchange for the promotion of a product service 10 Which 1960 s surf music band has hits like Walk Don t Runquot and Perfidia Hint This was a Seattle based band that didn t start out in the surf music genre 11 Which 1960 s American family surf band was often compared to The Beatles Hint Music had listeners picture a beach setting with Hotrods and California girls 12 Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys declared which album to be his masterpiece Hint He was fueled by The Beatles album Rubber Soulquot 13 After the black girl groups of the 1960 s many white groups emerged as one hit wonders as well making songs about what Hint Think teen romance and who is singing this 14 Who is the king of surf guitarquot who was produced by the public in Southern California Hint Never had a big hit but was locally a star He was a lefty who used an inverted righty guitar 15 Which smash hit song about a bartender by the Kingsmen went under investigation by the FBI who eventually deemed the lyrics as incomprehensible at any speedquot 16 1960 s surf music lacked vocals in most songs but made up for it by experimenting with sounds from which instrument in particular 17 Which doowop sensation of the mid 1950 s could be considered the ipside of The Platters Hint this band featured a 13 yearold singer 18 Which group of high school students from New Jersey became one of the most successful girl groups of the early 1960 s Hint They patterned themselves after The Chantels 19 Which Memphis soul artist was popular in the black community before he tragically died in a plane crash in 1967 20 Which famous 1960 s surf music band composed the song Wipeout in 1963 21 Who was the Beach Boys quiet genius that was determined to top The Beatles with his musical talent Hint he was very introverted and moody person who didn t so much enjoy performing live Answers 1 Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller 2 Philadelphia 3 The Platters 4 Girl Groups 5 Wilson Pickett 6 The ShangriLas 7 DooWop 8 Gerry Goffin and Carole King 9 Alan Freed 10 The Ventures 11 The Beach Boys 12 Pet Sounds 13 The Boy 14 Dick Dale and the Deltones 15 Louie Louiequot 16 Guitar 17 The Teenagers 18 The Shirelles 19 Otis Redding 20 The Surfaris 21 Brian Wilson


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