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NIU - CHEM 0001 - Chem 211 Exam 3 Study Guide - Study Guide

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> > > > NIU - CHEM 0001 - Chem 211 Exam 3 Study Guide - Study Guide

NIU - CHEM 0001 - Chem 211 Exam 3 Study Guide - Study Guide

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background image Chem 211– Spring 2016 
Exam 3 Study Guide 
This is a list of concepts, terms, and topics with which you should be 
familiar.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all topics, just few 
important ideas to keep in mind. Also make sure to use the Connect Work 
Assignments/Learn Smart to help you study
Chapter 19 Term Buffer, Buffer Calculation and Common Ion Effect Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation: pH=pKa +log[A-]/[HA] Buffer Capacity, pH Range and Preparation of buffers
-relationship between Ka or Kb 
-Buffer pH
Acid-Base Titrations and Titration Curves Equilibria of Slightly Soluble Ionic Compounds, Ksp Calculating Ksp, Solubility and Predict formation of Precipitate  pH and Common Ion effect on Solubility  Chapter 20 Law of Thermodynamics 
-meanings and how to apply them 
Meanings of system, surrounding and universe Sign Conventions Spontaneous vs. Nonspontaneous processes  Entropy (S) perspective of microstates (S=k In W)  Entropy (S) perspective of change in heat (S=q/T) and reversibility  Standard Molar Entropies and Standard Entropies of Reaction Equation of Free Energy  Entropy and Reaction Spontaneity  Calculation of Delta Hrxn, Delta Srxn, and  Delta Grxn Free Energy and Equilibrium 
-Delta G=RT In Q/K
- Delta G= -RT In K

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School: Northern Illinois University
Department: Engineering
Course: General Chemisrty Labortory 2
Professor: Elizabeth Gaillard
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: Chemistry
Name: Chem 211 Exam 3 Study Guide
Description: Hello Everyone, Here is the Exam 3 Study Guide, some main points that you should know or familiarize with for the upcoming exam. Happy Studying
Uploaded: 04/22/2016
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