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Final Exam Study Guide

by: Sally Immel

Final Exam Study Guide EN210

Sally Immel
GPA 3.289
American Literature
Caroline Klocksiem

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About this Document

The Final Study guide for English 205 American Literature Caroline Klocksiem
American Literature
Caroline Klocksiem
Study Guide
Final Study guide en205 american literature klocksiem
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sally Immel on Wednesday February 25, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to EN210 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Caroline Klocksiem in Winter2014. Since its upload, it has received 92 views.


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Date Created: 02/25/15
Termstime periods ENGZlO Final Exam Klocksiem Fall 2014 1 short essay 5 short answer 20 multiple choice 1 0 passage identi cations lrony unexpected often the last thing the character expected to happen something they were working against happening 0 Situational lrony character s reaction vs how we would expect them to react We would expect Mrs Mallard to be grieving and in shock instead she thinks ofjoy o Dramatic irony we know what the character doesn t sister Mrs Mallard doesn t know about the accident 0 Verbal irony quotThe Joy that killsquot A play on words Symbolism an artistic and poetic movement or style using symbolic images and indirect suggestion to express mystical ideas emotions and states of mind It originated in late 19th century France and Belgium Epigraph quotation from a text that opens another text Dubois begins each section with lines from hymns Personi cation the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman or the representation of an abstract quality in human form Minimalism an avantgarde movement in music characterized by the repetition of very short phrases that change gradually producing a hypnotic effect Metaphor a gure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable Simile a gure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind used to make a description more emphatic or vivid eg as brave as a lion crazy like a fox Foil a character who contrasts with another character usually the protagonist in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character In some cases a subplot can be used as a foil to the main plot Hyperrealism not a whole lot of action minimalism Postmodernism after modernism 1945 present 0 Experimentation o Assassination ofJFK Nov 22 1963 o Gl Bill 0 Movements more organized solidi ed I Feminism I Paci sm reaction to Vietnam cultural revolution hippie movement reaction against war Civil Rights Movement Civil Rights Act LBG signed 0 Nuclear family changing idea of a family w divorce stabilitydisruption Stayathome mom 2 kids 1 dog Working husband 0 Homogeneity quotThe more cookiecutter you could be the better 0 quotGreat American Novelquot 0 quotDisduietind form of lyric explanationquot Poetry of Allen Ginsberg Sylvia Plath and John Berryman Touchy subjects 0 Unstable o Confessional poetry writer writes about themselves and doesn t hide behind a character Often battle addictions or cheat on their spouse 0 Unity diversity as ideal 0 Explore and test subjects limits possibilities of m as well 0 Deconstructionism quottaking something a partquot New way of viewing literature Destabilization o quotPrimitive bluesquot music was a form of literature for slaves couldn t read and write Harlem Renaissance 1920 s30 s distinctly American Movement 0 Gothicgrotesque AuthorsReadings William Faulkner 0 quotAs I Lay Dying Addie Bundren the wife of Anse Bundren and the matriarch of a poor southern family is very ill and is expected to die soon Her oldest son Cash puts all of his carpentry skills into preparing her coffin which he builds right in front of Addie s bedroom window Although Addie s health is failing rapidly two of her other sons Darl and Jewel leave town to make a delivery for the Bundrens neighbor Vernon Tull whose wife and two daughters have been tending to Addie Shortly after Darl and Jewel leave Addie dies The youngest Bundren child Vardaman associates his mother s death with that of a fish he caught and cleaned earlier that day With some help Cash completes the coffin just before dawn Vardaman is troubled by the fact that his mother is nailed shut inside a box and while the others sleep he bores holes in the lid two of which go through his mother s face Addie and Anse s daughter Dewey Dell whose recent sexual liaisons with a local farmhand named Lafe have left her pregnant is so overwhelmed by anxiety over her condition that she barely mourns her mother s death A funeral service is held on the following day where the women sing songs inside the Bundren house while the men stand outside on the porch talking to each other Darl who narrates much of this first section returns with Jewel a few days later and the presence of buzzards over their house lets them know their mother is dead On seeing this sign Darl sardonically reassures Jewel who is widely perceived as ungrateful and uncaring that he can be sure his beloved horse is not dead Addie has made Anse promise that she will be buried in the town of Jefferson and though this request is a far more complicated proposition than burying her at home Anse s sense of obligation combined with his desire to buy a set of false teeth compels him to fulfill Addie s dying wish Cash who has broken his leg on a job site helps the family lift the unbalanced coffin but it is Jewel who ends up manhandling it almost singlehandedly into the wagon Jewel refuses however to actually come in the wagon and follows the rest of the family riding on his horse which he bought when he was young by secretly working nights on a neighbor s land On the first night of their journey the Bundrens stay at the home of a generous local family who regards the Bundrens mission with skepticism Due to severe ooding the main bridges leading over the local river have been ooded or washed away and the Bundrens are forced to turn around and attempt a rivercrossing over a makeshift ford When a stray log upsets the wagon the coffin is knocked out Cash s broken leg is reinjured and the team of mules drowns Vernon Tull sees the wreck and helps Jewel rescue the coffin and the wagon from the river Together the family members and Tull search the riverbed for Cash s tool Cora Tull s wife remembers Addie s unchristian inclination to respect her son Jewel more than God Addie herself speaking either from her coffin or in a leap back in time to her deathbed recalls events from her life her loveless marriage to Anse her affair with the local minister Whitfield which led to Jewel s conception and the birth of her various children Whitfield recalls traveling to the Bundrens house to confess the affair to Anse and his eventual decision not to say anything after all A horse doctor sets Cash s broken leg while Cash faints from the pain without ever complaining Anse is able to purchase a new team of mules by mortgaging his farm equipment using money that he was saving for his false teeth and money that Cash was saving for a new gramophone and trading in Jewel s horse The family continues on its way In the town of Mottson residents react with horror to the stench coming from the Bundren wagon While the family is in town Dewey Dell tries to buy a drug that will abort her unwanted pregnancy but the pharmacist refuses to sell it to her and advises marriage instead With cement the family has purchased in town Darl creates a makeshift cast for Cash s broken leg which fits poorly and only increases Cash s pain The Bundrens then spend the night at a local farm owned by a man named Gillespie Darl who has been skeptical of their mission for some time burns down the Gillespie barn with the intention of incinerating the coffin and Addie s rotting corpse Jewel rescues the animals in the barn then risks his life to drag out Addie s coffin Darl lies on his mother s coffin and cries The next day the Bundrens arrive in Jefferson and bury Addie Rather than face a lawsuit for Darl s criminal barn burning the Bundrens claim that Darl is insane and give him to a pair of men who commit him to a Jackson mental institution Dewey Dell tries again to buy an abortion drug at the local pharmacy where a boy working behind the counter claims to be a doctor and tricks her into exchanging sexual services for what she soon realizes is not an actual abortion drug The following morning the children are greeted by their father who sports a new set of false teeth and with a mixture of shame and pride introduces them to his new bride a local woman he meets while borrowing shovels with which to bury Addie Setting Yoknapatawpha County MS 0 Farm cotton elds barn horses 0 Summer July 0 Land farm is on a hillmountain near a new road tension between rural vs town 0 Very poor going into town for 3 was a lot of money 0 1920 s written in the 305 Characters 0 Darl Bundren jewel Bundren thinks Cash is a showoff resourceful Cash cof n builder Addie Bundren quotMaquot mother she is dying Anse Bundren quotPaquot father doesn t do any work says he will die if he sweats 0 Vernon Tuls Cora called him quotMr Tullsquot Cora s husband neighbors with the Bundren s o Dewey DeI daughter only girl in the family with brothers pregnant Age 11 or 12 No sex education at all Vardaman sh youngest brother child Peabody Doctor Vard Calls him a quotfat son of a bitchquot because his mother was alive doctor came and then she was dead Themes 0 Death Key images symbols metaphors Why didn t Anse call the doctor sooner 0 Money 0 quotIf Anse says it s time to call a doctor then everbody knows it s too latequot he s lazy o quotIt was just one thing and then anotherquot Anse o A lot of animal metaphors in this section Buzzards lanes 0 quotPrimitive Blues and Primitive Jazzquot HO Jazz instruments trumpet harmonica guitar sax wood voice Slaves had to sing to get through their life their work quotSurrey with the Fringe On Topquot example would take predominantly white quotbroadwayquot showtunes and make them jazzy Langston Hughes 0 000000 0 Oppressed hopeful Passionate about quotmaking itquot quotTomorrowquot hope Straightforwardclear Repetition parallelism represented in sentence structure I America identity quotThe Negro Speaks Of Riversquot Culture quotI Tooquot Powerful selfcon dent o quotThe Weary Bluesquot Bold Sad tones but gets the point across 0 quotTheme for English Bquot 0 Claude McKay o Respective positive 0 Long emotional more disruptive 0 Strong quottoughquot paradox everything that America takes away makes him strong 0 Flow ABAB alternating rhyme scheme and then changes at the end uses this sonnet form to prove his intelligence quotThe Harlem Dancerquot 0 America Identity 0 o Hurston o quotHow It Feels To Be Colored Mequot 1928 Memoir Themes 0 Regional racial discrimination she didn t notice that she was colored until she went to school where she was marginalized 0 Pride strength con dence optimistic self identity 0 Environmental physical and cultural 0 Attitude o Ellison 0 FE quotInvisible Manquot Themes Visibility being seen or not 0 Responsibility it s the other people s fault that he is invisible they don t see him Violence Battle of Royale 0 Invited to give his speech how humility is the way to progress 0 White woman blind naked American Flag tattoo 0 Blindfolded young black man no choice but to be vioent o Flannery O39Conner 0 quotGood Country Peoplequot Irony o Joy s name changes to Hulga establishing own identity 0 She s angry not cheerful o Pessimistic 0 Mrs Hopewell has faith in not having faith quotHopequot 0 Positive Hopewell o Divorced 0 Name seems to be tting for her outlook on life cheerful None of her hopes come true Manly Pointer con artist Deceptive not as he seems Says he is a Bible salesman and then he steals Hulga s wooden leg and glasses play on vision quotdon t judge a book by it s coverquot Manipulative tells Hulga he loves her so she will show him her wooden leg Bibles that he has there are only 2 in his suitcase and it is hollowed out with whiskey in it liquor and cigarettes and cards objects hidden neatly in bible are all sinsvices o Cage 4 33 0 Elizabeth Bishop 0 Documents something from afar and then writes about it o quotThe Fishquot Metaphors 0 Like ancient wallpaper 0 Like feathers Roses peonies Ancient tarnished barnacles Fish gets away victory Colors many colors then says rainbow 0 Brown in the beginning 0 Color from oil and boats o quotIn the Waiting Roomquot 0 quotOne Artquot rhyme scheme Villanelle repeats words 0 Robert Lowell o quotSkunk Hourquot O For the Union Dead 0 john Berryman 0 Dream Songs Lyricism and persona alter egos Not 77 songs but 77 DREAM songs Character Henry is confused with what is real 0 Struggled with alcoholism Philip Levine O 0000 Narrative Work animals death angelsanimals Bluecollar working class demonstrations Power dynamics Why a Pig 0 Cute tails silly Animals Are Passing The Simple Truth AngelButcher HO What Work ls Raymond Carver O O O Hyperrealism not a whole lot of action Minimalism lmportant character development and the situations they re in Most of his stories read like preservation and are not positive end badly Cathedral was one of his only works that ended positively Cathedral We learn about the husband in the way he reacts to the blind man Why a cathedral 0 Looking vs seeing Preservation HO Draws attention to fridge breaking and not everyone can buy a new one Art Spiegelman 0 FE Maus Characters 0 Mause Jewish 0 Cat German Pigs Polish 0 Mala Vladek Anja Cat chases Mause Cat is the Nazi


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