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Midterm Study Guide

by: Mike Krumtinger

Midterm Study Guide 21461

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Mike Krumtinger
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

Midterm Study Guide for A100 - American Studies, all vocabulary with references and definitions.
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mike Krumtinger on Thursday February 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 21461 at Indiana University taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 208 views.


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Date Created: 02/26/15
American Studies A100 Midterm Study Guide 2015 quotredliningquot Categoricaly Unequal The American Strati cation System Ch 3 Douglas Massey denying people mortgages because of the race of their neighbors quotegalitarian capitalismquot Categoricaly Unequal The American Strati cation System Ch 2 Douglas Massey equality through social political economic affairs quotinvisible inequalityquot This refers to how incarcerated people are not included in data about unemployment and income making them invisible to the public mandatory minimum sentencing court decision setting where judicial discretion is limited by law Typically people convicted of certain crimes must be punished with at least a minimum number of years in prison social capital Categoricaly Unequal The American Strati cation System Ch 1 Douglas Massey a social connection to another person or membership in a social organization yields tangible bene ts with respect to material symbolic or emotional resources lnmaterial value of network or social network not economically measurable Rick Grimes Walking Dead primary protagonist small town sheriff s deputy who got shot and went into a coma woke up to zombies wife Lori and son Carl are missing De facto leader of a group of survivors followed closely by Carl Andrea Sophia Maggie Voting Rights Act 1965 af rmed black political rights and empowered federal authorities to intervene at the state level to guarantee them Consolidation of parameters when social parameters are consolidate when social economic and spatial characteristics correlate strongly with one another the process of strati cation becomes sharper and more acute George A Romero39s 1968 Night of the Living Dead US a nation coming apart because of leaders assassinated MLK JFK context of social unrest racism and poverty LBJ s abdication due to Vietnam crisis in Dem Party mounting Vietnam war protests demonstrations and riots at Dem National convention Nixon s law and order campaign and victory lssue how to connect real world of 1968 to fantasy world of zombie apocalypse Romero is pretty explicit about connections NOLD on white supremacy black equality mob violence Harry vs Ben con ict allegory of white racism and black resistance rational black leader vs hysterical white patriarch Ben s assassination by white mob NOLD on patriarchy and generation gap unhappy bickering Cooper family for GR a standin for white middleclass ideals responsible for 1968 social crisis NOLD on military and defense transparency in wartime military deception about cause of esheating epidemic for GR a standin for military deception about US efforts in Vietnam Race and social security Act the social security act was written to specially exclude African Americans from its bene ts For example the original act excluded agriculture and domestic workers which at that point were held buy mostly black people Carl Grimes Walking Dead normal and innocent child but the events forced him to grow up becomes colder and competently makes sometimes brash decisions for the good of his group of friends Normal boy before adapting a callous and cold personality to survive This behavior puts him into con ict with his father who desires to maintain Carl s morality However Carl sometimes has more morality that Rick does after some brutal encounters with survivors quotdouble stigmatizationquot Categoricaly Unequal The American Strati cation System Ch 3 Douglas Massey blacks being penalized for having a criminal record and also being black For example after incarceration blacks hourly wage is 10 percent lower then before where as whites wages are practically the same Bokor a sorcerer in the AfroHaitian voodoo religion They practice quotdark magicquot Land of the Dead as allegory US 2005 post911 nation in a global quotwar with terrorquot religiousethnic strife at home antiMuslim prejudice rising class inequality relative decline of working and middle class since 1968 new kinds of residential segregation suburban enclaves urban towers transformed immigration landscape legal amp illegal since 1965 immigration reform LOTD on quotwar with terrorquot bringing the war home who are the zombies On class inequality Fiddler s Green as the ultimate enclave on immigration and racial inequality Fiddler s Green and racial ethnic exclusivity revenge of the underclass they eat the rich literally very rich in gated community w capitalism 0 rich gt everyone workers workers meditation of equality SaintDomingue former French colony on Hispaniola Haitian slaves rebelled and earned their independence from France It was the only successful slave revolution quotcognitive miserquot Categoricaly Unequal The American Strati cation System Ch 1 Douglas Massey can do so many things soaking up energy too many shortcuts It is the evolved technique among humans for negotiating complex social settings Harry amp Helen Cooper Night ofthe Living Dead older than Tom and Judy but not their parents The quothistorical selfquot and the quotself selfquot historical self is 3rd person impersonal Self self is told from your perspective inside out Anthony johnson MMA ghter suspended from UFC because of domestic violence against the mother of his two children Four Women written amp performed by Nina Simone 1970 1 Aunt Sarah a slave an object a dehumanized piece of property silent suffering 2 Saffronia between whiteblack world s product of rape Not really subject 3 Sweet Thing quotmy mouth is like winequot sex workers selfs self as object 4 Peaches toughbitter Angry Anger as a progression toward subjecthood quotI feel most colored when I am thrown against a sharp white backgroundquot quotIt wasn39t a match I say It was a lessonquot A quote said by Zora Neale Hurston that talks about how black people are hypervisible because they are a minority in America Civil Rights Act 1964 68 82 91 Categoricaly Unequal The American Strati cation System Ch 3 Douglas Massey prohibited discrimination Africans still vastly poor consistently ranking in the lowest of low when it comes to socioeconomic indicators Caroline Wozniacki another female tennis player who imitated Serena Williams by stuffing her shirt and skirt with clothing to exaggerate her features Lyndon Johnson said quotNegro Poverty is not White Povertyquot Stereotype content model Categoricaly Unequal The American Strati cation System Ch 1 Douglas Massey two basic dimensions warmth and competence approaches social cognition by charting stereotypical judgments at the intersection of these two independent axes quotI Gave You Powerquot Nas from the perspective of a gun Andrea amp Amy The Walking Dead two characters sisters who lost father Amy bitten by walker and Andrea is forced to shoot her Cultural capital Categoricaly Unequal The American Strati cation System Ch 1 Douglas Massey intangible symbolic resources degrees languages high level knowledge and manners that permit people to be more effective as actors within a particular social context Morgan jones The Walking Dead The rst survivor Rick met in TWD who taught him about the epidemic Shot his zombieturned wife from his window Mariana Alves tennis umpire during Serena Williams line calling controversy Fair Housing Act 1968 forbade discrimination in the rental or sale of housing Agrarian urbanism Categoricaly Unequal The American Strati cation System Ch 1 Douglas Massey Massey notes four kinds of human societies relative access limited resources survivalcultivation of plants settled farming elite developed Clyde Ross Case for Reparations AfricanAmerican man who faced many challenges and suffered many losses like the others of his race during racial segregation TaNehisi Coates writes about him because he was able to speak with him and discuss his hardships which ranged from being forced to be a sharecropper to him not actually owning a home but being caught up in racist behavior of not offering blacks a mortgage Federal Housing Administration FHA started in 1934 the program like others was affirmative action for whites because white people were able to be backed by credit from a bank whereas blacks were not even eligible for FHA mortgage loans Rent through a government loan increase homeownership and to allow more people in the housing market to gain equty North Lawndale Case for Reparations located in the West side of Chicago According to Coates Chicago had the largest income gap and speci cally North Lawndale was a highly integrated place but today it is 92 black Homicide and infant mortality rates are higher than Chicago as a whole North Lawndale during the 19205 and 1930s was a primary location for white lenders to quotreally screw overquot blacks in the housing market quotStop and Friskquot poem Claudia Rankine actor observer effect Categoricaly Unequal The American Strati cation System Ch 1 Douglas Massey when you blame otherssystem when something bad happens or when something goes well and you attribute it to yourself Nannie jeter The House I Live In is a black woman who helped raise Eugene Jarecki when he was growing up She loved him as if he was her own child and he loved her too quotthe great Uturnquot Categoricaly Unequal The American Strati cation System Ch 2 Douglas Massey began in the 19705 inequalities in the distribution of material resources Reconstruction refers to the period in US history immediately following the Civil War in which the fed Gov t set the conditions that would allow the rebellious Southern states back into the Union Am Legend 1954 horror ction novel by Robert Matheson Film adaption in 1964 quotThe Last Man on Earthquot and loose lm adaption in 2007 quotI Am Legendquot with Will Smith Helped in the development of the Zombie genre by the concept of biologicalpathogenic spread of disease and there being only one man left on earth Zombi astral Haitian zombies enslavement zombies are a metaphor for slave Voodoo slave astral human soul that has been trapped by a black magic sorcererwitch sold as lucky charmsenhanced power quotNeoliberal restructuringquot Categoricaly Unequal The American Strati cation System Ch 2 Douglas Massey AntiDrug Abuse Act of 1986 law of the War on Drugs passed by Congress They changed the system of federal supervised release from a rehabilitative system into a punitive system Also prohibited controlled substance analogs The bill also enacted new mandatory minimum sentences for drugs including marijuana Metaphor vs allegory ex Orwell s Animal Farm ex Spielberg s E I intentional vs unintentional allegory Hollywood and the appeal of social aHego es E7Z as allegory Hollywood and the appeal of social allegories to represent Christ


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