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by: Susannah Foos


Marketplace > Pennsylvania State University > Communication > COMM 205 > COMM 205 Exam 3 STUDY GUIDE
Susannah Foos
Penn State
GPA 3.89

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About this Document

Is my study guide including notes from class, student lectures, and Chapters 16 and 17 from the book
Gender, Diversity and the Media
Prof. Renea Nichols
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Susannah Foos on Saturday April 23, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to COMM 205 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Prof. Renea Nichols in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Gender, Diversity and the Media in Communication at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 04/23/16
5 Pillars of Islam 1. Saying and believing in one god and that Muhammad is his prophet 2. Pray 5 times a day 3. Give money to the poor – 2.5% of income 4. Fasting during Ramadan 5. Pilgrimage to Mecca Muslim Student Association – on PSU campus Middle East music = glorify god & no materialism or sex, Middle Eastern Artists  Nancy Ajram – Lebanese Pop Singer  Assala Nasri – Syrian artist  Tamer Hosny- Egyptian pop artist Kpop Effect – plastic surgery for double eyelid, jaw reduction, nose jobs, etc. to look like Kpop stars Internet Hate  Ignorance  Backfire effect = when beliefs are challenged and they get stronger  Sexism = predjuidce, stereotyping or discrimination typically against women, on the basis of sex  Ohio case – 1 rape case with social media playing a big role Media Culture and Youth  Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge  Don’t Judge challenge  Skinner than a Piece of Paper  Cinnamon Challenge  Fire Challenge  Choking Challenge  Dumb challenges might happen because inhibitory fibers in brain not fully formed, bored, peer pressure Femininity and Masculinity  Feminine = dainty, tender, womanly  Masculine = jock, stud, brace  Women usually in fashion because in the household  Men seen as inept to fashion  Cross-over styles o Girls = flannel, baseball caps, timbs o Guys= skinny jeans, joggers, cardigans  Gender neutral / Unisex fashion o Selfridge remove clothing separation in stores o Yeezy Line by Kanye o Jaden Smith wearing female clothes Video Games and Gender st  1 videogame = Tennis for Two  Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) first family console  Ludicity = playfulness of video games  Theory that playing contemporary videogames is like reading a book  44% of gamers are female  56% of gamers are male  Female characters super sexualized o 1 was Tomb Raider o Samus – Metroid – winning game your prize is finding out Samus is a girl o Usually wearing bikinis  51% games have playable female characters  4% have featured female leads  Supporting characters, ally, sidekick, #1 role = damsel in distress  Men like strategy, action, fighting games  Women like social, puzzle, dance, education, entertainment games CHAPTER 16  Digital divide – mid 1990s where many communities had little or no internet access  PEW Internet Project – Tech for PoC, PoC are in some categories more connected than whites o Internet and broadband population = more diverse o Access to digital world is more through mobile o Access social networks, videos higher than whites o Blacks and Hispanics outpace whites with mobile devices  Digital Youth Project – encourages adults to find ways for young to engage with digital media because helps prepare them for real world  Digital Youth Network – after school programs mostly Black and Latino school curriculum and digital photo- video- audio- editing software tech to learn and become more involved in community  62 mil Americans do not use the internet st  21 cen digital divide = class issue not access issue o Usefulness o Price o Fear/knowledge = because lack of digital literacy  Programs focus on providing services o Low cost internet access o Access to computers through public facilities o Basic computer skills o Training to use internet to find jobs, research, enroll in classes   Connect Kentucky Computers 4 Kids – funded by AT&T  Connect Ohio – Morgan county, simpson library offer every citizen online program  Connected Tennessee’s computers 4 Kids- at risk kids in boys and girls club with computer training  Negatives of digital age = sexism, racism, hateful speech st  Digital age truly embodiment of democracy and 1 amendment  Laura Bates o Everyday sexism project o Captures daily incidents of gender equality  DOLLY – Digital Online Life and You o Open-source tool of geocoded tweets , tracking hateful and racists slurs on Twitter  Julius Hollis - The alliance for Digital Equality (ADE) , Learning WOW(without walls) provides teachers and students access to learning material via broadband internet access  E David Ellington - launted portal for content for and by blacks  Damien Dash- DME interactive, Inc , provide low cost refurbished computers with free internet access = closed  Barry Cooper – – first social network targeting blacks , reporter for the Orlando sentinel  Retha Hill - Washington Post reporter, BET interactive VP for content  Omar Wasow – create personal profile – before FB  Juan Villalonga - chairman of Telefonica, launched, Hispanic targeted search engine  Henry Louis ‘skip’ Gates – partner with Time warner to create = database on African American history  John Johnson – ebony  Bob Johnson – BET  Earl Graves – Black Enterprise  Ed Lewis – essence  Tom Joyner – – news to African americans  Donna Byrd – publisher of CHAPTER 17  Digital media tools – a sign that greater access to computers, the expansion of internet access via wifi, and the explosion of mobile usage is helping transform civic engagement  Civic engagement increase bc of these factors o Increase of access to internet and digital media translate to more AHANA o More user friendly, free, low cost websites to start blogs o Number of significant invents involving major social justice spur youth to use social media to get involved  2008 Hillary and Barack announce campaigns over YouTube  2012 pres election – social media bypassed traditional media to talk directly to supporters  Social media = pitfall bc of rapid nature, candidate have to be even more careful  Case study: video the vote  Election day 2012 voters used phones to capture videos of occurrence at poll location o Concern of voter fraud o Voting rights act of 1965 – outlawed laws that require black voters to pay a fee to vote or turned away because of skin  Bloggers post content in real time = difficult for traditional media to keep up  Eric Boehler’s Bloggers on the Bus wrote that the blogosphere woke up during the 2008 campaign  Major bloggers o – markos moulitsos zuniga o – john amato o – Duncan black o – jane hamsher o – arianna huffington o – allbritton communications  Financed by wealthy liberal investors o – joan blades and wes boyd o – james rucker  Liberal bloggers used digital media as platform to counter conservatives  Social media is merely a vehicle for social expression and not a driver for political participation  Social-media activism = low risk and highly networked but too unstructured to drive results  Traditional activists- college edu, attended polt’l rally active member of polt’l party, wealthy  Offline political communicators – college edu, wealthy, contacted gov’t official IN person  Online political communicators – college edu, wealthy, contacted gov’t official ONLINE  Political social network users – young adults, college edu, taken part in political activities on social network  Grassroots Activisim o Martin-Zimmerman Trial , rally = hoodies o Jena Six  Civic Paricipation and YouTube o Kony2012 – drive attention to Joseph Kony Ugandan leader kidnaping, torturing, killing kids – made him #1 most wanted man in the world  KONY 2012 debunked myths of clicktivism and slacktivism o Engage young people to share it extensively o Lure viewers to watch all 29 mins o Model for nonprofits and nongovernment orgs  KONY 2012 demonstrated that social media can drive political participation o Problem spelled out clearly o Emotional hook o Call to action = fun, exciting, clearly defined objectives, deadline o Include celebs = buzz o Provide followers with the tools to create event = feel empowered and connected to cause


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