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filibuster and media in politics

by: Bryanna Lipscy

filibuster and media in politics Pol S 114

Marketplace > Political Science > Pol S 114 > filibuster and media in politics
Bryanna Lipscy
University of Washington Tacoma
GPA 3.54
American politics
Ann Frost

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About this Document

along with the study guide also includes media in politics
American politics
Ann Frost
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Bryanna Lipscy on Friday February 27, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Pol S 114 at a university taught by Ann Frost in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 171 views.

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Date Created: 02/27/15
American politics 8 Filibusters a measure to prevent a vote on senate Cloture a call of time is us and a cote to ensue Many examples of libusters on state and federal levels Senator Ted Cruz reading green eggs and ham Texas Wendy Davis on abortion Media and politics Many say media is the fourth political institution Media put forth news owner of news could in uence public opinion CNNFox channels and stations reay information on events that have occurred determine what is relevant whatever gets money and ratings or viewers is what was reported difference between soft news weather sports and hard news breaking stories Standards of news what we perceive as ideal and what we want Based on facts multiple viewpoints Reliable source solutions to con ict Censored for the audience children in home Exclusive or live action want info as soon as possible Unbiased coverage inferences and predictions from experts lnside scoop quotwatchdogquot of government hold it accountable Reality of news what really happens Very biased prechosen based on ratings Some shows or channels express opinions Not completely accurate based on other sources in government Negative or juicy news con ict Development of media and the spread of information Development of choice in information you want to hear How consumers are impacted Media impact on politicians Manipulation of media Can make or break everything is captured Lies leaks controversy and tabloids Act to reign in the politicians Can give a big base of popularity Exposure of good and bad behavior Controlled interviews to save behavior Campaigning Vague Wide information spread of speeches PoHUcalads Media counter to ads on campaigning Not run the ads play opponents ads Disclaimers not supporting pose declined invites Not publicized Exam reviews and study guide American ideals 40 year slump reading Hard to get jobs Economic slump not enough money American dream Changed American exceptionalism Theory that US is unique in some way Ideals independence freedom individualism Violence unrest incarceration Outdated concept What americans don39t know about politics Reading Judicial branch Supreme court Political instiution Most concern with party that elected them Divisions and con ict Court vs president Court vs congress Striking down bills and combating con ict between the two How judges decide cases System vulnerability of politicians Article Always thinking about reeection Problems and xes Legislative default Congress relationship with the supreme court Court has too much power Minority veto power Legislative default Blame court and fail to act the aow blame to be passed to courts Idea of compromise vs gridlock Pros Make things happen Cons Government growing too big Instability System of government and constitution Media and politics fair game


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