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K201 Access Lecture Midterm Study Guide

by: Daniel Kahn

K201 Access Lecture Midterm Study Guide BUS-K201 Computers in Business

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Daniel Kahn
GPA 3.81

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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Daniel Kahn on Saturday February 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BUS-K201 Computers in Business at Indiana University taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 1106 views.

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Date Created: 02/28/15
K201 Access Lecture Midterm Lecture 1 0 Information Systems components data serves at the bridge between hardware and software and people and procedures 0 data hardware software procedures people most important OOOO You can39t buy information systems BUT You can buy hardware software data You can39t buy procedures or people 0 What makes data good 0 Timely Accurate Relevant Just barely sufficient Worth its costs 0 Timely example Mother Bear39s wants to send coupons to every new homeowner in Bloomington Timely in this example would mean data from the past year 0 Relevant context and subject Example do you need to know whether the new homeowners are involved in Little League Their income NO 0 Just Sufficient only the data you need to be able to send them coupons You need their current address not their address history for the past 20 years 0 Data IS NOT Information 0 data facts and gures example a chart displaying facts and gures 0 information derived from data by people 0 Database stores and keeps track of data a collection of integrated records tables and metadata integrated records tables that have relationships with one another think quotrelationshipsquot in Access 0 metadata tifpham Tiffany Mai Pham data about data Example in your Premiere database eld size is metadata because it tells you how long a piece of data is 0 Types of keys in databases 0 primary key a unique identi er that is listed ONCE in that table ex your IU username 0 foreign key primary key that is used in another table it can appear MORE THAN ONCE in that table 0 composite key primary key in another table primary key in another different table guo Xiao Long Guo access database management system 0 a collection of programssoftware that helps you modify and interpret data stored in a database 0 Help Lab 79 pm TuesdayThursday HH224 Lecture 2 0 Microsoft Access IS NOT a database Access is a Database Management System DBMS Database a collection of tables and database structures include tables relationship among rows and metadata Database Management System DBMS a program that used to modify data in database 0 Database Development Process 0 Step 1 Requirements what business users want their database to do what information they want and need access to most important because it saves time in the future You don39t need to redo everything 0 Step 2 Data Model sketch out requirements gather in previous stage this looks similar to the relationships view in your Access le 0 Step 3 Database Design translating the model you sketched out into a database 0 Entities and Relationships 0 Entity something that you want to track or that you want data about ex IU obviously wants data about students employees classes departments majors Entities have attributes ex IU what attributes are associated with students Entities have identi ers this is what gets translated into a primary key ex lU what s the identi er for students Relationships How entities are connected to one another ER Diagram Entityrelationship diagram how we represent entities attributes identi ers and relationships Cardinality the number of things something can be related to Maximum versus minimum cardinality Maximum is the max of things you can be related to and likewise for minimum OnetoMany OnetoOne ManytoMany Relationships 0 1N One advisor belongs to one department and one department has many advisors o NM one professor can have many students students can have many professors 0 11 Data Integrity 0 Example Fig 522 if you update one column of a table you might not update all necessary records Data Integrity data isn t correct Kelley changed quotInformation and Process Managementquot major changed to quotInformation Systemsquot but what if only half of students get updated Data integrity matters because it leads to incorrect and incomplete results Data redundancy is a serious problem because that s the only way data integrity issues can occurgt in one system you change the name of the major you think you re done but you re not Data Normalization o Normalization convert poorly structured tables into two or more wellstructured tables Lecture 3 Data mining article o httpwwwusatodaycomstorymoneybusiness2014020 3retailerstrackingcustomers5187223 Process of business intellegence Data sources example of social data can be data from Facebook 0 Acquire data from sources organizations need to make sure that data acquired is quotgoodquot data Perform analysis 0 Publish results both internal and external audiance can be the recipient One example of external audiance is consumer Push vs pull publishing one example of push publishing is noti cations pushed on your iphonesThis is a passive activity that is operational and usually automatic 0 0 Large organizations often store data in a data warehouse when performing data analytics to protect the organizational data from being compromised in the process Data marts are used for smaller amount of data Granularity of data 0 An example of customer data 0 Fine data is when Amazon stores not only customer name address but also clickstream data and so on Supervised data mining vs nonsupervised data mining supervised data mining regression analysis nonsupervised data mining decision trees similar to a ow chart cluster analysis 0 Lecture 4 0 Market Basket Analysis unsupervised data mining technique 0 Data Analysis currently a very lucrative career industry incorporates data analysis data mining using analysis tools IT security etc 0 Knowledge management 0 some systems are structured with ifthen parameters o with constantly changing information these systems expert systems were very clunky and became irrelevant quickly 0 companies started to move to content management systems 0 knowedge management is a part of business processes 0 social networking is a type of knowledge management 0 Competitive work environments typically have cultures where sharing high quality ideas is not welcomed o a negative effect of competitive work environments is that employees feel fearful of sharing information because they39re concerned about embarassing themselves 0 companies can use incentivebased systems to encourage collaboration 0 Publications 0 static and dynamic publishing static publishing xed at the time of publication cannot be changed once the publication is live printed report dynamic publishing a report that will change after it has been published based on new data data analysis sales too ie Tableau or SAP HANA Lecture 5 0 Count primary keys check total use criteria to limit results Cooperation people working together to achieve a common goal 0 Collaboration involves feedback and iteration Successful collaboration involves successful outcome satisfying experience Becoming informed is the fundamental purpose of collaboration Managing projects might be top priority but we can39t achieve our goals without being informed Operational decisions Day to day decisions Example short term scheduled decisions 0 Strategic decisions Example Do we open a new store Do we target new areas Managerial decisions How do we effectively utilize timemoney and allocate resources Structured and unstructured decisions There are set answers to structured decisions Example Everytime pizza dough supply becomes low we should call oursuppHeh Strategic decisions are close to being unstructured decisions Strategic decisions are more successful if it is collaborative rather than cooperative


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