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Z203 Unit 3 Notes

by: Sara Jay

Z203 Unit 3 Notes MUS-Z 203

Marketplace > Indiana University > Music > MUS-Z 203 > Z203 Unit 3 Notes
Sara Jay
GPA 3.8
History of Rock n Roll III
Andrew Hollinden

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About this Document

Z203 Unit 3 Notes
History of Rock n Roll III
Andrew Hollinden
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sara Jay on Saturday February 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MUS-Z 203 at Indiana University taught by Andrew Hollinden in Fall2015. Since its upload, it has received 258 views. For similar materials see History of Rock n Roll III in Music at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 02/28/15
2203 UNIT 3 Motown Records In 1959 Berry Gordy Jr founded Motown in Detroit Berry Gordy Jr The Sound of Young America no artistic freedom within Motown records Edwin Starr War was originally on a Temptations record just rerecorded by Edwin Starr went against main ideas of Motown records Marvin Gaye What s Going On his father shot him Stevie Wonder got artistic freedom eventually 1E Superstition uses clavinet wa der plays everything but horns Living For The City Isaac Hayes creative forces behind the memphis soul music label Stax Records where he was both an inhouse producer and songwriter Isaac scored the 1971 blaxploitation film Shaft Theme from Shaft Curtis Mayfield 195870 was leader of Chicago soulgroup The Impressions Freddie s Dead Mayfield scored the 1972 blaxploitation film Superfly Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff KG and LH were pioneers of Philadelphia Soul inhouse songwriting and production team for their Philadelphia International Records The O Jays Eddie Levert Walter Williams William Powell produced by gamble amp huff I For The Love Of Money 4 393 a cowritten and produced by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff quotquot 395 bass reverb going onoff backwards reverb on vocals Harold Melvin amp The Bluenotes Teddy Pendergrass lead vocalist The Love I Lost produced by Gamble Huff MFSB TSOP was written by Gamble amp Huff as the theme for Soul Train MFSB was a pool of more than 30 studio musicians based at Philadelphia s Sigma Sound Studios MOTOWN miscon al I LI39IS they worked closely with gamblehuff Thom Bell producerarranger Thom Bell musician songwriter arranger producer best known as one of the creators of Philadelphia Soul The Spinners Began at Motown didn39t have much success Thom Bell came around and they became one of the biggest soul groups of the 70s Games People Play produced by Thom Bell James Brown hit song Papa s got a brand new bag seminal to emergence of funk Emphasis on 1st beat on On The One Sex Machine was the 1st song with the new band The JBs featuring Bootsy Collins Sly amp The Family Stone Larry Graham baSS 5 quotFar Funkadelic Z t cl39sr George Clinton Parliament George Clinton s new band Bootsy Collins featured in this new band Parliament and Funkadelic wanted people to forget about their lives for a second Kool amp The Gang Robert Kool Bell bass Earth Wind amp Fire Maurice White Shing Star The Commodores Lionel Richie left to go solo in 1982 George Clinton Atomic Dog 101 US Pop 1RampB Herbie Hancock Rockit was first to feature scratching and other turn table techniques Donna Summer Love To Love You Baby 4OnTheFloor kick drum pattern Casablanca Records President Neil Bogart requested an extended version KC and the Sunshine Band Get Down Tonight Bee Gees Maurice Barry amp Robin Gibb Night Fever The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack stayed at 1 on album charts for 24 straight weeks Village People Jacques Morali producer YMCA Chic Good Times Michael Jackson Don t Stop Til You Get Enough produced by Quincy Jones Beat It guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen Thriller is the bestselling album of all time Produced by Quincy Jones Jackson was the first to break MTV s color barrier Lipps Inc Funkytown Rick James Super Freak Prince When You Were Mine When Doves Cry his 1st single Buggies Trevor Horn Geoff Downes Kraftwerk Computer World Linn LM1 1st drum machine to use samples of acoustic drums Human League Dont You Want Me 1st song to hit 1 with Linn LM1 IJ ABC 3 YEARS Produced by Trevor Horn Trevor Horn big 80s producer New Order Formed by members of Joy Division following the suicide of the vocalist Ian Curtis Blue Monday is best selling 12 single of all time Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Madonna Holiday House DJ Frankie Knuckles made house music JanetJackson Produced by Jimmy Tam amp Jerry Lewis New Jack Song Grated Reverb turns sound onoff Art of Noise Fairlight CM1 sampler customized samples based on digital sampler technology MARRS Every sound heard is a sample in Pump Up The Volume Derrick May Detroit Techno f Nude Photo Orb Little fluffy clouds genre of Ambient Noise The Wailers Bunny Wailer Bob Marley Peter Tosh SKA type of music in between the beats 9 years later REGGAE has double strike on guitar THE WAILERS Island Records Chris Blackwell President Get Up Stand Up Bob Marley amp The Wailers Burnin And Lootin War derived from a speech made by Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie l before the UN The Maytals Toots Hibbert lead vocals ROCK STEADY replaces SKA but still has emphasis in between the beats 5446 thats my number One Drop Rhythm Desmond Dekker amp The Aces Israelites U Roy DJ as recording artist Wake The Town Jimmy Cliff The Harder They Come Jamaican singer Jimmy Cliff starred in the film lThrees Rita Marley Marcia Griffiths Judy Mowatt replace bunny wailer and peter tosh for backups for Bob Marley Junior Murvin Police and Thieves Lee Scratch Perry producer cowriter Horace Andy DUB mixes of Horace Andy s album In The Light were done by Prince Jammy consists mainly of instrumental remixes of existing recordings manipulation and reshaping the recordings Black Uhuru Rocker s Rhythm Guess Who s Coming To Dinner Yellowman DANCEHALL is a genre of Jamaican popular music that originated in the late 1970s Mad Over Me Wayne Smith RAGGA Under Me Sleng Teng rhythm itself is a pattern found in the Casio MT4O home keyboard The Last Poets When The Revolution Comes spoken word early form of rapping Gil ScottHeron The Revolution Will Not Be Televised DJ Kool Herc DJ Kool Herc is Jamaicanborn American DJ who had major influence in the early 1970s in THE BRONX NY Herc began to isolate the instrumental portion of the record which emphasized the drum beat the BREAK and switch from on break to another The Sugarhill Gang Rapper s Delight was the first hiphop single to make the Top 40 by reaching 36 The song uses an interpolation of the instrumental track from the hit Good Times by Chic The group was assembled by producer Sylvia Robinson who founded Sugar Hill Records with her husband Joe Robinson The group and the record company are named after the Sugar Hill Manhattan neighborhood Kurtis Blow first commercially successful rapper to sign with a major record label Mercury Records The Breaks 1st certified gold record rap song Grandmaster Flash Joseph Saddler one of the pioneers of DJing cutting and mixing Grandmaster flash On The Wheels of Steel Credited with the invention of the first crossfader which allowed him to switch from one turntable to another thereby avoiding a break in the music Grand Master Flash amp The Furious Five The Message was the first prominent hiphop song to provide a social commentary It features rapper Melle Mel and was released as a single by Sugar Hill Records Afrika Bambaataa Founder of Zulu Nation Planet Rock RUN DMC Joseph Run Simmons Darryl DMC McDaniels Jason Jam Master Jay Mizell RUNDMC were the first hiphop act to earn a platinum record The first to earn a multiplatinum certification and the first to have videos on MTV and the first to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone Sucker MC s Krush Groove l Together Forever Krush Groove 4 LL Cool J Roland TR808 drum machine Walk This Way RUNDMC teamed with producer Rick Rubin for their 3rd album Rubin believed they needed an element that would appeal to rock fans He suggested Walk This Way by Aerosmith Produced by Rick Rubin of Def Jam coowned w Simmons Rock The Bells The Beastie Boys Pu N Schoolly D WA Licensed to lll became the best selling rap album of the 1980s and the first rap album to go to 1 on the billboard album chart It was produced by Rick Rubin and released on his Def Jam label Rhymin amp Stealin uses a drum sample from When The Levee Breaks and guitar line from Black Sabbath s Sweet Leaf blic Enemy Chuck D vocals song leader PUBLIL Chuck D helped create politically and socially conscious rap music in the mid 80s ENEMY Consciousness Rap Awareness Rap Don t Believe The Hype Fight The Power Boogie Down Productions KRSOne vocals songs Boogie Down Productions pioneered the fusion of dancehall reggae and hippie music After the murder of DJproducer Scott La Rock in 1987 KRSOne moved away from the violence that dominated BDP s debut and began to write socially conscious songs while using the term the teacher gangsta rap PSK What Does It Mean pertains to real gang in Philadelphia Ice Cube Dr Dre EazyE DJ Yella MC Ren From Compton CA one of the seminal acts of giants rap and West Coast hiphop Straight Outta Compton Ice Cube Ice Cube recorded his debut solo album AmeriKKKa s Most Wanted in LA with Public Enemy s production team The Bomb Squad AmeriKKKa s Most Wanted 2 Live Crew album originally ruled obscene and illegal to sell local retailer was arrested two days later after selling a copy to an undercover police officer this was followed by the arrest of three members of The 2 Live Crew after they performed some material from the album at a nightclub they were acquitted soon after freeman s conviction was overturned on appeal as well PMRC big push to establish a board to rate music as we rate movies Me So Horny Native Tongues NY Based collective of late 80s and early 90s hiphop artists known for positive good natured afrocentric lyrics and pioneering the use of eclectic sampling and later jazzinfluenced beats Jungle Brothers De La Soul ATribe Called Quest Queen Latifah l Queen Latifah Ladies First Jungle Brothers Acknowledge Your Own History A Tribe Called Quest Excursions De La Soul Eye Know steely dan sampled The Turtles sue De La Soul because they sampled a Turtles song and they didn39t like it reach settlement must get permission to use sample price and you have to credit the sample on the album


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