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Test 1 Study Guide

by: Jenny McCabe

Test 1 Study Guide JOUR 101

Jenny McCabe
GPA 4.0
Media and Society
Charles Marsh

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About this Document

Here is a filled out study guide to help with your studying!
Media and Society
Charles Marsh
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jenny McCabe on Saturday February 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to JOUR 101 at Kansas taught by Charles Marsh in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 75 views. For similar materials see Media and Society in Journalism and Mass Communications at Kansas.

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Date Created: 02/28/15
Jour 101 Study Guide for First Test How and What to Study for the First Exam in J our 101 Please note that this is a tool to help you focus your study Keep in mind that this study guide does not guarantee that everything on the test will be on the study guide and vice versa Good luck Remember that definitions won t always be enough For example you ll need to be able to recognize a syllogism not just define it You ll need to be able to recognize an efficient cause not just define it In general review 0 Your lecture notes PowerPoint slides in the Blackboard PowerPoint Slides folder 0 Online quizzes The syllabus which discusses critical thinking and the four causes you Ln t be tested on the Plato material 0 Hot Topics will not be on the test Here are key concepts 1 Not in the book Faulty evidence loaded label etc 0 Loaded labels describe someone in an appealing way through an enhancement of their title EX Renowned scientist soandso Respected sports analyst so andso 0 Unproven generalities some many several most 0 Unproven absolutes experts say implies 100 agreement EX The American people 0 Passive voice the subject is not the doer of the action if you can add by zombies and it makes sense passive 0 Good evidence syllogism enthymeme data etc 0 Testimony evidence provided by a reliable person source 0 Data 0 Factual numbers can be proven 0 False 0 Social stuff we all believe that maybe hasn t been proven yet 0 Examples anecdotes 0 Syllogisms major premise minor premise conclusion 0 EX Major premise all humans are mortal Minor premise Socrates is human Conclusion Socrates and mortal 0 Enthymeme special kind of syllogism with an enthymeme all you deliver is the minor premise powerful because we come to the conclusions on our own plays off of prejudices Jour 101 Study Guide for First Test 0 Ethos appealing to the credibility of the speaker persuasive value of the speaker s character 0 Pathos appealing to emotions 0 Logos appealing to logicintellect Four causes final material formal efficient causes 0 Formal cause definition what is it 0 Material cause what are its ingredientswhat is it made of 0 Efficient cause whowhat made it 0 Final cause what is its purpose 0 COGS 0 Characteristics of critical thinking 0 C Comprehensive O O Objective 0 G Goaloriented O S Systematic McLuhan medium is the message vortex hot media cool media 0 Medium is the message the way a new medium affects our brainculture is the real message 0 Media vortex media is omnipresent who is the master Us Or the media 0 Hot media appeals to one sense good for critical thinking 0 Cool media appeals to more than one sense harder to process information so not good for critical thinking 0 Dynamic theory of history created by Henry Adams says that innovations increase the speed of innovations Dialectical materialism infrastructure and superstructure 0 Karl Marx 0 Interaction of infrastructure and superstructure of society 0 Infrastructure economytechnologyproduction O Superstructure beliefsattitudesreligionlawcustoms 0 Four stages of media evolution 1 Novelty starts off as a novelty 2 Entrepreneurial entrepreneurs get ahold of it 3 Mass medium becomes a part of our lives 4 Refocused by competition gets reshaped by new media in uence by new technologies 0 Communication model source message channel receiver etc Source I Message I Medium I Receiver Noise everywhere 1 Gatekeepers at each arrow Feedback 0 Our class definition of media media is anything that allows a message to transcend time andor space Jour 101 Study Guide for First Test Chapter 1 Book andor Lecture 0 Review online quiz McLuhan and the fish we are like fish we do not know how surrounded we are in media until removed from it like a fish taken out of water 0 Feedback noise and related terms 0 Technological determinism Gutenberg invented the modern printing press Thirdperson effect we think we are unaffected by media but everyone around usothers are Chapter 2 Book andor Lecture 0 Review online quiz 0 Media multitasking 0 Convergence media corporations are buying each other converging 0 Number of major media corporations 5 or 6 0 Concentration of ownership who owns 0 Economies of scale buying in bulk can cheapen the cost when you are really big you can buy stuff at a cheaper price and the more you buy the cheaper it will be 0 Synergy all the parts of the company work together to make moneycreate something huge 0 Globalization 0 Audience fragmentation Narrowcasting niche marketing targeting Hypercommercialism comes about from convergence of media companies are buying each other and going into debt to do that carrying a lot of debt so they create more commercials and product placement to try to make money 0 Platform agnostic don t care where the information comes from the platform doesn t matter Chapter 13 Book andor Lecture 0 Review online quiz 0 Cultivation analysis and mean world syndrome TV people who watch a lot of TV tend to think the world is more violent than it really is Hypodermic needle theory magic bullet theory the media fires a message bullet and it hits you and you re helpless no choice ex see pizza commercial MUST ORDER PIZZA Dissonance theory amp selective exposure selective retention amp selective perception 0 Dissonance theory when we encounter something we cannot process so we reject it do not want to listen 0 Cognitive dissonance encountering a media message we don t like or contradicts our beliefs 0 Selective exposure start to pick media channels to reinforce what we believe 0 Selective retention only remember what enforces our beliefs Jour 101 Study Guide for First Test 0 Selective perception bias in uences how we see the world Twostep ow theory amp opinion leaders we almost rely on other people to tell us what s going on we get media messages through the intermediary opinion leader 0 Uses and gratifications approach the media don t do things to us as much as we do things with the media we use the media for our own uses and gratification 0 Agenda setting theory the media don t tell us what to think they tell us what to think about 0 Social learning theorysocial cognitive theory inhibitory and disinhibitory effects identification and imitation 0 Social cognitive theory monkey see monkey do 0 Imitation we model the behavior exactly 0 Identification we base our behavior on something 0 Inhibitory effects we see a behavior being punished so we don t do it 0 Disinhibitory effects no punishments so we think it s okay to try 0 Symbolic annihilation if you don t exist in the main stream media you do not exist at all KEY QUESTIONS FROM QUIZZES Chapter 1 3 Early in Chapter 1 your author mentions Prof Marsh39s favorite media theorist Marshall McLuhan Your author says that McLuhan compares us who just take our media world for granted to what 6 The debatable idea that technology is the great creator of economic and cultural changes is called 7 Gutenberg invented this Your book says that it was indispensable in the development of mass communication 12 What is the quotthirdperson effectquot Chapter 2 2 According to your book quotThe 39rules39 of media consumption may have changed but 3 According to your textbook in 1997 there were 10 major media corporations worldwide By 2004 that number was Jour 101 Study Guide for First Test 7 quotEconomies of scalequot means 9 The targeting of smaller media audiences whose members are alike in some important characteristics and therefore are important to advertisers is known as 10 To earn profits to buy additional media companies and to pay off debts for such purchases big conglomerates sell more advertising on their media channels and look for new ways to combine programming and commercials This practice is known as 11 The quotintegration for a fee of specific branded products into media contentquot is known as Chapter 13 3 Mass society theory which says that average people are defenseless against mass media messages includes these two theories 4 The twostep ow theory of media effects emphasizes the importance of 5 Dissonance theory involves 6 According to your textbook uses and gratifications theory 7 Basically agenda setting says that 8 Social cognitive theory involves 9 Critical cultural theory is the idea that media quot 10 The mediaeffects theory known as quotcultivation analysisquot involved study of only this medium


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