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Work and Energy Summary

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1 review
by: Kimothy Wu

Work and Energy Summary PHYS 1200 Mech, Fluids, Waves

Kimothy Wu
GPA 3.0
PHYS 1200 Mech, Fluids, Waves

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About this Document

Summary of the chapter on work and energy as well as some of the more common examples.
PHYS 1200 Mech, Fluids, Waves
Study Guide
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1 review
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"Amazing. Wouldn't have passed this test without these notes. Hoping this notetaker will be around for the final!"
Finn Von

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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kimothy Wu on Sunday March 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PHYS 1200 Mech, Fluids, Waves at Ohio State University taught by in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 197 views.

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Reviews for Work and Energy Summary

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Amazing. Wouldn't have passed this test without these notes. Hoping this notetaker will be around for the final!

-Finn Von


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Date Created: 03/01/15
WORK DONE Lb the product 0 the mgmicude of the disPlaceweht times the component of the Fan39e para39llel to the displacew eht 1 J 7 Wro 339 L39s n0 39 gt 2mm Nmme r V U 1 ww 1 L 1 F wan hitude 0F Constant one 0 mamI 0F d IsPIaeweht 0 ob a 91431 between direction of Force and the displarementuector AWhen a Particular Force is L to the displacement mo work is done 63 the Force 39 When you startstop walkihgl there is horiZonta ace work dome a Person pulls a 5qu crate 40m aloha a har39nzovttol oor bu a constant Force 13 OO39N which aFthat 33 Floor is Jr39OUCIh exerts FV39ICU UTIJI Force F v5ON39 393 What 3915 work dome 03 each Harte U 5 Net work dome 0h crate 39I39 Ffr 4 39 40m 9 539 War dame bu FM and wg L to 33 WoJ WC ngCos7o o Wu FNIcos iDquot O Work done b3 F95 WP XCOSO 100340 5379 5200f Work clovle bu Frr Nfr FETCOS39ISOG 5054 OXD Jquot lge between 3 aha Ff 3980 because they oo39Mt 20003 in GP directions I 10 Net work can be calculated in 2 equivalent Wags CD Work 399 scabr Whet agebraic SUIme work done by each Fovce What We quot WM W Wfr O O 32004 2oco3 IZOOI 1gt 39lt 2 CQICMIStiIB bg 9 deterMm IIlj ne on the aged 0 taking comPoneIIt o 435 Fnet abng the displacement LFMeQr F9 c059 44 Wadi Fnet x31 F cos 6 39 F9311 00 033 50 ZOOJ39 39 gt 62 9 DEer39ME work a Linker must do on a 1513 backpack to Carr it Up a hill 0 held1b ll lOW u o Deternime work done bxj gravig on the backpack C3 Net Work dome on backpack Motion 9 smooth vel gt Constant 9 acc 0L FH 19 1 ALE x 31 l K wg 293 W33 FH Mg o PH qu I53 18 IPrN a WHFHdc059 Adcosa39 h WVWVVVV WH FH 14 vvmk MuMo quot39 PROJ v quotgt M depends 0N3 on elevation chat199 NOT on amaleoF the L13 1 Lb HEW Watdd 3ch the same work to lift the Pack verticallu Ln Mam 11 Jd 53 Work done by cares3134 0v backpack Fquot d Wg Wxacos180 63 x fgsdk MAqu 39dCOSQ x nalt Mg BMW no OI C3 The Wmet 0 because Fmeto assumed vlol to acceerace signi cantlbb Does the Earth do work oh the V I F 6 GrAV Force Fc exerted Eadh oh Moot1 acts towards the Earth 39 gtProv39ldes 115 a inwavd along red39ms of Meal0 quot moon39s dsP3ceweht tahgeht to circle direction of vel L to radius L Fe 4 Male 99 between Fovce F5 amd imstamaheous displace wemb OF NOonis 70 Work done b gravic 0 LgtCos 0 0 WORK DONE BY A VARYING FORCE 393 The work dome log a variable Home in WIOVilI ah ob39ect between twO points is equal to the ARE5x Mhder the F VS 0 curve be weenx h058 2 po39mts KlNETlC ENERGY 8 THE WORK ENERGY PR1NClPLE 39NA object 39m Notion has the 3103th to do work 6140 thus cam be said to have emerg J Lbenevg o watiovt Kl 2 WW2 Ls k39nhetic eweray L39 ltramtslatiomal E X WORKENERGY PRINCWLE the Met work dome on an object is equal to the change in the object39s KE 39USeFul reForwuulatiovx 0F N39s laws it What is quotHeya tite work 7 39 Fave Act39mg in direction opposite the object39s motion 39m order to slow39ut dowm LeFarre doesn39t cause displacement 39It him olws it 39TMEi Wm TME 5 WW2 Fol 39 Force v tor is d39red o oh laoememt Vector KE 4 Wat 397 O V39 2 c 0 er I 9 PP SP J Lb a I 806 39i TIMVe39l 6 CO 80 l Resdts quotM loss of ogectls total WEch ehevm negative J IMegan drops ball avid hits awesOme Forehand Racket is MAMng horizmta g as the str39mgs apply a ho Zthal force hMe in contact with the ball 93699 work L APE AKElooth A F w a Work 9 f Md 399 SDIW direction 0 Applied are gt b3 831mg speed Emmalmnmnsewat m FEMe alters Kb 0F theball Feball Digger hits Iowa by of the tee Duqu muted time between the ball and bat the Lat moves at 10 to Horizon J 37 work F and Asawe din L3 BEN 3 gains heiabt sneed Bod1 albereol Ly evtemalnanchs Ewes 3 F cHomQ Forte between MW amol tires pushes backwards on We tires of a skiddyg g F a 6 Work 035 ok a gt e 53 Car loses sped KEaltereol A TOOOka car travelhma with 509901 0F ZSmIs skids to a stop We car expe cnces an XCOONJE What isEJtogp39nvg distance 0 car V39 QSMIS VF Owls F 8000N d 393 Imitxalfu PE QT car39s heith 0 J KEV J5W V1 U XIooostB 312 sooJ Huang PEI OI KE 39 OJ 3 Wark done FdCoSa zvooonYCos 7809 39 quot39 EOOOd NEQWmTMEF 312500 3oood o 393 d3 L1wx 2 At the Wd 0 mller Cmstcf ride the oookg traillop cars mludes 9955914345335 sloWeol clown 501M 9 sPeeol oF ZOMIS to Smls over distance a 20m What is bvab39vg Force IAMaUW PE 0 KB Stun1 L Y OOUX209 HM 000339 TMEi PE KEi 200 OOOJ FMin PEP OI JEIMVIr2 quot31600056 750m JTMEF PEPf KE qSOOCLT Wage chosa F ZOYwS 1amp93 20F ll TMEi Watt TMEP IZOOOO ZOF quot45000 F 34 250M gt 3 Shamwa cart Cuquot 0 afoce es sits at top OF 2M hi Car rolls down My aim stops at the bablzm MWMMMMW 0F 500 N How deep 3915 the dent V 0 ms V OmLS 14 2M Initially PE ngk O15Y 8z 43 KEI39 3939 QT Finally PEF 07 KB 03 7Wnetiliqzs 50 DEC ow cos180 500d TME WextTMEP 43 SODd o d 39 0 007mm LEMum 5 YEW SERVATIOU OF MECH ENERGY Internal conservative 9 total ME Conservd External momconservative 399 A ME 39GIuantnat39we relationship between work and ME E KE PENN KEpPEp L b Illustrates AME due to external Eirces 0 Skic r 3 UP 23 Share DOWN L KE 9 lost KE gt gain ed PE quot9 ailWC PE 7 last PE NDUILUM MOTION 9f wrhe EEMdEMCS a 9m 013 to conserve its ME is observed whenever external acres are NOT do Mg 3M3 overall Work 0MB 2 39F rces JCHM on MdM39lMA 00539 Ogravi 4 3 Fe 2 T V1i0Vl Fem5 391 Lgt does Mob olo Work Cos 70 Z waber slides at pool are shaped dl39qefemt v but start at the sawLe height h 2 riders start Ram rest at rhe same Mme om oliFF slides aWhicIL rider Paul Corivme travels Faster at the bottom In Which rider makes it to the bottom rst Ignore Frict xauL both sides have same path length 23 EPEOP Ekbottom Wgh 39JEWIV Mass camcdled tha hish with same speed 9 Cornme consistently at lawef eleVat mlA than Paul at any 39nIstamt unti 39he eIId 39 She Unverts her PE to KE ear39ie Lb travels Caster Lb reaches bottom rst 4C POWER 7 We race at which Work 5 0049 914er 3913 tramsFerr 9 E P aver99e Power WOYk tilme ememu tramsFormed quot J time l ll L lgt Measured 39ul Watts 5gt A 60 Jogger runs up a long Flight oF stairs ivm 4s Vert height 0F stairs is 45m 93 Estimate Jaggpr s pawer outputin watts and horsepower 5 HOW much energy did this reauuirco Ill VU P L Ngk l I b oXmX 45 4 OW igt Pc 6 60X4 2500 I b Equot l l L1gtTlnis result equals WWQLA


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