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genesis unit

genesis unit


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Name: genesis unit
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In the second creation story, how was the human formed?

Man is made from dust, woman is made from the man's rib.

Where do we see the Seven Deadly Vices appear in the Genesis story?

We see wrath in the Cain and Abel story, where Cain is jealous of his brother. (Many options)

What is considered the great sin?


Why didn't God accept Cain's offering?

he didn't come with a pure heart.

Why did God bless Sarah with a child, even though she was abusive to Hagar?

God blesses the less fortunate to put them above the people who were higher than them.

What responsibility did God give the human in Genesis 2?

To till and keep the Garden of Eden and name all of the animals.

How does God differ from both creation stories?

In the second Genesis, God appears more proactive, more apparent to the growth of civilization.

Why does there need to be two creation stories?

To give the people options on how the world was created.

Describe humans.

They're made in God's image, they're independent, but are dependent upon each other.

What does it mean to be made in God's image?

He made each of us imperfect, with the possible implication that he too is imperfect.