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Astronomy 135 Exam 2 Study Guide

by: Sydney Furth

Astronomy 135 Exam 2 Study Guide ASTRONOMY 135

Marketplace > Washington State University > ASTRONOMY 135 > Astronomy 135 Exam 2 Study Guide
Sydney Furth
GPA 3.8
Guy Worthey

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About this Document

Here's what I think is important for the test, I hope this is helpful! Good luck!
Guy Worthey
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sydney Furth on Monday March 2, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ASTRONOMY 135 at Washington State University taught by Guy Worthey in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 161 views.


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Date Created: 03/02/15
Astronomy 135 Exam Two Chapters 18 Study Guide Exam 1 Review The zodiac constellations roughly follow the ecliptic The 18 year old Saros can be discovered by observing the line of nodes If you39re at 80 degrees then the north star is 80 degrees above the horizon At 25 degrees north you can see the north celestial pole A pole at 25 degrees north will always cast a shadow at 1200 Aristarchus used an eclipse to judge the size of the earth Planets orbit counterclockwise Direct motion is west to east An observer farther north will see the most circumpolar stars 3rd quarter moon is highest in the sky at 6 am Stars rise in the same places If the orbit was circular the seasons wouldn39t perceptibly change If the tilt was changed from 235 to 15 degrees seasons would be less intense Daily rotation of Earth causes star trails Greeks preferred sphere models AU Average earth to sun unit Kepler demanded that a physical model fit the available data at the time Motion of planets Kepler Best observer Tycho Sun centered model Copernicus Telescope Galileo Calculus Newton Precession is the wobble of the earth Earth turning 360 degrees relative to the stars is a sidereal day 2 celestial coordinates are right ascension and declination Zenith is directly above the local observer Local coordinates include the zenith nadir N E S W altitude and azimuth Gibbous is more than half illuminated but less than full Chapters 58 Resolution of the human eye A far away car is unresolved A close car is resolved Resolution equation 6 dD Light Olaf Brohmer was the first to find the speed of light C Speed of light C 300000 kms A wavelength f Frequency Frequency is the number of waves per second Units of frequency are hertz C Af Light is a particle called a photon Photon Quantum of light energy Energy of one photon Eph Ef hcf f Frequency h Plank s constant 6625x10A34 js J Energy 8 Time Most powerful protons Gamma rays greater than A10x10A11 m XRays 1 to 10x10A9 m Ultraviolet 10 to 400x10quot9 m Visible 400 to 700x10A9 m lnfrared 700 to 1000000X10A9 m Microwaves 1 mm to 10 cm Longest waves Radio less than 10 cm Things that ARE NOT light Alpha rays Helium nuclei Beta rays Electrons Cosmic rays High energy particles from space cause genetic change Radiation Telescopes Refracting telescope Lenses Reflecting telescope Mirrors Telescopes are put into space to avoid seeing which limits the resolution angle by 1 arc second Stars Nebulaes and Atoms Cool stars are RED Hot stars are BLUE Atom Proton Positive center Neutron Neutral center Electron Negative outside Molecule More than one atom stuck together lsotope Atom with different number of neutrons Nebulae Dark Nebulae Dark associated with birth of stars Reflection Nebulae Blue Reflects associated with birth of stars H2 Region Pink and billowy associated with birth of stars Planetary Nebula Round associated with death of stars Supernova Fireballs associated with death of stars Wavelength formula AAAO VC Vocabulary Planetesmals Early solar system bodies 10 km to 1000 km Protoplanet Vacuums up nearby gas or planetesmals Frostline Around 3 AU Freezing point of water as the solar system formed Longitude E or W from Greenwich Latitude N or S from equator Tides Differential gravitational forces Spring tides When the sun is lined up with the moon and earth it intensifies the tides


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