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by: Marlo Safi

STUDY GUIDE American Politics 0200

Marlo Safi

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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Marlo Safi on Tuesday March 3, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to American Politics 0200 at University of Pittsburgh taught by in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 74 views.

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Date Created: 03/03/15
UNIT 2 Q Reelection seeking and Progressive Ambition in some instances 0 Credit claiming particularistis policies casework 0 advertising being seen 0 Influencepower within the chamber 0 making good policy 0 To keep your seat what should you do I what are electoral steps in mninimizing chances you ll lose seat I campaign war chests larger war chest disuades people from challenging him I progressive ambition allows you to move up among ranks nt just within congress I Become mover and shaker within legislative body I what is meant by making good policy 0 make policies that appeal to large share of constiuency and a policy that works and does what is intended O l Representing whom Q is the connection between representative bodyor indiviudal member and public 0 Are they getting what they want from congress and the whole process 0 organized interestsgroups Q districtstate O Discripive representation is based on characteristics I eX sometimes more push for women in congress ideas that constituents would be best represented by certain interests groups in congress historically unrepresented O Symbolic reps who represent what you want symbollically legislator from ohio state wins national championship let OSU come to congress no effect on policy 0 Subsidive rep link between policy preferenves of constituents to representatives congruence between what citizens want and what politicians are doing 0 everyone wants specfic type of policy tey want a delegate who will do their bidding for them john stuart mill conception O trustees edmund burke 1803 argued you want legislators who have your interest at heart even if it s not what you want them to do I do we rely on elites to make decisions for us or do they do exactly what we want them to I They want delegagates not trustess l person al prefreances do what you think is best for constituents based on your own policyclose to being trustee l dictrict rep 0 Agency representation 0 levels of representation 0 individual constituencyservice activities I reC letters getting internships mem O organized interests serving group interests getting lots of support from natural gas industry republican in pa who s groups interests are you serving are you bringing subsidies home from your district 0 whole district bring nondivisible benefits to a district through lawsregulations federal grants etc 0 why is this important strom thurman longest serving member of US senate republican senator from SC won support of solely democratic roots reason he did outstanding constituency service activitivites took great care of constituents many people didn t agree with policy but appreciated case work service and supported him 0 brought ton of money back to district 0 whole district bring non dividibe benfits to a district through lawsregulations federal grants etc I anyon e could join thurman s fitness facility Q Bicameralismresult of compromise between large and small states 0 wanted to make sure rep body represented elites and non elites 0 different chamberdifferent forms of representation 0 constituency composition 0 house more homogeneous constutecy homogeneous is safer O senate more heterogeneous constituency means if you run for senate you have to go beyong your niche group I has to appeal to broader constituency l implica tion is senate is more idelogically extreme 0 w hen house is controlled by reps more conservative than when senate is controlled by reps O Lenghth of terms I house 2 years I senate 6 O i n first 4 years their voting record reflected personal preferences and lesser party preferances E hen gearing up to reelection it flipped showed having longer electoral term members of congress can different points at tmie represent different constituents 0 Institutional differences I house majoritatian and quick I senate supermajoritatian and deleberative Q Gerrymandering causes and consequences for apportionment and representation 0 iNCUMBENT gerrmandering districts drawn to help keep seat try to protect interests of status cum 0 racial gerrymandering predominantly in south mostly african americans draw districts that will represent them better in congress Q secular decline in turnover in the US HOR 0 Party Leadership and Organization in the House and Senate 0 Party caucus or Party conference members of each party gather at start of new congress every year to elect their house leaders 0 Leader of the majority party is speak of the house 0 House majority caucus also elects majority leader and minority elects minority leader 0 by assume role in committee is able to acquire extra influence in areas important to constituents example agricultureal committee 0 O


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