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CAMS005 Midterm Study Guide

by: Katrina Iobst

CAMS005 Midterm Study Guide CAMS005/HIST005

Katrina Iobst
Penn State
Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations
Dr. Munn

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About this Document

Outline of kings for identification portion of exam. Includes names, dates, jurisdictions, and facts.
Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations
Dr. Munn
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Katrina Iobst on Tuesday March 3, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CAMS005/HIST005 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Dr. Munn in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 126 views. For similar materials see Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations in Classical Studies at Pennsylvania State University.

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Date Created: 03/03/15
Mesopotamia Gilgamesh 28002500 Ruler of Uruk 0 Son of goddess Ninsun 0 People unhappy with his rule he s raping all the women 0 Gods send Enkidu Gilgamesh s uncivilized quotoppositequot to defeat him 0 They become friends because they re perfectly equal and they go adventuring kill Humbaba o Ishtar wants Gilgamesh as a lover and sends Gugalana Bull of Heaven down in anger when he refuses o Enkidu dies after 12 days of moping o Gilgamesh visits Utnapishtim Noah and his wife for the secret to eternal life boxthorn plant 0 Serpent steals the plant Gilgamesh must eventually die 0 Urukagina 2400 o Reformed rules to correct corruption 0 God Ningirsu granted him kingship to bring Mesopotamia to old way of life when gods created the earth Summer 0 Eannatum of Lagash 2500 Info from Stele of Eannatum 0 Led his men in battle against Umma 0 Part shows Ningirsu god of Lagash capturing men of Umma he aided the victory Akkad Sargon 23342279 0 Born to a high priestess and sent in reed basket 0 Raised by a gardener in Temple of Ishtar Ishtar gave him his power 0 Sailed to the corners of the earth amp cut through mountains o NaramSin 22542218 0 Grandson of Sargon o Conquered Lulubi people and had trouble with Gutian people 0 Asks the gods what to do they say Nothing He attacks anyway Loses because he goes against the gods will 0 Curse of Agade Enlil turns against Akkad Ancient Babylon 0 Hammurabi 17921750 0 Claimed divinely inspired rule depicted receiving staff of authority by sun god Shamash 0 Created Code of Hammurabi a list of laws found on a stele Egypt 0 Narmer 3100 0 First dynasty of Egypt rst ruler of uni ed Egypt o Kamose 15551550 0 Last pharaoh of Second Intermediate Period 0 Ended rule of the Hyksos in Egypt via battles Akhentaton aka Amenhotep IV 13491333 0 Practiced deviant religion of Aton god of sun disk worship erased by later pharaohs 0 Established new capital of Akhentaton and directed worship away from other gods 0 Tutankhamon 13321323 0 Ruled at a very young age 0 Before he ruled quotgods turned their backs on the landquot 0 Reinstated worship of Amon amp Ptah restored their temples and sent slaves to work them to get Egypt back in the gods favor Ramses II 12791212 0 Defeated Hittites in Battle of Kadesh to secure Egyptian lands led to EgyptianHittite treaty o Ramses Ill 11861155 0 Ruled during mass invasion of the quotSea Peoplesquot many kingdoms fell but Egypt survived Hittites Suppiluliuma 13501322 0 Defeated Mitanni in 1340 0 King Tut s wife asked him to send a son to be her husband so that she didn t have to marry a slave Crete o Minos 0 Son of Zeus Zeus turned into a bull to mate with his mother Europa on Crete 0 He was quotclose to Zeusquot who taught him how to order the social classes 0 Lived in palace of Knossos Assyria o TiglathPileser Ill 745727 0 Claimed much of the area for Assyria o Deportation policy of certain groups he conquered shipped them to other parts of his empire 0 Put Assyrian governors in charge of conquered areas to be local gureheads of far away empire government Sennacherib 705681 0 Sieged Jerusalem under King Hezekiah did not take the city but plundered goods and captured slaves lsrael Saul 1047 0 First king of united Israel ampJudah anointed by Samuel 0 David 1010970 0 Fought giant Goliath with a stone and a slingshot hit his forehead and beheaded him 0 Proclaimed King ofJudah eventually ruled lsrael also 0 Solomon 970931 0 David s son built Temple ofJerusalem 0 Queen of Sheba visits due to kingdom s power 0 Hezekiah 715686 0 Repaired the Temple 0 Caught in Sennacherib s invasion ofJerusalem Josiah 649609 0 Found a scroll of Moses laws when renovating the Temple Book of Deuteronomy 0 Lead to reinstitution of Moses laws NeoBabylon Nebuchadnezzar 605562 0 Battle of Carchemish defeated allied Egypt and Assyria o Pressures Judah afterward Jerusalem falls in 587 leading to Babylonian Captivity Persia Cyrus 600530 0 Overthrew King of Media took control of Medes o Defeats Croesus on the Plain of Sardes and captures Lydia o Conquered Babylon allowed for freedom ofJews who called him Messiah Lydia Croesus 560547 0 Declared war on Cyrus of Persia with Sparta suggested by Apollo and Egypt as allies ends inconclusive o Attacked by Cyrus in Sardes Spartans are too late to help Taken prisoner by Cyrus according to myth saved by Apollo


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