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Exam #2 Study Guide

by: Nicole Kappeler

Exam #2 Study Guide Geog1900

Nicole Kappeler
GPA 3.77
Extreme Weather and Climate
Elizabeth Ann Northcott Mazzocco

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About this Document

Extreme Weather and Climate
Elizabeth Ann Northcott Mazzocco
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nicole Kappeler on Tuesday March 3, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Geog1900 at Ohio State University taught by Elizabeth Ann Northcott Mazzocco in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 262 views. For similar materials see Extreme Weather and Climate in Geography at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 03/03/15
Geography 1900 Exam 2 Study Guide Brief Disclaimer This study guide is meant to be a starting point for your studying It highlights the topics covered since the first exam Chapter 4 Hydrologic cycle basic understanding Humidity 0 Measured with a hygrometer o Saturation o 3 ways to make air saturated o How is air s capacity for water vapor related to temperature 0 Vapor pressure amp saturation vapor pressure 0 Indices o Mixing ratio I Saturation mixing ratio 0 Relative humidity Dew point 0 For each of these 3 indices I What is it measuring I How is it expressed I How does it vary if at all throughout the day I See inclass exercise 8 Types of condensation o Dew o Condensation o Dew point temperature 0 o Deposition 0 Frost point temperature 0 Hygroscopic nuclei 0 Radiation fog ground fog I Forms best on clear nights with light winds Why I The most common type of fog in Ohio 0 Advection fog I San Francisco Upslope fog Precipitation fog Steam fog Valley fog 0 Cloud types 0 Heights 0 Shape types 0 Special feature OOOO 0 Mix and match height shape and special feature to get the 10 cloud types I Note the extra information with many of these cloud types such as presence of a halo etc 0 Know the specialty cloud types too Chapter 5 Diabatic vs adiabatic process 0 What s the difference between them 0 Be able to identify each given a processdescription Lapse rates Calculate a lapse rate DALR 10 degrees C per 1000 m How are the DALR and SALR different Which is greater Why How is the ELR different from the DALR and SALR What does the ELR measure 0 Mountain problem lapse rates LCL mixing ratios dew point RH rainshadow Stability 0 Types descriptions implications for vertical movement of air 0 How to determine stability with words an inequality or diagram 0 Which stability type is associated with temperature inversions 4 lifting mechanisms 0 Know all 4 0 Mountain problem lapse rates LCL mixing ratios dew point RH rainshadow Nuclei o Condensation nuclei hygroscopic nuclei ice nuclei Collision Coalescence and Bergeron Ice Crystal Process 0 Basics of how and where latitude season they occur Precipitation types 0 What are the precipitation types 0 How and where do they form What are their general descriptions 0 Temperature profiles associated with precipitation types Lake effect snow Snowfall distribution across US latitude elevation land vs water ocean current Measuring precipitation 0 General instruments etc 0 Measuring snow 0 Calculate equivalent amounts of precipitation and snow general 110 ratio


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