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Final Exam Study Guide

by: Cody Eliason

Final Exam Study Guide SS 1010

Marketplace > University of Utah > Sociology > SS 1010 > Final Exam Study Guide
Cody Eliason
Utah State University
SS 1010
Dr. Frank

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About this Document

I woke up like this..
SS 1010
Dr. Frank
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Cody Eliason on Wednesday March 4, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SS 1010 at University of Utah taught by Dr. Frank in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 197 views. For similar materials see SS 1010 in Sociology at University of Utah.


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Date Created: 03/04/15
Colleen Study Guide CJ 270 Test 1 Chapter Questions 1 4 reasons why crime rate is low but there are increasingly more people in jail why prisons are overcrowded b Get tough on Crime laws such as 3 and 2 strike laws 0 War on drugs drug arrests do not gure into the FBI s calculations of the nation s rate of serious crime d Parole authorities reluctant to release inmates e Probationparole Violations 2 Name of prison that was circular a Jeremy Bentham s prison plan was called Panopticon 3 7 goals of sentencing a Revenge b Retribution 0 Just Desserts d Deterrence e Ineapaeitation f Rehabilitation or reformation g Restoration Format 39 Multiple Guess 39 Fill in blank 39 Short answer How to read textbook 39 Objectives summary terms Chapter Questions On Test 39 6 things you needed to know 0 Difference between jail and prison 0 Jail often to hold people before their trial or for short sentences 0 Prison convicted of felony or longer sentences 0 Felony and misdemeanor o Felony a serious criminal offense speci cally one punishable by death or by incarceration in a prison facility for more than a year 0 Misdemeanor a relatively minor Violation of the criminal laws such as petty theft or simple assault punishable by con nement for one year or less 0 Probation and parole o Probation convicted person doesn t have to spend jail time but does have to follow certain rules and restrictions 0 Parole convicted person is released from jail but does have to follow certain rules and restrictions Statistics FBI and NCVS put out reports 1 or 2 questions identifying reports and agency 0 FBI s Uniform Crime Reporting Program UCR 0 Bureau of Justice Statistics National Crime Victimization Survey NCVS Inllni39r LAI39I T mnni39r nnnln nmn n nn 9n ntvnmiquot 1 Amnnnn 1ouay now many people are in prison Ior every 100000 persons in population excluding jails o 480 per 100000 Different sub systems in CJ 0 Police courts and corrections 0 For the purpose of this class corrections has subsystems which are 0 Prisons 0 Agencies of probation and parole o Jails 0 Variety of alternative programs Key terms 0 Retribution a sentencing goal that involved retaliation against a criminal perpetrator O Restitution payments made by a criminal offender to his or her victim or to the court which then turns them over to the victim as compensation for the harm caused by the offenses O Reintegration the process of making the offender a productive member of the community 0 Restoration the process of returning to their previous condition all those involved in or affected by crime including victims offenders and society 0 Revenge punishment as vengeance an emotional response to real or imagined injury or insult Minimum education requirement to be correctional or police of cer in Alabama 0 GED Every state requires correctional of cers have a certain number of hours of training what is that 0 Number of hours for pre service 120 0 Annual in service training 40 Corporal punishment through history Physical punishments O Flogging Whipping Branding Mutilation Instant Death Lingering death Torture Exile and Transportation Public humiliation Con nement Key terms 0 Hulks Floating prison ships 0 Bridewell a workhouse the word came from the name of the rst workhouse in England Historically one way to punish people was exile as England was going through industrial revolution crime rate increased and it wasn t prepared to deal with prisoners one thing England needed was labor force had trouble dealing with command on tobacco so English businessmen got with court and picked certain criminals and offered them opportunity to do time as indentured servant O Shipment of prisoners to America What states were rst ones to deal with penal colonies Used to work in elds harvesting tobacco industry Along came development of Wholesale production of cotton Prisoners weren t good at working in eld With cotton Dutch came and said hey England I can help you the American revolution was coming about and the colonies weren t so thrilled about having 00000000 00000 prisoners dumped 0 Dutch did most of colony exploration in Africa 0 They captured Africans and sold them 0 How slave trade began 0 Over 50000 prisoners brought to American colonies 0 When English couldn t send prisoners to US they sent them to New Zeeland then Australia 39 Key Terms 0 LeX Talionis In ancient Rome offenders were mutilated according to the law of retaliation or lex talionis Jeremy Bithum 0 Prison called Penaptacon 0 Need to know What it is and What it looks like 0 O O O 0 Prison idea Jeremy Bithum came up with o Consisted of huge structure covered by glass roof a central tower allowed guards to see in the cells which were arranged in a circle Known for coming up with thesis involving pleasure and pain that punishment should make crime be equal to whatever the crime is but not more just enough so person would think about it and the consequences People are motivated by pleasure more than pain Need to know de nition of hedonistic calculus the idea that people are motivated by pleasure and pain and that the proper amount of punishment can deter crime 0 Roughly being able to make that decision weather the crime is worth the punishment 0 One flaw based on rational thinking and most bad guys just don t think rationally Key Terms Incapacitation the use of imprisonment or other means to reduce an offender s capability to commit future offenses Difference between indeterminant sentencing and determinant sentencing Indeterminant a sentence in which a judge speci es a maximum length and a minimum length and an administrative agency generally a parole board determines the actual time of release Determinant a sentence of a xed term of incarceration which can be reduced by good time also called xed sentencing Essay Question about Marry Bell Harris and we have to tell him everything there is to know about her we ll be held to What the book offers but if we nd her interesting we can google her up and there s a lot more about her 0 At least 10 key things about her 0 American Woman reformer in uenced by Fry 0 Born in Pennsylvania 0 Became rst warden of federal institution for Woman in Alderson West Virginia when it opened in 1927 0 Turned to career in corrections only having already been a teacher social worker and archeologist o Came to Alderson after serving as superintendent of women s workhouse on Blackwell island as superintended of the state reformer for woman at Clinton New Jersey and assistant director of the section of reformatories and detention homes for the US war department 0 Known as vocal advocate of correctional reformation as avid supporter of reformation ideal o Believed that reformation not punishment should be primary focus 0 Believed criminality of woman was largely the result of social 1 0po and QhPf l f Qll f fhPll Pr nnnmir APhPhAPhP I anhO39 mph 1U1uo auu specmcauy Luuu economic dependency among iuuu o Advocated training programs that would permit women prisoners to become nancially dependent upon release 0 At Alderson she oversaw development of program designed to break the cycle of dependency 0 Work became known and served as model for women s prisons throughout nation 0 Retired in 1941 o Wrote a number of books describing eXperiences in corrections 0 10 point question 0 No bullet points but write about her Essay Question dealing with the question we were asked about the 4 main reasons prisons are overcrowded even though the crime rate has been declining 0 Write to him and tell him all these things about it and why it is so and why it is signi cant 0 About half a page 0 ANSWER AT TOP OF PAGE BONUS surprise question


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