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Study Guide Exam 2

by: Fatima Ahmed

Study Guide Exam 2 SYG 3002

Fatima Ahmed
GPA 3.75
Basic Ideas of Sociology
Dr. Claire Oueslati-Porter

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About this Document

Awesome study guide to help review for the exam!
Basic Ideas of Sociology
Dr. Claire Oueslati-Porter
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Fatima Ahmed on Wednesday March 4, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SYG 3002 at Florida International University taught by Dr. Claire Oueslati-Porter in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 111 views. For similar materials see Basic Ideas of Sociology in Sociology at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 03/04/15
Social stratification is structured inequality between groups This inequality may be based on economics gender race religion age or another factor What is at play is power Demand for legal and political equality but not of wealth Demand for equality of opportunity Education key to equality What about social position at birth Social differentiation is how different statuses develop in any group organization or society Social stratification groups have different access to resources power and perceived social worth Systems of inequality are organized around groups with a shared characteristic Life chances and equal opportunity A capitalist society can function quite well with equality of opportunity it could not with equality of outcomequot Darwinian Laissezfaire capitalism is savage and tends to lead to monopolies of power No country practices this savage capitalism because it would destroy the society Counter policies are employed to modify the inequalities to varied extents Social Class is some mixture of Wealth Income Education Occupation Everyone is middle class right Ideology of classlessness promotes the reproduction of inequality The US class system upper upper middle middle lower middle and lower class The class structure of the United States growing inequality Class divisions in the United States are real and inequality is growing Only 16 of the public thinks that children today will be better off than their parents Class determined by one s relation to the means of production Proletariat and bourgeoisie Consider the significance of outsourcing factory production on class con ict Liberalism belief that everyone should be able to have equality in the pursuit of wealth Laissez Faire capitalism leads to no equality of opportunity Economic Restructuring decline of manufacturing jobs in the United States Many in the working class once employed in manufacturing jobs if they work at all are now in the lowerwage jobs Note based on economics alone social status was also significant Social Prestige and power can be independent of economics Blacks have only 26 cents compared to every dollar of wealth held by whites White households have 10 times the wealth of black households Nonwhites are also much more likely to experience discrimination when buying homes High cost home lanes y race and income high interest rates adjustable rate mortgages A full 125 percent of the population in 2007 was in poverty more than 37 million people Highest rate among the major industrialized nations Onethird of the poor are employed Poverty line individual income three times the cost of monthly groceries The feminization of poverty there are more female headed households today than throughout modern US history Divorce Increasing normalization of single parenting 28 percent of femaleheaded households are poor in 2007 Explanations for poverty There are many empirical explanations for poverty but by and large they all fall under one of two themes Blaming the victim culture of povertyquot arguments Blaming the system social exclusion structural arguments The poor work Low earnings often based on a low minimum wage make it very hard to get aheadquot Less educational attainment Less health insurance Diminished life chances Frequently Underemployed and w out much economic support Has little or no opportunity for movement out of the worst poverty Social Mobility myths and realities You may be able to climb up the ladder if others allow you to or if you achieve it but others may push you down a rung or two People usually stay on or close to the rung they started on Classconsciousness is awareness of The existence of a class structure Your shared identification with a given class Is Americans class conscious Family life Choice of husband or wife Divorce Education Religion Politics Physical Health Mental Heath Mental illness and inequality in health care Groups Social Institutions Questioned the assumption that the world is objective and independent of the people within it Basic argument Habits repeated through sustained interaction produce patterned institutions social reality What are some habits you have When habitualized actions are shared by and or available to everyone in the group built over time Insitutionalization occurs whenever there is a reciprocal typification of habitualized actions by types of actors Actions performed over and over again they become routine and taken for granted it is hard to do anything else Questions around film clips bro code Forsure


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