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UW / Political Science / POLI SCI 103 / What is international security studies?

What is international security studies?

What is international security studies?


School: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Department: Political Science
Course: Intoduction to International Relations
Professor: Mark copelovitch
Term: Spring 2016
Cost: 25
Name: Polisci 103 Notes 2/23-2/25
Description: These notes cover lectures.
Uploaded: 02/27/2016
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What is international security studies?

Introduction to International security O studying International security (I.S.)

• Oldest tradition in the field of TV

- accounts for the popularity of realism

• focus of the field has shifted and diversified e balance of power (19th & 20th century) -nuclear deterrence + strategy - asymmetric warfare and human security Defining International conflict

What are the causes of international conflicts?

•conflict: a difference in preferred outcomes in a

bargaining situaron - conflict + war o leverage using power capabilities to influence an actor

to reach an agreement more favorable to you - war is a means of leverage - sources: conventional forces carmies, navy, air force)

Why national defense is important?

If you want to learn more check out What is the main goal of a firm?

irregular (terrorists, militias, weapons of mass

destruction (chemicali nuclear) - another source is money

• means of leverage - means; parallel 10 solutions to collective action problem

Ls dominance (realism Lo reciprocity (liberalism) Don't forget about the age old question of What is normal behavior?

Lidentity (constructivism) - on security issues dominance (military / power is the

"go to"

L example, U.S. defense spending 2 Defense Economics (+politics) ostates allocate spending differently based on a variety We also discuss several other topics like When was the post war period?

of factors - perceived compararive advantage -threats in neighborhood We also discuss several other topics like What else can we do with these concepts?


1- China, revolution ist Russia, but then also Iran

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the "network" (NCW): "full spectrum dominance" U.S. assumed our forces would have command of If you want to learn more check out What enters and exits the cell?

a smaller, leaner, more advanced military

- need

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• 4th : Guerilla warfare, asymmetric 10 32d. Whe, maneuver warfare, rapid mochainization


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• first muskets: line & column

I.S. 4th Generation harfare (466)

3 New challenges in


SOISS!W pub TO HOW hranir 702770075WWHO FO watcout buipood, We also discuss several other topics like What happened to the state gdp of colorado last year?

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- alliance partners - material resources

ideas/ beliefs about I.S. o example: US. 90015 - 1990s: 2 major regional conflicts

post all:l major regional conflict t homeland defense o example: Japcin % of GDP -peace keeping, us. military presense, wrote

their constitution Defense Economics old analogy: U.S. t great depression new anglogy: U.S.S. R. and collapse there is a (potential tradeoff between long-term

economic growth and military spending - tech nology. jobs, Guns vi butter

•ex. Peace Dividend of 1990s - wouldnt need as much spending on defense

since the cold war is over military spending is 16% of the total federal

spending in 2015 - 54% of discretionary spending "less money on soldiers, but more on equipment - trained + equipped 75% of nord's armed

forces during the cold war Defense Economics + Force confiquran

• ex. Bose Closings

- BRAC procedures, politically sensitive ex defense spending

When do projects act cut? Who quis them?

• spending & Public opinion

too much in the last 10 years, but it chances

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