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Exam 2 Study Guide

by: Sarah Stoess

Exam 2 Study Guide Crm_J 330

Sarah Stoess
GPA 3.5
Crime Control Policies
Duane Stanton

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About this Document

Crime Control Policies
Duane Stanton
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sarah Stoess on Wednesday March 4, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Crm_J 330 at Washington State University taught by Duane Stanton in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 224 views.


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Date Created: 03/04/15
Exam 2 Review What is a subcomponent of community policing 0 Problemoriented policing Is the criminal justice system a formal or informal form of social control 0 Formal What is it called when police go doortodoor to make contacts with citizens 0 Citizen contact patrol What is a form of specialized patrol 0 Foot patrol Is community research conducted at the macro or micro level 0 Micro What are courts called that are drug courts domestic Violence courts teen courts etc 0 Community Courts What does thirdparty policing use different from traditional forms of police 0 Community members not the police 0 CiVil law not criminal law What are federal prosecutors also known as 0 US Attorneys Why do prosecutors use plea bargains 0 It39s faster 0 Big case load When you use a plea bargain what are you giVing up 0 The right to a trial Why were restraining orders used historically 0 Domestic Violence Why were restraining orders used in San Diego 0 To control prostitution When a prosecutor sets a case aside until a program is completed what is it called 0 Deferred prosecution What were the role of victims in the criminal justice process in history 0 Secondary role What percentage of cases end in plea bargains 0 90 When we develop new laws to address broken windows theory what are the laws called 0 Nuisance Abatement Laws Are district attorneys elected or appointed 0 Elected When a district attorney is dealing with domestic violence cases and they have to deal with the case what is it called 0 Nodrop prosecution What is concentrated disadvantage 0 Targeting problematic areas 0 High concentrations of poverty unemployment and family dysfunction 0 Primarily affects minorities In neighborhoods with concentrated disadvantage where people are moving in and out of the neighborhoods is it concentrated and cumulative or concentrated or noncumulative 0 Concentrated and cumulative What is the most effective means to target problem neighborhoods 0 Collective efficacy 0 Getting the community together to help all of these places 0 Police Targeting Do elected officials make all of their business known 0 No because of their elections 0 Bad PR 0 Want to win election Which federal act was responsible for background checks for prospective gun owners 0 Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act What does Megan39s law require people to do 0 Inform people when a sex offender enters the neighborhood What law is for whitecollar crime 0 SarbanesOxley Act What is the name of the survey for high school students 0 School Crime Supplement SCS Survey 0 A crime and safety survey as part of NCVS Why do gun buy backs not work 0 Shortterm and voluntary Right to carry laws usually allow a person to carry a gun 0 Openly What is the alternative of legally obtaining a gun 0 To steal What is the claim for sex offenders having to register as a sex offender after doing time 0 Violates 5th Amendment Double Jeopardy If drunkenness is prohibited what does it do to crime 0 Decrease Is opiate maintenance therapy a proven crime control strategy 0 Yes If we concentrate on sentencing violent dealers instead of large scale dealers what is the effect on crime 0 Decrease Who does the monitoring in problemsolving courts 0 The judge What39s the problem with drug courts 0 You have to be willing to change 0 Volunteer What does precharged diversion do to the offender o The decision not to charge you of a crime If the offender completes the terms of the deferred prosecution what will the judge do 0 Drop the charges What do we want mental health courts to do 0 Provide treatment If we are trying to bar gang members from associating what is that called 0 Antigang Injunction Is a goal of diversion to publicly shame the offender 0 No If an offender receives a diversion is that considered a good or bad thing for the offender 0 Good For some people would they want a diversion 0 No because they are being told to do it coercion Does postincarceration diversion allow an offender to enter treatment 0 Yes Tribal Policing 5 Eras of Law Enforcement 0 Traditional Law Enforcement 0 Reservation Police 0 Federal Control of Indian Police 0 Federalization of Indian Police 0 SelfDetermination In the courts of Indian offenses are the tribal judges implementing tribal law or AngloAmerican law 0 In the Code of Federal Regulation CFR which was written to civilize and assimilate Indians they are implementing AngloAmerican law 0 However not in the CFR regions tribal judges can be implementing tribal law Cherokee Nation v Georgia 0 Cherokees were not a foreign nation but they were a domestic dependent nation 0 The relationship between the tribes and the United States was like that of a ward to a guardian Worchester v Georgia 0 The federal government not the states have authority over Indian affairs 0 Tribes have inherent sovereignty 0 The authority to make and enforce their own laws within their lands de facto If their inherent sovereignty is recognized what are they allowed to do o Enforce their own laws Ex Parte Crow Dog 0 Federal authorities did not have jurisdiction to apprehend try convict sentence or confine the Indian defendant Major Crimes Act 0 Employed federal criminal jurisdiction over Indians in Indian country pertaining to seven major crimes With subsequent expansion to sixteen offenses 0 Federal courts have jurisdiction exclusive of the states over offenses 0 Committed by a tribal Indian against the person or property of another tribal Indian or another person in Indian country Maj or Crimes 0 Murder 0 Manslaughter 0 Rape 0 Assault With intent to commit murder 0 Arson o Burglary 0 Larceny Extension 0 Kidnapping 0 Statutory rape 0 Assault With intent to commit rape 0 Incest 0 Assault With a dangerous weapon 0 Assault resulting in serious bodily injury 0 Robbery Kagama v US 0 Affirmed right of Congress to pass Major Crimes Act 0 Status as Domestic Dependent Nations Indian Civil Rights 0 Defined limitations to tribal court sentencing authority 0 Extended most Bill of Rights requirements to tribal governments and courts 0 Due Process 0 Habeas Corpus Review 0 Does NOT Require 0 Trial by jury in civil cases or minor crimes 0 Free legal assistance Oliphant V Suquamish 0 Indian tribal law is enforceable against Indians only not against nonIndians 0 NonIndians are not subject to the jurisdiction of Indian courts and cannot be tried in Indian courts US V Lara 2004 0 Prosecution against all Indians not just Indians in their territory 0 Enlarges the tribes39 selfgovernment powers to include the inherent power of Indian tribes to exercise criminal jurisdiction over all Indians 0 Primarily for misdemeanors


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