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MGT 320 Exam 2 Study Guide

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1 review
by: Lauren Keiffer

MGT 320 Exam 2 Study Guide MGT 301: Human Resources

Lauren Keiffer
GPA 3.5

Michael Howe

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About this Document

Michael Howe
Study Guide
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1 review
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"I'm a really bad notetaker and the opportunity to connect with a student who can provide this help is amazing. Thank you so much StudySoup, I will be back!!!"
Matteo Kassulke

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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lauren Keiffer on Friday March 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MGT 301: Human Resources at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Michael Howe in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 243 views.

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Reviews for MGT 320 Exam 2 Study Guide

Star Star Star Star Star

I'm a really bad notetaker and the opportunity to connect with a student who can provide this help is amazing. Thank you so much StudySoup, I will be back!!!

-Matteo Kassulke


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Date Created: 03/06/15
MKT 337 Leadership Teacher Reginald Tucker Exam 2 Study Guide Chapters 56 35 questions bonus questions 20 multiple choice 15 TF Main Topics 0 Theory XTheory Y Theory X Pessimistic view of others Rely on external control methods and coercive power or legitimate power Wants to minimize other s mistakes Theory Y Positive view of others Rely on expert reward and referent power Others are intrinsically motivated by their work Generally more successful 0 3 Stages of Moral Development Moral Reasoning Process leaders use to make decisions about ethical or unethical behaviors Manner by which individuals solve moral problems Kohlberg s 3 Stages of Moral Reasoning 1 Preconventional Concerned with self interest Bad behavior is punished good behavior is rewarded 2 Conventional Concerned with gaining others approval Good behavior is approved bad behavior is disapproved Good behavior conforms to standards bad behavior leads to feelings of guilt 3 Postconventional Concerned with universal principles and the greater good Good behavior maintains selfrespect and respect of equality Good behavior is a matter of individual conscience and commitment to ethical principles 0 EthicsValues Ethics Principles of right conduct a system of moral values Values Generalized behaviors considered important by an individual Enduring beliefs that one mode of conduct is preferable to another mode of conduct TerminalInstrumental Terminal Values End state or goal values Examples include peace success or honesty Instrumental Values Ways to achieve values Examples include nonviolence hard work or telling the truth Great Man Theory Great Man Theory Basic premise is that leaders and followers are fundamentally different Research examines personality traits physical traits etc The theory was disproved The research found that leaders and followers are not qualitatively different with regard to personality Some characteristics are moderately related to leadership success Having the quotright stuffquot does not guarantee leadership but will improve your odds Four Qualities of Leadership Four Qualities of Leadership that stimulate trust 1 Vision People tend to trust a leader who creates a compelling vision 2 Empathy People tend to trust a leader who demonstrates empathy 3 Consistency People tend to trust a consistent leader 4 lntegrity People tend to trust leaders with strong integrity Four Biases in Moral Decision Making Four Biases in Moral Decision Making 1 lmplicit prejudice Prejudging a situation 2 lngroup favoritism Favor people who are similar to you 3 Overclaiming credit Other people taking credit for work they didn t do Like in group projects 4 Con icts of interest Moral justi cation Moral justi cation Reinterpretation for higher purpose o Euphemistic Labeling Euphemistic Labeling Cosmetic disguise o Dehumanization Dehumanization It is easier to justify the reasoning behind the actions if you dehumanize the situation ex Hitler dehumanizing the jews and killing them 0 Diffusion of Responsibility Diffusion of Responsibility Everyone else is doing it 0 OCEAN Model Big Five OCEAN Model 1 Openess to experience quotIntellectancequot One s willingness to try new things or practice innovative thinking Characteristics Broadminded risktaking curiousity imaginative Ex Google X Conscientiousness Dependability One s will to achieve Characteristics Achievement oriented conformity organized credible Extroversion quotSurgencyquot One s interactions with and in uence on others Characteristics Dominance drive control ambition Sociability outgoing talkative Agreeableness One s likeability how one gets along with others Characteristics Courteous exible forgiving tolerant good natured soft hearted Neuroticism Adjustment One s emotional stability how on reacts to stress change and failure Characteristics High neuroticism anxious depressed angry embarrassed worried insecure Low neuroticisim calm con dent patient pleased delighted 0 Intelligence Triarchic theory general mental ability convergent thinkingdivergent thinking Intelligence A person s all around effectiveness in activities directed by thought Relatively difficult to change Can be modi ed through education and experience Does not impact behaviors equally across all situations Triarchic Theory of Intelligence How information is combined and synthesized to solve problems what you do rather than ability Analytic Learning how to do things planning what to do actually doing Practical quotStreet Smartsquot use past learning to adapts to situations Creative Routinizing performance versus being creative when face with new task Convergent Thinking Test for a single best answer Divergent Thinking Test for creativity General mental ability quotUnitary mental abilityquot General ability to solve complex mental problems Traits Traits Recurring trends in our behavior cues for determining our personality Allow you to almost predict how people will react in a situation Recurring trends in behavior that illustrate the strength or lack of particular behaviors in an individual


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