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Exam 2 study guide

by: Whitney Robinson

Exam 2 study guide 17063

Marketplace > University of Houston > History > 17063 > Exam 2 study guide
Whitney Robinson
GPA 3.4
Hist 1379 - History Since 1877
Richard Mizelle

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About this Document

Hist 1379 - History Since 1877
Richard Mizelle
Study Guide
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This 18 page Study Guide was uploaded by Whitney Robinson on Friday March 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 17063 at University of Houston taught by Richard Mizelle in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 301 views. For similar materials see Hist 1379 - History Since 1877 in History at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 03/06/15
Exam 2 Review Great Depression Causes 0 Lack of knowledge and understanding of the American economy 0 Didn t know how the stock market worked Markets not regulated Weak international trading Inequality of wealth Limited purchase power 0 Excess of people who could not afford products offered 0 Post WWI boom in industrial manufacturing 0 Overproduction in factories 0 Lay off due to factories closing for not selling products manufactured Great Depression Catalyst Stock Market Crash 1929 o Resulted in x Bank failures x Unemployment rate increasing dramatically 0 Up to 25 by 1933 Important People 0 Herbert Hoover 0 Red cross charity workers 0 Didn t use the federal government to end the great depression Self reliance 0 Local government and charities should address needs it Unemployment x Starving x Homeless o Hoovervilles 1930s x Homeless encampments on the outskirts of cities 0 FDR 0 New Deal x Overhaul of financial agricultural and industrial systems it Sharecropping x Creating scarcity x 500 days 0 Social programs unionism leader during W11 0 Known for saving America from the great depression Effects of New Deal Agricultural Adjustment Administration AAA 0 Pay farmers to plow crops raise prices good for farmers not buyers 0 Tennessee Valley Authority TVA 0 Building dams brought electricity to rural areas Public Works Administration 0 Civilian Conservation Corps CCC o 6 month job MEN only required to send money home to families Great Migration 4 million African American 19151970 0 Move from the South to the North x i n r D n L s VFF WU Kw fax R 7 6w em l H at w H r Ht AV I Q Cirx j H gt t iiTJ ierQ Q l W slx W W llll llll African Americans living in Alabama and Mississippi migrated to Detroit Chicago Milwaukie and Indiana 0 Some African Americans living in Alabama migrated to Los Angeles and Las Vegas 0 African Americans living in Florida Georgia South Carolina and North Carolina Migrated to Washington DC Philadelphia Newark New York City and Boston 0 African Americans living in South West Louisiana to Houston 0 Not all migrations were as great in distance Why Migrate Jobs Economical security 0 Networks of Kin x Families followed families x Friends followed friends x African Americans followed African Americans x Church congregations moving Rail roads 0 Wherever the train stopped a Medical Need 0 Clinics in the area offered better medical treatment 0 Housing 0 Hope for better housing 0 Dust bowls How did they migrate Bus 0 Automobile Walked Rail roads 0 Some people migrated in one swoop Some piece mill migration happened Effects of Migration o Sharecropping 0 Debt farming o Lynching 0 Being too wealthy 0 Looking someone in the eye 0 Not moving on the side walk 0 Mob rule Evolution The differences between a protest and a movement are 0 whether or not you have strategy 0 whether or not you are willing to loose EVERYTHING Evolved from protest Strategy of Civil Rights Movement Be Willing to risk everything 0 Obstacle anxiety NonViolent protest Key Terms People and Establishments Black churches WWII Double V campaign 0 Young man wrote to paper and coined theterm double V x Meaning Victory broad and Victory at home 0 Military Segregation Asa Philip Randolph o Called for desegregation of the military American Red Cross Blood Policy Controversy 1942 Charles Drew 0 Standardized the process of blood and plasma transfusions Negro blood No scientific basis Undermined solidarity of war Caused mobilization of protests r3 39w x if 39 V g x J J J J j 1 39 r1 f Allies Soviet Union Great Britain US Axis Germany Italy Japan 0 Pearl Harbor Dec 71941 Contradiction of war for democracy Mobilization for war brought African American organization into the fight fascism abroad and equality in the US


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