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NUR 317 Exam 2 Study Guide

by: Serena Buckley

NUR 317 Exam 2 Study Guide NUR 317

Serena Buckley
GPA 3.2
Growth and Development Across the Lifespan
Rosemary Hall

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About this Document

Growth and Development Across the Lifespan
Rosemary Hall
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Serena Buckley on Friday March 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to NUR 317 at University of Miami taught by Rosemary Hall in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see Growth and Development Across the Lifespan in Nursing and Health Sciences at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 03/06/15
Preschool Development WIC the special supplemental nutrition program for woman infants and children Created as a result of the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 Administered by the Food and Nutrition Services of the US Department of Agriculture All 50 states have a WIC program Applies to Pregnant women Breastfeeding women Postpartum women Infants Children up to the age of ve Be a resident and receive health care Have a nutrition risk Be below the poverty guidelines Receive government assistance Provides Healthy foods Nutrition Education and Counseling Breastfeeding Support Referrals to healthcare immunizations amp community services Formula and supplemental foods rich In key nutrients such as 0 Peanut butter eggs tuna protein 0 Beans cereal tuna iron 0 Milk cheese calcium 0 Juice carrots vitamins c amp a Vouchers Smaller counties offer vouchers to local farmer s markets Vouchers range in monetary value Issued bimonthly or trimonthly Can be redeemed at participating WIC grocery stores Walmart Publix local vendors Certain time frame Cannot be replaced Only participant can redeem vouchers Educann Pregnant women are educated on pica Breastfeeding women must take a folic acid supplement If a child s BMI is over 85 they are considered overweight Five a day 3 servings of vegetables 2 servings of fruits Impact o For ever 100 spent serving a pregnant woman 177 was saved in associated Medicaid costs during the rst 60 days after birth Increases number of women seeking adequate prenatal care Dramatically lowers infant mortality by 1423 among Medicaid bene ciaries Decreased the incidence of low birth weight by 33 and decreased preterm births by 35 Decreases rate of anemia among young children by over 16 each year Follows guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics Loving support Makes Breastfeeding Work works to raise breastfeeding rates 0 Works to initiate breastfeeding in 75 of cases 0 50 for 1st 6 months 0 6 states meet objective 0 345 of babies are breastfed for six months nationally Preschoolers 3 amp 4 year old children Want to touch smell hear and test things for themselves Eager to learn learn from play Want to establish themselves as independent Fears develop new places experiences and separation from parents Sharing may be difficult Growth 0 Trunk and body lengthen Gain 57 lbs per year Grows about 3 inches taller a year 0 Extremities grow faster than the trunk Muscle growth accounts for 75 of weight gain 0 Hips rotate inward Fat replaces red marrow in long bones Visual acuity 2020 Cardio vascular system enlarges to meet the general demands of the body 0 Hypertension may develop Enuresis bedwetting seen more often in boys Nutrition 0 Need ljpprox 1800 calories Fad foods rebellious behavior diminished appetite Begin to develop habits similar to peers 0 At least 1 pint of milk a day 0 Snack foods 0 Do not use food as a reward 1012 hours of sleep 0 May take a nap Need consistent bedtime routine 0 Night terrors are prevalent Milestones of a 3 yr old 0 Walk on Tip toe Stand on one foot 0 Jump horizontally Rides a tricycle Catch a ball 0 Handle small objects Milestones of a 4 yr old 0 More sma muscle control 0 Can make representational pictures 0 Run on tip toes Hop on one foot Gallop 0 Throw ba overhand Pump on a swing Can dress themselves unzip unsnap unbuttoning Can cut a line 0 Enjoy lacing shoes not tying Very active and aggressive Become aware of sexual development are curious about the differences Masturbation is common Psychosocial Development 0 Initiative Erikson trust those in their environment have developed independence Parents need to set imites Use time outs Sibling rivalry occurs They need affection attention and recognition Educann Cognitive Motor and social development 0 Form friendships Readiness Mastery of toilet training toleration of separation increased communication Cognitive Development Preoperational stage Piaget centration and lack of reversibility Can form general concepts Highly creative Moral Development 0 Preconventional stage Kohlberg 410 Imitating adut behavior Learn cause and effect Social and Emotional Development of 3 yr olds o Dramatic play with others 0 Begin to share 0 Need to know clear rules 0 Emotions are extreme but short lived Need to express feelings with words Intellectual development of a 3 yr old 0 Can communicate needsideasquestions 0 Attention span is longer can participate in group activities 0 Need indoor and outdoor space Social and Emotional Development of 4 yr olds 0 Active imagination o Imaginary friends 0 Can be aggressivebossybrag Learn to take turns through games 0 Need to feel importantindependent Intellectual Development of a 4 yr old 0 Talkative Enjoy serious discussions quotHowquot quotWhyquot Silly words and profanity Classi cation and reasoning ability develop 0 Understand number size weight color texture distance time position Childhood Nutrition 0 Growth rate slows after age 1 Body Changes Rapidly Appetite declines around rst birthday Energy needs depend on growth and activity 0 1 yr800 calday o 6 yrs1600 calday o 10 yrs2000 calday Fiber needs 0 13 19gday o 48 25 gday 0 913 boys31 gday girls 26 gday 0 1418 boys 38 gday girls 26 gday Childhood Obesity 0 Increased dramatically in the past 30 years 32 of ages 219 are overweight 16 are obese BMI of 30gt or in 95th percentile Under 2 yrs 95th percentieobese 0 Parental obesity doubles the risk 1 obese parent 80 risk Neither parent 10 risk School Aged Child Development Physical Growth 0 Slow and steady or none 0 Change in head size waist circumference leg length 0 Growth spurts are unpredictable Almost double weight during middle childhood 0 23 inches per year 47 pounds per year 6 yrs 45 in46 lb 10 yrs 5256 in70 lb 12 yrs 59 in88 lb Decrease in quotbaby fatquot Myelination of CNS is completed by 7 years 0 Permanent teeth emerge at 6 years 0 Sleep 8 12 hours per night Cognitive growth Piaget Concrete operational thinking 7110 0 Logical thought 0 Logical operation 0 Conservation Language is uid and descriptive Knows concepts of time money cause and effect space Less egocentric Problem solvers Short and long term memory increases Brainstorming Metacognition knowing about knowing and learning Psychosocial growth Freud o Latency stage sexual drive repressed socialization occurs 0 Erikson 0 Industry v lnferiority 612 aquiring new knowledge and sense of industry Development of selfesteem 0 Development of selfesteem o Socialization Organized sports interested in peer groups 0 Responsibility Emotions Goleman 1995 o Emotional intelligence has 4 areas Developing emotional selfawareness Managing emotions Reading emotions Handling relationships Educann 0 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA 0 Students must receive IEP Individualized education plans LRE least restrictive environment Inclusion in fulltime regular classroom Adolescence Early adolescence 1113 0 Middle adolescence1416 Late adolescence1720 Tanner staging 1preadoescence5 adult 0 Girls gain breasts and pubic hair Menarche stage 34 0 Boys penis grow and gain pubic hair Nocturnal emissions stage 3 o Puberty involves the interaction of the hypothalamus pituitary gland and the gonads Socioemotional development 0 Identity vs role confusion Sexual Identity Family Identity Group Identity Vocational Identity Moralreligiouscultural identity Health identity


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