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study guide for exam 2

by: Valeska Guzmán

study guide for exam 2 GEOL 3377

Valeska Guzmán
GPA 3.1
Introductory Oceanography
Rosalie Maddocks

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About this Document

study guide
Introductory Oceanography
Rosalie Maddocks
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Valeska Guzmán on Saturday March 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to GEOL 3377 at University of Houston taught by Rosalie Maddocks in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 105 views. For similar materials see Introductory Oceanography in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Houston.

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Date Created: 03/07/15
Oceanography study guide test 2 All homework problems and maps Marine sediments neritic calcareous ooze siliceous ooze abyssal clay Biogenous hydrogenous cosmogenous chemical and physical weathering sediment description sediment transport Rates of accumulation depends on Deeps Sea and shallow water calcareous sediements calcium carbonate in water nonbiogenic calcium carbonate aragonite needles About 002 in sea watercarbonate compensation depth coccolithoperssilico agellatadiatomsaceae Coccolithophores settling time fecal pellets Planktic foraminiferapteropoda calcareous ooze Silica cycle silica in seawatersilicious skeletons diatomsdiatomaceous ooze Radiolariansilico agellatessiliceous ooze Hydrogenous sediments clays and zeolites manganese nodulestransport of cations to sea oormanganese nodules phosphorite nodules coastal upwellingcosmosgenous sediments Physical properties of water hydrogen bonds van der waals bonds valenceioniccovalent bonds electrical propertiessolvent properties Hydrogen bonding and cluster formationcohesion surface tensionViscositywettabilitycapillaritycompressabilitythermal propertiesphysical states Heattemperature freezing boiling points Heat capacitylatenet heat evaporationfogsublimationocean thermostatthermal properties of salt water Density of watertemperature effect on density freshwater densityseasonal overturn salinity effect on densitypressure effect on densitysea ice Waveslightsolar energy in watertransmittancecolor of seawaterphotic zone Sound in seawaterelasticity absoption velocity of sound Density in the oceanadiabatic effectrho to sigmasigma taut s d diagram surface distribution of densitysurface temperaturesdensity stratificationthermal structure of ocean Ocean salinitycomposition of seawaterforchammers lawchlorinitychemical weatherin Remove of materials from seawaterresidence time conservative propertiesnutrient elementsblack seaaboutph ocean ph coZ equilibrium in seawater coZ and ph if PH falls or rises carbonate saturation Air sea interaction distribution of solar energyalbedoangle of incidence global heat budget greenhouse effectcoZ equilibriumheat in water columnlatitudinal effects Atmospheric circulationCoriolis effectocean climtesmonsoon climates tropical storms El nino la ni a Ocean currents surface currents components of ocean circulation wind driven circulation equatorial currents western boundary currents wwest wind drifteastern boundary currentssubtropical and subpolar gyres gyral circulationEkman spiral model Ekman layer geostrophic currents subtropical convergencedynamic topography westen boundaryeddies and rings Thermohaline circulation density thermohaline circulationantartic water density stratification tso profilesnorth atlantic deep waterthermohaline circulationantartic circulationantartic circulation upwelling and downwellingcoastal obstruction sea oor obstructuionlangmuir circulationturbulence


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