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Exam 2 Dicussion Section Study Review

by: Kylie Kreischer

Exam 2 Dicussion Section Study Review JMC:1100:0AAA

Marketplace > University of Iowa > Journalism and Mass Communications > JMC:1100:0AAA > Exam 2 Dicussion Section Study Review
Kylie Kreischer
GPA 3.96
Media Uses and Effects
Patrick Wright

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About this Document

Overview of what is on Exam 2 from Dicussion Section with Katy Stang.
Media Uses and Effects
Patrick Wright
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kylie Kreischer on Saturday March 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to JMC:1100:0AAA at University of Iowa taught by Patrick Wright in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 146 views. For similar materials see Media Uses and Effects in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Iowa.

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Date Created: 03/07/15
Exam 2 Review Discussion Section Public Opinion and News Public Opinion general public s attitude toward an issue or subject Use to gage others thoughts 0 Am I on the same track as others If not why am I thinking differentlyquot o Comes from 2 places 1 Interpersonal contact 2 News media Conformity Has the Power Stanford Prison Experiment 0 Zimbardo o Took place with the roles of guards amp inmates 0 College students had to take on these roles for a week 0 Still assumed their roles Conformity 0 Authority Zimbardo made it clear he was in charge and took responsibility 0 Obedience students did as the authority figure told Asch s Line Experiment 0 Use of conformity 0 Those in the experiment followed the confederate s lead to avoid being an outsider even when it was blatantly wrong 0 More willing to share opinion when others shared the same opinion about the length of the line Stanley Milgrim s Shock experiment 0 Instructed to send shocks to the person in the chair 0 Authority effects 0 Obedience effects 0 Instructor took responsibility 0 23 people would actually shock someone to death Spiral of Silence 0 NoelleNeumann 0 Fear of isolation and rejection 0 We use public opinion and interpersonal communication to evaluation our opinions Leads us to either speak up or not speak up 0 Behave the same way online For the same reasons In the past news traveled wordofmouth gt newspapers changed this and expanded our scope of knowledge Media as 4th Estate Others estates the government 0 Judicial executive legislative Media intended to perform as a watchdog Influences public opinion High vs Low Need for Cognition News will affect us differently High need to know deep thinking critical Low less likely to deep think low drive 0 Likely to agree with public opinion Gatekeeping Gate 1 should the media cover the event Gate 2 how much of the media should cover the event time space Gate 3 audience response 0 Can send the process back to gate 2 0 Can cause more coverage on a story or less Lippman argued that press has a large impact on public life but failed to uphold a market place of ideas 0 Also claimed that people are irrational uneducated actors Hostile Media Effects 0 People with strong beliefs will always see bias against their views even when neutral Dual Coding Theory 0 Images processed differently than verbal 0 We recall verbal information better without images The Werther Effect 0 Developed after the theorist noticed the number of suicides increased after numerous suicide stories published 0 Additive effect Agenda Setting More coverage increased importance to the audience 0 Chapel Hill study confirmed this Not possible to consumes everything need to rely on news Cognitive Miser Personal experience plays a role and could override media emphasis Unobtrusive vs obtrusive issues 0 Unobtrusive those with which we have little to no direct experience Would be affected by agenda setting 0 Obtrusive those with which we do have experience Agenda setting catch phrase Media doesn t tell you what to think they tell you what to think about Framing Can help us understand or focus on certain parts of a story Gate 2 Gain vs loss frame 0 Also others frames such as economic environmental etc Comes from o Journalists o LobbyistsPR Persuasion News vs marketing messages Demographics vs psychographics 0 Demographic census information age ethnicity used by advertisers in the past 0 Psychographic information based off what we do think believe etc Behavior onine helps create overall profile of who we are 3 Dimensions of Persuasion o Attitude Feel differently about something as a result of being exposed to the message Sign that an attitude has changed other attitudes surrounding that one that39s been changed also seem to be affected 0 Behavior 0 Persistent change Elaboration Likelihood Model 0 Two routes Central Interested in the topic and intellectually involved Carefully scrutinize the message Arguments matter Audience must be able and motivated Defenses up Peripheral Not motivated to think about the topic Little thought about the message Secondary cues matter Barack Obama picture ex with kids crowds adoring fans puppies American flag Defenses down


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