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Survey of musical Theatre FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE!!

by: Shelby Harris

Survey of musical Theatre FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE!! THEA 11013

Marketplace > Texas Christian University > Theatre > THEA 11013 > Survey of musical Theatre FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE
Shelby Harris

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About this Document

Good luck on your final exam! I hope these notes will help!
Survey Of Musical Theatre
Dr. Michael James
Study Guide
1990s, 2000s, broadway, musical, theatre, final study guide
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This 30 page Study Guide was uploaded by Shelby Harris on Monday April 25, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to THEA 11013 at Texas Christian University taught by Dr. Michael James in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Survey Of Musical Theatre in Theatre at Texas Christian University.


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Date Created: 04/25/16
04/26/2016 ▯ NOW ON BROADWAY  28 musicals currently  last semester only 24  long- running successes ▯ book of Mormon  5 years  opened in 2011  premium seats $477  Regular orch. Seat $165  From creators of “south park”  $11.4m recouped only 9 months ▯ Wicked  13.5 years  over a billion $$ ▯ Lion king  19 years  earned 1.25 $$ ▯ The Phantom of the Opera  28.5 years  $1.05 billion  Revivals on bdwy ▯ Les Miserables  2 years  one of the original british invasion ▯ Chicago  29 years  Jukebox musicals ▯ Beautiful the Carole King Musical  2 years  chart-topping music legend  strong, true story  songwriter to top pop vocalist  starred Jesse hueller ▯ Jersey Boys  Frankie Valli and the four seasons  True, high-energy story  10.5 years Other Musicals ▯ Kinky Boots  3 years  recouped 13.5 million in 30 weeks  won best musical tony  old shoe factory begins making boots for drag queens  based on film and inspired by true story ▯ Matilda  3 years  written by Roald Dahl  Recouped 16 mill in 1.5 years  3 teams of children revolving  British import If a show lasts for a year, it’ll probably get all its money back ▯ Aladdin  2 years  lots of fabrics; lots of styles of beads  pair of pants in finale with a bajillion Swarovski crystals  $15 million  mixed reviews ▯ Something Rotten  1 year  1950s England- Elizabethan era  two brothers write world’s first musical  an ORIGINAL idea- not from film, book, or play  a parody and homage to Broadway ▯ Finding Neverland  Semi-autobiographical story of JM Barrie  Shut out by Tony awards- no nominations  Producers- Weinstein brothers  1 year  mixed reviews from critics ▯ An American in Paris  A NEW Gershwin musical  Based on famous 1951 film  Heavy dance show- stars come from ballet ▯ The King and I  Rodgers and Hammerstein  Fourth revival  Anna and king of Siam ▯ Fun Home  2015- best musical tony  based on graphic novel of father/daughter relationship  a “memory” play  oldest daughter is looking back on life  a family “tragicomedy”  first mainstream musical about a young lesbian  Based on A Film ▯ School of Rock  Rock music by Andrew Lloyd webber  Last broadway success was 1997- sunset boulevard  Based on the film th  Teacher imposter has 5 graders enter battle of the bands ▯ American Psycho  Rock music- lyrics by Duncan Sheik  Based on film  Wall street banker by day- serial killer by night- 1980s NYC  Opened last night! ▯ Waitress All female creative team  Stars Jessie Mueller  Based on film  Small town waitress/expert pie maker in loveless marriage  Wins baking contest  Just opened ▯ Tuck Everlasting  Based on film  Young boy and girl discover magic spring that gives eternal life  Just opened ▯ New Revivals ▯ The color purple nd  2 revival  grammy winner Jennifer Hudson in broadway debut  minimal, pared down to unit set  jazz and gospel ▯ She loves me  2 ndrevival  composer/lyricist team that created fiddler on the roof ▯ Fiddler on the Roof  Fifth revival ▯ Shuffle along  First seen in 1921  Revival adaption- o Built a story around original musical ▯ Disaster on Broadway rd  Opened march 8, closing june 3  Not broadway  1980s disco music ▯ Bright Star  Opened March 25  Critics thumbs down  Bluegrass music Story, book, and music by Steve Martin ▯ Hamilton  Won 9 Pulitzer  Color-blind casting  Roughly 144 words/minute in rap song o Helps condense show  It is “sung through” --- an opera  Started as a mixtape  $57M in advance tix sales ▯ Now Playing this season  Based on a Film- 10  Revivals- 7  Jukebox ▯ ▯ ▯ 1990s Broadway 04/26/2016 ▯ Now playing this season  Based on a film- 10 o Lion king o Finding neverland o American in paris o Kinky boots o Alladdin o Color purple o School of rock o waitress  Jukebox- 3 o Jersey boys o Beautiful o On your feet!  Based on book- 7 o Wicked o Phantom o Matilda o Fiddler o Les mis o The king and I o Fun hom (last years tony)  Based on play- 2 o Chicago o She loves me  Revivals- 7 o Chicago o Les mis o The king and i o She loves me o Color purple o Fiddler o Shuffle along  Original ideas- 8 (3 are jukebox) o Book of mormon o Something rotten o Bright star o Disaster o Hamilton Looking forward to  Hello dolly  Singin in the rain  Holiday in o Irving berlin film  Falsettos o 1970s new york- jewish and gay  cats o this summer  Miss Saigon  Motown o Only closed for a year New musicals coming soon  Frozen  Charlie and the chocolate factory o Has been in London for over 2 years  Anastasia  The bandstand o 1940s musical  Come from away o About aftermath and results of 9/11 ▯ The 15 biggest BDWY hits of all time  As of 4.23.16  Just what the shows made on BDWY 15. Hairspray 14. Rent o 12 years o 274.2 M 13. Miss Saigon o 10 years o 285.8M 12. The Producers o 6 years o 288.3M 11. Mary Poppins o 6.5 years o 294.5M 10. Cats o 18 years o 366.4M 9. The Book of Mormon o 5 years and still going o 414.5M+ 8. Beauty in the Beast o 13 years o 429.2M 7. Les Miserables o 16 years o 441M 6. Jersey boys o 10.5 years ands till going o 523.8M+ 5. Chicago o 19.5 years and still going o 550M+ 4. Mamma Mia! o Closed this September o 14 years o 624.3M 3. Wicked o 14.5 years o 1B+ 2. The phantom of the Opera o 28.5 years and still going o 1.04B+ 1. The Lion King o 18.5 years o 1.25B+ ▯ Longest running musicals  6. A chorus line- 6,137  5. Les miserable- 6,680  4. Cats 7,485  3. The Lion king- 7,682+  2. Chicago- 9,079+  1. Phantom- 11,758 Pulitzer Prize Winners  (’31) of thee I sing- folly of politics  (‘49) South pacific- social issues  (’59) Fiorello! – Politics  (’61) How to succeed in business….- big business politics and strong individual drive  (’75) A chorus line- artistic struggle and drive  (’84) Sunday in the park with George- artistic struggle and drive  (’96) Rent- artistic struggle and social issues  (2009) Next to normal- social issues  (2016) Hamilton- politics Across the US  7,000 community theatres o non professional theatres o some are semi-professional  approximately 1,800 non-profit theatres o professional theatres o DFW is 5 largest theatre community in the country o INCLUDING the Roundabout Theatre Company on Broadway  3 on broadway  Regional Theatres o 74 in US o professional union theatres o training grounds for shows trying to get to broadway ▯ Broadway  40 theatres  soon to be 41- The Hudson ▯ Off- Broadway  50 Theatres ▯ Off-Off Broadway  200 theatres ▯ Across the US  Unlike broadway (commercial theatre)- EXCEPT the roundabout theatre company  As much as 61% of theatres’ income must come from contributions  NOT ticket sales or other earned income  Average Ticket Price Musical= $103 (deceptive figure.. usually more)  Prices rose 34% in past 5 years  While movie tickets rose 10.8%  Broadway is pricing itself out of reach to many ▯ ▯ 2015-2016 Season  Elizabethan England  Revolutionary america- hamilton  Roaring 20s  1920s black broadway- shuffle along  1930s depression rural Georgia- the color purple  mystical world of Arabia- aladdin  1860s Thailand- the king and i  Wicked- mythical land of oz- wicked  Savannahs of Africa- lion king  Uganda- book of Mormon  1905 Russia- fiddler of the roof  1930s Budapest- she loves me  1945 blue ridge mountains- bright star  revolutionary france- les mis  19 century france- phantom  post world war 2 france- a something in paris  4 trips to great britain o something rotten o finding neverland o kinky boots  small town and middle america o fun home o school of rock o waitress o tuck everlasting- opens tomorrow  great cities of America o beautiful o jersey boys o disaster o American psycho  Concert stages across the US o Jersey boys o Beautiful o On your feet ▯ An actors life  US – 5% unemployment  Actors- 90% unemployment  Usually same 10% always work  Meanest, toughest business in the world  Actors sell their soul  No job is permanent  A way of life  Most must hold other jobs  Constantly being retested  Industry characterized by the biggest supply with the least demand--- over-saturation  More than luck to beat the odds  More than talent to get noticed  Requires 100% faith in self  In NYC getting unemployment means you ARE a working actor  Must work 14 weeks o For 26 weeks of unemployment payments ▯ Manhattan  Economic/cultural center of the US/ global power city  Most densly populated US city  22.7 square miles  72,000 people/square mile  8.3 milion people  theatre district = 14 blocks  Broadway industry- 89,000 jobs (up 3,000 over last year)  Contribute $12.5 billion to NYC economy last year  Generates $500 million in tax revenue  Broadway is one of the longest streets in the world o 33 miles o theatre district- less than a mile  most expensive real estate in country  historic district- all theatres are protected now  “crossroads of the world” ▯ ▯


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